Any Video for SMS, Email, Facebook and Kik Messenger Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Happy Bits Co.

Easily send videos to anyone in your address book!
Plus we've made sending faster than ever :)

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Send any video using your favorite messenger app!

No size limits, super-fast and FREE :)

Send to Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Tango, Twitter, Line, Yahoo Messenger, KakaoTalk and Google+

- Upload any video to get a private link
- Paste the private link into any messaging app to share your video
- Select any video from your camera roll
- Record a video of any length with a built-in camera

AnyVideo was made with love by Happy Bits Co

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Loyalty11221

    This is amazing app it works perfectly

  • Awesome

    by Vijayashreegl

    I love it

  • First-time user

    by More Adderall

    So far so good. Very easy, not complicated all. I'm not app savvy.

  • Awesome app

    by Rock7788

    Great work.

  • Love it

    by Татушка

    Отличное приложение. Есть всё что нужно. Спасибо.

  • Nobby

    by Nobby25

    Very convenient

  • Awesome

    by Blaze0009

    This any video is the top of line recording better than recording on this iPhone this is a must have app for those who are making videos n getting into filming industry

  • Love it!

    by ML43AndFunn

    Great App!

  • Super quick

    by MB22999

    easy to send long videos

  • What an update!

    by Dwalker071013

    A great update to an already great app.

  • Awesome video sharing app!

    by radrac

    Super easy way to share videos to any messenger. I love how fast it is!

  • I love that I can use any messenger!

    by edogg4646

    Great update!

  • Awesome app

    by Harllr

    Super easy, fast, and it lets you send really long videos! Love it!!! And cool new interface :)

  • Fantastic

    by tonyxiao

    Let's me send video without limits. Fast and convenient!

  • I LOVE IT !

    by 45DH45

    I feel like a director ! WOW!

  • Love The App

    by Redneckandunafraid

    Very pleased with the app as well as the quick responses of the tech support crew.

  • Awese App

    by Carl VDubs

    I like it, and I love it!

  • Cool

    by Actor617

    This is a cool app , can send video of any length,love it.

  • Effing awesome

    by Reclaimerr

    It was great

  • Great App

    by Bebcara

    Great app! I feel good about sending long video, which was a headache before. Nice!

  • :(

    by Thiickumz Barbiie

    I record a video and it uploads fine till it gets to 99% and fails all the time!

  • Review

    by Mista Already

    "Theiiiir GREAAT!!!" Like Tony the Tiger say

  • Amazing

    by Sonachandi

    No need to worry the length of recording videos share as long as u like with your loved ones while they are away from you.

  • Worst

    by Ash~bay

    Got it and it wount work at all

  • Best Video Messaging App EVER!

    by william.imperial

    This app is amazing!! All you do is upload the video you want to share and it'll create a link that can be shared to anyone. You can even add a password to keep your videos private (but there's really no need for it, considering you'd need a link to view a video). It also syncs with plenty of other apps. Definitely download it if you like sharing videos! Excellent idea, excellent execution!!!

  • Xavi 58

    by Xavi1158

    Me gusta la mejor

  • nice app

    by koon1972

    thanks great app makes sending and receiving easy

  • Awesome

    by Baylor2017

    Love this app

  • Performance of ANY VIDEO.

    by M H Rao

    It is user friendly and good.

  • Good Morning!!! Awesome app

    by SnizzyFizzy

    Good Morning, Apple user I live this app!

  • Love it!

    by Xv13

    This is a great and fast way to send videos!

  • Game on

    by Cenj2gether

    Love it!

  • Good

    by Zalo 213

    Works good you just need fair Internet connection sometimes shuts down but mostly good.

  • Outstanding!

    by mr.jes

    An excellent app for sending and posting video on the internet. Although there are a multitude of options for sharing, everything from FB messages to Google+, I'm using it most regularly to send long form videomails at present. The processing time is very quick and despite the fact that the compression necessary to both take the segments and store video on their servers causes a certain amount of detail loss, this new app is definitely worth the download.

  • The best

    by Sunshineamy

    Excellent app work wonders; love the password protection too very cool

  • No

    by Anelens

    Gave my phone and my 8 other broken don't get it

  • Geat

    by Maxthan12

    This appp is the awesome. We're waiting for the HD Video UPload.. Thks Vlada Bortnik

  • Five stars!!!

    by Liz Peake

    Wonderful app!!!

  • %100

    by alateq


  • Very grateful to have found this app!!

    by Mrs. Manis

    I have an iphone4 and my husband has a samsung galaxy centura. I had no problem sending him longer videos but his lack of memory only allowed him to send short 20 second videos. Now that we have found this app we can send each other videos that are as long as we want them to be and with us being in different states right now it really helps out a lot when we are missing each other. Thank you so much for creating this app.

  • Love it

    by Gohoomoa

    Made my life easy, wonderful application

  • Great

    by Alsanona.H

    The only bad thing is, Quality it's really awful you should improve it.

  • Excelente aplicacion muy facil de usar y muy interesante para poder compartir los videos

    by El moquillo


  • Five stars

    by designrox1103

    It does everything for you

  • Pop

    by Dj bilingual

    Good stuff

  • Awesome !

    by Rick Letuc

    Makes it so easy to share videos on multiple messenger app.

  • Videos of any size

    by jloehrer

    Simple and easy to use. It just works.

  • Nice!

    by mikebiglan

    Great way to send videos

  • Kik video

    by 123justice122

    Very nice application

  • Awesome app

    by Rock7788

    Great work.

  • Love the App

    by Mike&char

    It's so easy to use and with this app you can finally email your friends a long email.

  • Fun on a bun

    by duck_dodgers2350ad

    Perfect for getting face time without wifi

  • Noteworthy (=^ェ^=)

    by Salembachik

    Very easy to send video over various kind of apps such as whatsapps (That have limited option to upload a video) . This is higly recommend to all sharer of video ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

  • Great App

    by One who knows2

    This App is excellent. I would highly recommend it.

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