Vintique Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Seong guk Chea

* New iOS 7 style Icon & Design

* 16 Free Filters (Basic Pack)
- antique, vintage chic, classic, charcoal, russet, tranquil, snowy, violet, sundown, warmish, graceful, moonlight, lighten, browny, greyscale, foggy grey

* Supporting All Resolution for Free
- "Original Resolution" Added.

* Refined Standard Filters

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42 Ratings
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1051 Ratings
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** Vintique 3.0 **
▷ New iOS 7 style Icon & Design
▷ 16 Free Filters (Basic Pack)
- antique, vintage chic, classic, charcoal, russet, tranquil, snowy, violet, sundown, warmish, graceful, moonlight, lighten, browny, greyscale, foggy grey
▷ Supporting All Resolution for Free
▷ Refined Standard Filters

Vintique provides awesome vintage filters and powerful image editing tools.

Edit your photos with Vintique and boast them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

▷ 16 Basic Filters
- antique, vintage chic, classic, charcoal, russet, tranquil, snowy, violet, sundown
- warmish, graceful, moonlight, lighten, browny, greyscale, foggy grey

▷ 36 Vintage Filters
- old times, warm day, fresh mid, spring day, delight, delight II, 5 p.m., watercolors
- pinky day, drowsy, drowsy II, vintage, yesterday, the day, heaven
- happy time, beamed, someday, sweet dream, phantasm
- dim past, tenebrific, gloomy, reminiscent, remember, mind map, coarse
- canvas, letters, chilly, chic, pure, fading, blue ink, memories, dark mood

▷ 26 Retro Filters
- ash grey, chocolate, dark sepia, a day, sun shine, dear
- yellow retro, rainbow, rainbow II, warmhearted, sunburst, laidback
- foggy, shadow, dreamlike, pleasant, vague, vivid
- pure sky, pinky ray, green field, ash blue, calm, cool day, fine day, red wine

▷ 20 Soft Vintage Filters
- H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H9, H10, H11, H13
- J1, J4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J11, J12, J24, 25

▷ You can turn on or off adjustment steps and textures in a filter. Yes, you can edit your own style vintage photo.

▷ Adjustments
- Bright/Contrast/Saturation
- Vibrance
- Temperature/Tint
- Highlight/Shadow
- Exposure
- Gamma
- Hue

▷ 19 various vignetting & 26 textures
- You can adjust the opacity.

▷ 39 Flares

▷ 49 frames

▷ 18 Msg frames

▷ Inserting messages on photos.

▷ Share
- Open in Instagram
- Save to album
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Mail
- Open in other apps

▷ Image Resolution
- Support All Resolution

** Special Thanks to the following Instagram friends **
@mattscutt and @nedijee provided photos for the 1st screenshot.
@wisslaren provided the photo of snow covered tree for the 5th screenshot.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by madkreative

    What a great photo app!

  • Perfect

    by Life's tough, wear a helmet!

    If you want a pure photo editing suite with easy intuitive features, this is THE CHOICE.

  • Just... Whoa

    by ficholasnorneris

    I thought I had seen it all, until this app. Get this now, don't wait, don't forget.

  • I enjoy it!!

    by Tara Forcellati

    I like this's a little confusing and maybe better for a more knowledgeable photog or editor and I'm sure I'm not using it to it's full capacity but I enjoy it!! Maybe I should look for a tutorial ;)


    by Tell Smith

    This is a magical app filled with great filters and tools :3

  • Resolution

    by Mohsrn

    Why when i open a photo in 1*1 size its blurry? :O

  • My favorite camera filter app!!

    by Nwestford

    I love this app. I would have paid $10 for it! I live on photo sharing apps like Instagram and Likeability so having this easy to use camera filter app is crucial. I have tried others but love this one the best!

  • Perfect

    by teaboo

    This app is brilliant and I have zero complaints!

  • 5 Star

    by DesignChick238

    I absolutely love this app! It looks great too!

  • Awesome

    by Łïœäjoeë

    I just love it. Y'know. It does nice things for photos, especially panoramas

  • Love!

    by HoneyLovesVajina

    I love this app. I use it primarily to resize my cropped pictures so they for on Instagram.

  • Best photo app!

    by Keri***

    My favorite out of any other out there!

  • One of my top apps! Love it!

    by MofoJoJo

    One of my top apps! Love it!

