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Screen designs has been updated for iPhone 5.

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This application like two different hidden camera application in one application.
You could easily record HD video or upto 8 megapixel photo shoot with iPhone 4s,iPhone 5.
Also, You could set a pin code to protect private image and video files. (So, No one can reach them unless they enter correct pin)
First, Hidden camera behind phone call application which is working like phone call application.
Button functions in phone call mode :
Address Book : To select phone number by using address book button,
* : Star button to select Rear / Front camera,
0 : Button to select Video / Photo mode,
1 : One button to take one photo shoot if photo mode already selected,
2 : Two button to take two photo shoots if photo mode already selected,
3 : Three button to take unlimited photo shoots until you stop by clicking to # button if photo mode already selected,
Call : To start video recording / photo shoot. (When you start video recording you will see person's name and running talking time on the phone screen) ,
# : Dash button to cancel hidden photo mode,
Off : Button to change flash mode,
T : Button to change transparency level.

Phone view more realistic now. (When your phone close to your face , iPhone's screen will be dark like original phone call. )
It's a good idea is not it !

Other mode is working Internet Browser with one touch photo shoot or video recording.
So, you could capture video or pictures without other people around you recognising what you are doing on your screen !

All screens have Transparency/Flash Control/Front-Rear Camera buttons.
So, if you need to see what you are recording just need to touch "T" button you will see a bit what you are recording than touch "T" button again than you will see a bit more than touch "T" button again than video invisible on the screen again.
Screens have flash mode button which is default Off.
Internet browser screen has front/rear camera selector button on the Right side of the screen and default setting is rear camera.
You could save your records into Album, Hidden Camera folder, or both of them in once.
Also, You could send your photo attached with e-mail.
If you need to delete any file just swipe your finger on the filename in the files list than you will see Delete button on the right side of the filename.
Please , Do not forget to put the silent switch on otherwise when you start recording or shooting photo, people could hear a noise at the beginning.

Note: Please be aware, end user will be responsible for any inappropriate usage of this application which may violate public privacy law.

Customer Reviews

  • update please

    by staffy29

    everything work great but sometimes it show recording but when u look in photo gallery there is no video

  • Not bad

    by Cjcj123456

    It seems to work fine and the browser function could be useful, especially since you can actually search google while recording. I can't seem to figure out how to email the pics or video as it didn't save them in my main photos.

  • Great app

    by Natureboy #1

    I like the app the app icon needs to be replace and brush up to look better but besides that add motion active to it and you have five stars please brush up app I con!!!

  • Limits video recordings

    by Ksbiochem

    I don't recommend this app. It limits how long you can record video! If you want to record a long video secretly, it just stops recording and a message pops up saying your recording has reached it's max length. If you have the memory on your phone, you should be able to record as long of a video as you want. They should at least warn you of this before you purchase. Don't buy, there are better spy recording apps that are cheaper and won't limit your recording time!

  • Disappointing.

    by monkey can fix it

    More than half of the time it doesn't save the recording. Also, when I go to check what videos are stored, all I get is a white screen.

  • Doesn't work.

    by therider

    Saw the menu once now I just get a white blank screen. Doesn't record anything. I must escape out each time. Finally just deleted app.

  • Refund please

    by NeGa982

    Program freezes. Nothing works right.

  • Crap App!

    by jtboyd

    Not stealth, it displays your recording in the upper right and left hand of the screen and also shows the "record" button superimposed over a Google home page. No way to delete videos directly. It does have a zoom function and it does work, but not like it should.

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