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A quick bug fix related to video recording where audio wasn't recording - we missed it in the last update..

Nonetheless, we have these features too:
- Beautiful 'Humanistic' filters
- 8 text fonts for memorable photo captions
- Retain capture settings even after app relaunch
- One-touch photo correction just cooler
- Enhanced iOS 7 experience
- Easily cancel countdown timer

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"Camera Plus 3.0 brings Apple’s flatter, cleaner iOS 7 design ethos to its own UI, and the streamlined, quality-focused approach is a nice change of pace" -

"The ability to restrict focus is handy, and Lumy does make it easy to Fine-tune your shots." -

Camera Plus makes capturing and sharing an absolute pleasure. It brings a lush and intuitive interface and melds it with slick features to enhance and share your memories. So go ahead and get clickin’!


• Camera Plus provides 3 focus modes - 'Macro', 'Normal' and 'Far' for bringing out true depth. Along with the ability to lock the focus, this allows for desired objects to be in the limelight.

• ‘Lumy’ is a slider on the capture screen that analyzes ambient conditions and adjusts it so that captures turn out exposure-perfect. Photos and Videos never looked brighter, clearer and better!

• Filters give photos that ‘X factor’. Let photos evoke true emotion by selecting the ones that represent different moods. Combined with the vast editing options, easily bring out the right sentiment.

• Text Captions personalize your photos and literally bring out what you want to communicate. Describe those moments that leave you speechless and truly elevate them with unique handpicked fonts and colors.

• Pix’d automatically enhances any picture to make them stand out. With just one magical tap, Camera Plus uniquely analyzes for subjects like a landscape or even faces to intelligently change the color, lighting and tone.

• Record videos instantly minus the hassle. Capture in 480p and HD resolution to let your captures shine. Also, use ‘Lumy’ and get the brightest videos!

• Easily tweak your photos with options to change Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Temperature. Also, perform additional edits like changing orientation, flipping it etc. With Camera Plus, enhancing snaps don’t get any easier.

• Introducing the Locked Roll for those that value their treasured captures enough to lock it up. Store yours in a safe, cozy and personal space. We do provide the key of course! (In-app Purchase)

Share captures instantly to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, iMessage and Mail. In addition, Instagram users can fit entire images into the square format before uploading them!

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Camera App

    by ebondfrancisco

    So many camera/photo apps. This is the best I've found so far!

  • Great, but seriously no delete??

    by OfMerritt

    Yes, this works well, great job! However, I cannot understand why you would not have a delete function. This is essential in saving space on a mobile device. (Most especially an iOS device). Please, please add this to your wonderful App. It's so time consuming and frustrating to constantly have to leave the App to delete unwanted photos.

  • Very nice

    by M_O_B_N

    Easy to use and cool aspects about this camera app.

  • Great software

    by Swingbach

    I like use this software more than other, specially micro lens is my favorite.

  • Camera Plus

    by Adelmo Jackson

    It's so... so... good!!!

  • Lovely and Easy

    by gigatron

    This Camera app has received a beautiful iOS 7 redesign that makes the app even easier to use. A great set of features, with additional advanced features (if you want them) available for purchase. Excellent work by the developers!

  • Great Update Just In Time For The Hols!

    by rpasgdm

    The interface is better than ever and leverages iOS 7’s colors, graphics etc. The filters are really good and not the same ones you see in every other app. Also,text is a welcome addition with beautiful fonts and the like. Overall, an insane update that lights up my December!

  • Great features & intuitive

    by techprodave

    Fantastic app. Easy to use. Lots of features that you'll use because they're so simple to work. I recommend it

  • Camera Plus

    by romanxoxo

    Best Camera App Ever

  • A worthy addition to camera app collection

    by bpthomps

    I thought I would give this app a try since it was only a buck. I'm glad I did so. First off, the app has some very nice features, such as a built-in level for taking balanced shots as well as a text overlay feature that allows you to customize photos with personal notes. However, there are a few features I would like to see in future updates, such as the ability to apply multiple settings in shoot mode. Currently, users can only choose from one of the following modes: big button, stabilize, burst, or timer. In addition, the app does not allow users to continue making changes to photos after editing/saving them to the camera roll. This would be a nice feature to offer. I would also like to see a few more tweak capabilities when editing photos, such as sharpness and color balance. All in all, though, this is a decent camera app for the price.

  • Two words

    by Julie monroe-mihans

    Love it!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Jklfuyfjbxhdjferwfhhvxcc

    A beautiful photography app! It offers a plethora of options

  • Great camera app

    by Phil Webster

    This is perfect for those extra camera features that I occasionally need. I would love to see the level indicator switch to something more useful when pointing the camera straight down in order to help orient the phone in the flattest possible position.

  • wow so good

    by kengeinz

    so use camera app. one of the best cam apps in the store.. nice UI and features

  • The best

    by Snake Player23

    Camera Plus is simply the best camera app on the App Store right now. The interface is extremely pleasing to the eye, and the app runs smooth like butter!