  • Amazing App

    by Josh Maher

    I really like all the color and effects that you can, I recommended

  • Amazing.

    by Mooshbutt48291736372)3

    This photo-editing app is wonderful. Well worth your money!

  • I overuse this app!

    by jeniece youbert

    I give this app two thumbs up. I use this app for almost all of my Instagram pictures. It's easy to use, and with so many options, there is no way a picture can't look nice.

  • Amazing

    by tvrdy

    Best photo editor around.

  • Love it

    by Spirittdance

    Great app

  • Beautiful!!

    by JeremiTotal

    The new interface is beautiful!!

  • New Update Problems?

    by Hector Who

    Normally I would put five stars because this is my favorite app for filters for my Instagram photos. But every since the iOS 7 update, I can't save any edited photos. Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Love this app!

  • Blah

    by coconutlime11

    when I select a pic to edit, the app force closes. So I've not been able to use this.

  • Bait & switch

    by Crispychef

    This is a real nice app, but once you buy it you sill have to pay for most of the features in in. Rip off.

  • Bait & switch

    by Crispychef

    This is a real nice app, but once you buy it you sill have to pay for most of the features in in. Rip off.

  • Bummer

    by Pettiparty

    The edit screen is super pixelated so the only way to know what the photo looks like is to save it and go back to the photo library to view it. Bummer

  • Fix

    by Lady0jkush

    Every time i try to save a picture it closes and doesn't save. Fix asap.

  • Great app but...

    by 3.1415926535ispi

    I love this app, it's extremely useful. However I was upset to find that you have to buy new frames with the update. I could no longer use the frames I could with the old update. Reluctantly, I paid .99 for them, though I'm not really happy about it. If it hadn't been for that I'd give it a full five stars. And sadly I had to subtract two stars. After paying for the frames and downloading them, the never showed up for available to add to a photo, the only thing that comes up is "None." Now I'm mad because I paid for it.

  • Exotic

    by Jaayduval

    I love it. It makes my ordinary and unflattering pictures look exotic.

  • Ok but...

    by iFAG77777

    I want to give this app 5 stars. However it does not save pictures in original HD. Certain editing options cost extra which really turns me off. I'll stick with after light.

  • Flaws are minimal

    by DannaRina

    The new design, visual interest, and filters are excellent! I do have trouble with minor flaws; in particular, I find it frustrating to try and write and position text, it's quite uncooperative. Additionally, I find touch response a little glitchy… Not as sensitive as other programs I've worked with. These two things aside, I do enjoy the program.

  • Love it

    by wittywhiddy

    Easy to use and lots of effects.

  • New look amazing and nice!

    by prpauloneto

    The new app icon, and the inner sides os filters and editing images, are really amazing! How good it was to have this nice surprise, when you upgrade to the new version of Vintique. There is just one thing, translating into Brazilian Portuguese. Please translate it! Congratulations to all the Vintique Team! Simply F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!

  • Perfect

    by Viniciusnp18

    The app is much better after updated , Nice work !

  • Sorry

    by tarntarngigi

    Sorry but ugly design

  • Great update!

    by Blake--ace

    Great job! Great update!

  • New update is super cute

    by Kid Lightening

    I've had this app for a while and I love it. Really easy to use and the update makes it look super adorable. (:

  • Great App, Great Experience

    by I Am Brady

    Vintique is great and only gets better. I love this app and wonder how boring my memories would be without a layer of Vintique pizzazz.

  • Ehh

    by Lilamycox

    I love!! The app I just don't like the new ios7 logo picture /;

  • Great editing app

    by Texas

    But the newest update for iOS 7 crashes when I save or try to upload to another app.

  • New look amazing and nice!

    by prpauloneto

    The new app icon, and the inner sides of filters and editing images, are really amazing! How good it was to have this nice surprise, when you upgrade to the new version of Vintique. There is just one thing, translating into Portuguese. Please translate it! Congratulations to all the Vintage team. Simply F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!

  • Simplely Appealing (lol)

    by carlkukawskijr

    Looks nicer, but ya goofed that bit.

  • A terrific app and making progress with resolution, still needs work

    by Techno-nut

    Updated Review: Beautiful UI, new filters, unfortunately on the iPad2 an iPhone5, the app DOES NOT save images loaded from the Camera Roll at original resolution, in fact when set to Original Resolution, at 1492x, it is less then the Full res setting of 2448x on the iPad2. The max res on the iPhone5 seems to be 3451x2291, just shy of 8mp. Original Review: This is a great vintage-editor, with a bunch of terrific presets, each of which is customizable. The preset thumbnails are "live" and large enough to really see the effect befor having to apply it, Yea! The iPad interface is clean and efficient, a very nice piece of work. One shortcoming, as has been mentioned previously, is the final saved resolution, while although recently improved to 1224 square for 1.5mp still needs a bit more, something promised in future updates. One other issue, is the editing adjustments, e.g., exposure, brightness, contrast, tone, etc., when selected, the image preview displayed is a version of the image that has not been treated with an FX. Sine you probably treat the image with an FX first, and want to make subtle adjustments after, this "feature" makes it very difficult since you can't see the impact of the adjustment on the FX'd version of the image. Sorry, but I can't give it the 5th star just yet. Fix the adjustments preview so it reflects the current state of the image, and give it one more jump up to 3-4 mp resolution and this app deserves that illusive 5th star. This developer is listening, brought out an improved version quickly. I do wish they would have simple e-mail support address as opposed to Facebook, for those of us living on another planet that don't do Facebook. I expect we'll see more great stuff in the future. This is a top quality app by a dedicated developer, and it deserves your attention!

  • So upset

    by Huynhuukhuong

    I bought it and i’m so upset,

  • Filters dont work

    by BIGz711

    The dark mood filter does not work

  • Vintique

    by kishtime

    Vintique is a really great app I use it all the time!

  • Fun app

    by NYCmamatotwo3073

    I personally don't mind the in app purchases. You get one set of filters for the initial price, and there are about forty to choose from in that first set. It seems like such a small fee for so many filters, even when buying additional packs. Over all it's a good photo editing app.

  • Wonderful!!!

    by ByronInk30

    Amazing fx!!!! I love it

  • Love this App!

    by Lkamp

    This is my go-to app for photos! So easy to use!

  • Favorite App

    by - Kojak -

    This is my go to app for editing photos.

  • Ehhh not worth a dollar

    by Ranger & Pablo

    I'm not a fan of this app. It's one of those apps that even though you spent money on it, it's always trying to get you to buy more filters or backgrounds etc. None of the filters even look that vintage.

  • Do not waste your money!!!

    by 8houses

    This app requires you to make additional purchases for filters and even the option to save a photo in HD. Huge waste of a buck and iPhone space. Sorry I bought this...

  • really!-.-

    by REALLY-.-

    waist of money

  • Amazing

    by Fawaz H

    Really nice and helpful app

  • Great app

    by Nag3team

    A five stars app .. The only thing is it drains the battery while using it .. Hope the dev fix this issue otherwise is one of the best photo editor.

  • Vintique

    by Louis Paolella

    Excellent, high-powered photo editor

  • Best App Ever!!!

    by Saddan Bonilla

    I really recommend it for those who like to edit photos. Great App.

  • My staple app for iPhone pics

    by salman

    Despite the new tools on Instagram or Facebook - this is my staple app to adjust exposure, contrast and highlights before taking the picture to share via Ingr. Or FB Highly recommend.

  • Charging issue

    by Omar0675

    You have just some options and the rest you have to pay for it.

  • Horrible

    by Fix........!

    Worst editing app for $1

  • Horrible

    by Fix........!

    Worst editing app for $1

  • It crashes when I use the "flares"

    by Quanta studio

    It is interested that every time a "negative review" is posted a "positive review" with 5-stars appears? Bottom line it crashes, with the flares packaged added on and it has been crashing ever since I made that "extra" purchase. It has good potential, but now it is very frustrating when you paid and can't even use the flare package. fix it so that I can use it or I will write on your Instagram pictures that frustrations many of us feel. If not, I will contact the apple store for them to do an investigation.

  • Perfect

    by Gboni1976

    I love it :)

  • Great app!

    by ll33per

    Love all the features and fonts

  • So far, so good!

    by Mani2Music

    Perhaps I'll add another star after I've used it for a while.

  • Spam software

    by Will not run

    $.99 for the app then more micropayments for everything else. A warning would have been nice. Get bent.

  • Misleading description

    by BC.......

    A description should describe what I am, in fact, purchasing. While I enjoy the limited amount of the app that's actually available to me, it is misleading to list all of the features you list in the description only to find out after buying that most of the things listed are additional purchases.

  • Great filters

    by Drawfreerules

    Best selection of filters I've seen in an app so far. Lots of control over how strong filters are too.