  • Good but room to improve

    by Gmoneyfunk

    The app does good things, giving more options, but it's interface isn't always intuitive. I can't figure out how to delete photos. Also, they now forced me to write this review by asking me every time I used the app... Fishing for compliments much?

  • Text and Filters

    by bondinthemaking

    Inclusion of Text and Filters for this version has made be happy than ever, my default camera app now. Thanks guys:)

  • <3 the update !!

    by DontMindVanBurren

    Nice new features, more editing capabilities, HDR and beautiful Fonts . keep it up devs.. Want some more control on the adjust editing.

  • More than your typical camera app

    by imbadrow

    Good set of features. Really helps me get more out of the photos I took! Primary lock certainly comes in handy when I need to keep my collections private from nosy people!

  • Nice camera app

    by vli1234

    very nice camera application, take advantage of your iphone camera, nice design

  • No delete (without leaving app)

    by Stuke

    ...I like camera apps that store the photo in the app, allowing me edit and control and importantly the ability to delete a bad shot immediately before I commit the photo to the Camera Roll. This app (unlike, e.g., Camera Awesome) does NOT take pictures until you allow it access to your camera roll. Why? It can't have its own database?? I don't want to keep flipping back and forth between apps to delete something! I know...delete this app.

  • Great when it works!

    by MelodeeForbes

    It keeps shutting down when I try and save it in HDR. I've rebooted and everything, but it still does the same thing. Please fix this glitch so I can give you 5stars!!

  • Terrible

    by Jim S 2

    The resolution is half that of the iPhone camera even with it set at the highest setting.

  • Focus is no good

    by Ervisp

    Does not focus well in any of the 3 modes. Very misleading description. Pictures are low quality. iPhone default camera has better focus.

  • Since update

    by Bummin801

    Not working

  • Cool

    by Hao86

    A very useful app

  • Amazing

    by ngtrandiep

    It's better than iOS 7 default camera app. Quality of the images is great. The filters are cool. There're many modes for user to choose. I don't need privacy lock, but the price is not expensive.

  • great app

    by Johnnyjackie

    awesome camera app it's crazy cant believe the macro technology !!

  • Handy

    by Teddy.c

    Really handy and great efficient. Nice well design.

  • Nice

    by fengpioaxue

    The fliter is so nice

  • Great

    by goodreaderfan

    One of the best photo app in App Store, worth to buy it.

  • Awesome!

    by prcbeast

    I love this camera app, especially the iOS 7 design, so sweet.

  • Great

    by metenfans

    I did not know I needed this great app. It is so useful.

  • Cool

    by kyo2kof

    This is a nice photo app! Good to use!

  • Good

    by kofcsz

    Very nice! Good work! Enjoy it!

  • Nice

    by ricky_r

    Really good! Good app to play!

  • Nice

    by Scott.1983

    Nice app hope you enjoy

  • Strong app

    by Andrew Karre

    One of my favorite camera apps.

  • Love this app!

    by Akabuckles

    Makes picture taking a breeze

  • Finally

    by ZarieoZ

    I've had this app in my wishlist for too long, now I finally got it. I love this company, I use their app Boom on Mac, music isn't the same without this app, I can no longer listen to music without it. It's magical & I hope they'll make an iOS version soon. This app is amazing, with those tweaks and filter, possibilities are endless. I can say that it does the same magic to photos that Boom does for music.

  • Finally

    by ZarieoZ

    I've had this app in my wishlist for too long, now I finally got it. I love this company, I use their app Boom on Mac, music isn't the same without this app, I can no longer listen to music without it. It's magical & I hope they'll make an iOS version soon. This app is amazing, with those tweaks and filter, possibilities are endless. I can say that it does the same magic to photos that Boom does for music.

  • Po

    by lukepolo

    Very nice looking camera app. The security feature is a nice touch, and I can certainly see myself using this over stock.

  • Excellent app

    by kkish96

    This camera app is one of the best one I've used? There are so many nice features that overall eases the user interface and provides quality work.

  • excellent app

    by Go go Barry!

    Really handy photo taking tool and the design is perfect to go with iOS7.

  • Need universal support

    by chatzy1234

    It's a good photo app, great result but this definitely need universal support.

  • Great

    by SCZ77

    An excellent camera app for iOS 7, with lots of features and simple to use.

  • Same as default camera.

    by SkinBots

    I think the only good thing about this app is how smooth it runs.

  • One of the best camera app I download

    by Roysch

    This is the best. Perfect iOS 7 UI. Perfect functionality. Try it !

  • Good

    by dreadnok

    Great photo app that has some really useful filters and other features that makes it a great tool to spruce up ant photos you have. It's a plus

  • best app!

    by RegulusR

    best app out there! it is great for all your photos ! this will not be leaving my phone

  • Awesome

    by graciejs

    Great app!

  • nice

    by Allleexxu


  • Great app

    by The Phoenix of might

    This is a great app and really cool

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