  • Can not restore purchases

    by Natasha200

    I bought Soft pack filters using my iPad 3. On my iPhone 5 I can't restore my purchase. Vintique takes me to its store where I'm offered to buy same pack. Resetting iPhone to factory settings is never a good option( that's what they recommend)- you lose all your data. Developer of this app is irresponsible and greedy.

  • Solid

    by Jdvfbg

    I am enjoying this app and believe that this is worth the 1$ spent for sure. I haven't upgraded my iPhone for 6 months so that may be why I have had no issues with the app

  • Won't save photos or upload to Instagram

    by Erica Marie 333

    Just sent $4.00 on this app and all the add ins for it and can't even use it. This needs to be fixed or my money returned.

  • No good

    by Captain katie

    App crashes, causes my phone to freeze, you have to buy half he effects in it. So many better apps out there.

  • Worth every penny

    by Grrracen

    I never pay for apps but this one really appealed to me so I bought the standard version and then a couple extra filter packs two days later. Worth every penny. My photos never looked more beautiful and the combinations of looks is endless when you can adjust so many facets of each filter, texture, vignette, etc.

  • fabulous!

    by Jazzpuppy4

    this app is amazing. it's so awesome. it adds bars and cool effect. get it! it's 100% worth it

  • by Katherine Oshana

  • Crashes every time!

    by Adnahs2x

    Since the last update, this app is useless! As soon as the image is selected, the app closes. So disappointed! What happened???

  • It's used to be great

    by Yannicaramel

    I didn't update my iOS. I'm still 5. So after I updating the app it keep crushing. GOD

  • Bad app

    by Sarahhhhhpeeeeeeck

    I bought it, but every time I try to add a filter on a picture the app just shuts down and closes! Not worth the risk of buying!

  • Fab

    by Davidlovesit

    Iove it ❤️


    by Viv B 7270

    I can't even edit my photo. The app crashes every time I try to pic a filter. It does fine up to that point.

  • Perfection

    by Mechelle P

    My fav app!

  • Can't even get this to load properly!

    by Mamma McKown

    I've even deleted and reinstalled and no luck! Non buona.

  • Decent

    by bebiyuri

    Lots of original filters, customizable. Preview isn't accurate to processed result but can save without pressing apply. A lot of the frames are very cheesy and really unusable to most likings.

  • Love it

    by Kojokolo

    BUT IT CRASHES, Please fix it

  • SCAM

    by Saswat

    This is a pure scam. Worthless app that charges users to save images at higher than 600pixels and charges extra for every effect that they advertise here. Greedy developers.

  • Not good

    by Hcudyiigbbogdess

    All the cool effects you see you don't get with this app. When you click on an effect it takes you to the App Store for more purchases.

  • One of my favorites for vintage fx...

    by Blue_Willow

    This is one of my favorite apps for vintage fx and my "go to" app for problem photos. I have found the filters in this app to be some of the best for adding light, hiding flaws and generally overcoming some common photographic problems. I also like that filters are added periodically. I would really like to see more frames added though (not the text frames), AND the ability to adjust frame width. I keep waiting for these two improvements, but nothing yet. If you received the original version of my review, please disregard the part about the app crashing. That note was intended for a different app. Sorry about that.

  • :Really good

    by Sharshar77

    His app is that I use most for editing my pictures but since yesterday I can't save the edited picture or post on instagram. I changed the settings and everything but it still doesn't work please fix :( I have iOS 7 on my iPad 2

  • question...

    by Jack Kaye

    can u make it so we can put two photos into our picture.. kinda like a collage but no lines in between them

  • This app

    by Dannnyh

    The best app ever. All my friends want to know what I use. I paid 2 bucks but it was well worth it.

  • This App has changed!

    by GeekBrat

    This app used to be great, came with all types of frames and filters. There was an update and now all the frames and features are gone. You have to pay extra for everything! Lame! Totally deleting app now. Such a disappointment.

  • Help!

    by Whiskey Annie

    Vintique is my #1 go to app for everything. Sizing pics to edits. But I can't get the app to open since the update?? Please fix this bug ASAP!

  • by i Mzzh

  • Crashes

    by Skinox


  • :)

    by xbeautifultragedy


  • $ Guzzler !

    by Deezy4

    It'd be great if all the in-app purchases I made would be available on both my iPhone and mini considering I am using the same iTunes account. Emailed app support, still no response.

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