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New incredibly sharp and accurate effect previews
Blend modes!
Performance and stability improvements.

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App Store "Essential" for Photo Editing. From the creator of Flare.

❝If you enjoyed Snapseed, you’ll love Process.❞
- Ben Reid, Redmond Pie

Process is the fastest, most powerful photo editor. Create reusable effects/presets with unprecedented speed and control. Share them with others, and sign up to get access to thousands of unique looks.

❝Very well thought out...Process is a pleasure to use.❞
- Mel Martin, TUAW

Process believes in your creativity. It doesn't limit you to the same old tired looks, and lets you learn from the skill of others. Process is both a serious tool for people who love their work, and a simple and quick way to make every photo reach its full potential.

❝Process has some very clever ideas about how we edit our photos.❞
- Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

As seen in New & Noteworthy and Essentials

             Process is different. Here's why:

★ Unlike most apps, Process shows every adjustment in real time, live, so you can fine tune your image without ever waiting.

★ There is no "history"--undo a change at any time.

★ Changes you make are shown in a list, in the order that you applied them. From this list you can move around, delete, or disable adjustments.

★ This list can be saved as an effect/preset, to be added to other photos. What makes Process special is the ability to share these presets (we call them "processes").

★ Process understands that every image is unique. So, you can preview your photo with any or all of the effects that you or others create--get the perfect look, tailored for a particular image.

Process gives you complete control. For many it is a replacement for Lightroom or Aperture.


☆ Real-time, hardware-accelerated editing.
☆ Non-destructive editing and layering of effects.
☆ Large, precise previews of all effects/presets.
☆ Stores fx in the cloud so they're always available.
☆ Let others see the effects you create.
☆ 30 professional-grade adjustments.


Creative license included.

NOTE: all screenshots show a user signed in.

Customer Reviews

  • One of my Top Ten photos apps

    by JMANTN

    This does have its quirks and some effects do create a lot of noise (same goes for PS Touch as well) and crashes often when browsing effects but I can't say this enuf the Developer does update often and always improving the app which is more than I can say about a few others in my top ten used apps.

  • Doesn't work!!!!

    by FullHD911

    Bought this app mainly for uploading pics to ProPic, since its the only app that can do that. Well, it should theoretically, but I guess I'm a one unlucky person. It worked fine first couple days. Then, I had to upload twice the same photo if I wanted to get it to propic and now it doesn't work at all. Update: Deleted the app and reinstalled. Works for now.

  • Nice app

    by David9040

    Really nice app the saving feature needs work. My pictures won't save in the way it is uploaded. When I look at it it's all pixley and not smooth

  • Keeps getting better

    by LA Photo Pro

    The screenshots don't do it justice--this app has an amazing way to adjust photos that is so different and useful than anything from iPhoto to PhotoForge to Photoshop!

  • Best photo app. Bar none.

    by Queen Victoria IV

    This app is different. You can choose from more effects, via categories or search, than any other. Best of all, you can adjust those effects and even create new ones! The app is smooth as butter and sharing is a snap.

  • Still the best!

    by applefan'51

    It's still my favorite image processing app., and the latest update is the icing on the cake.

  • Version 3 is Awsome

    by norsac

    I really like the new layout and the preview for all the custom filters. Now it's even easier to find and share my custom filter. The new ProPic Gallery integration makes this my single go to photo app. It like Lightroom in my pocket.

  • Loved It Before Version 2.0, Now Unsure

    by Kevin Zamani

    Process is a killer app. I use it for almost all my iPhone photo editing. Pair my digital camera with an Eye-Fi card and I am good to go for hours of shooting and mobile editing. The power of the app lies in its ease of use and speed of editing. The developer has listened and removed any requirements to access special features! In addition a few other tweaks have been made, making this a no brainer for any processing needs. Snapseed eat your heart out. Definitely buy this app!

  • Well done and getting better

    by Viberider

    This is an up and coming photo app. Nondestructive editing is great! More adjustments added regularly. Ability to save processes and share them is a plus. I hope for some sort of masking in future updates.

  • This app works really well!

    by purpleshirt

    This little app packs in a lot of flexibility. It took me no time at all to start using it for basic fixes and tweaks, and thanks to really good in-app documentation I quickly realized that how much can really be done. Quick and simple to use. I recommend this to anyone who's enjoys taking pictures.

  • Solid app - and the new default processes are killer

    by Cloud8

    I have a lot of problems with low light situations when taking photos with my iPhone. Process is the only app so far that gives me enough flexibility to make the images better on mobile. Still need to play around a lot more, but it's a heavy duty app for serious mobile phone photographers.

  • Excellent

    by fensed

    Great photo filter app-- has become by go-to for iPhone photos. Having curve adjustment on my phone is awesome. 2.0 has fixed all the bugs encountered in the previous version, as well.

  • Great update

    by Gum720

    Loving the new tools, the filter gallery's a lot better now. App is really fast and snappy, even when I load in 21 MP raws. Big step up from the last version.

  • Okay

    by shoepirate

    The interface is easy to use, but for the price I'd expect some other features like a crop tool.

  • Tops

    by BehindTheLenZ

    One of if not the best photo app! Got it on sale too

  • Terrific app for anyone wanting the best controls

    by Techno-nut

    This is by far one of the finest photo-editing apps in the AppStore. The control you have over all the critical functions is amazing. For those wanting a jump star, the presets are simply fabulous. The fact that it saves at the original resolution is so nice, I can easily move the finished file into any other app I want, e.g., for cropping, framing, or grunging/distressing, etc. The interface is so clean and the workspace allows you to see everything, including the unprocessed file. And the loupe, OMG! Remarkable! This app is the real deal, a real winner!

  • Excellent

    by Corliss Blakely

    I have all the top photo apps but this one is so nice to use. I love the way you can add effects. This app is a must, highly recommend this to anyone .

  • GET IT

    by AnemicMe

    I recommend this app Here's the deal. 4.5 stars for the actual app and at least a star for customer support. The guy always responds. Today within 30 seconds I got a response. Maybe less. It wasn't about his app. There are no bugs. The app is unique. It's not Toaster or whatever and THAT'S A GREAT THING. this is for anyone but I think professional amateurs (lol) will get a kick out of this app. It has things u have never seen before. You can build your own presets FROM THE GROUND UP. totally unique! Maybe it's 5 star after all :) Dream-photography.posterous. com

  • Impressive in concept, but ...

    by Ericg51

    As someone who loves Filterstorm and Snapseed and Photoforge2, I was really looking forward to playing around with this app on my iPhone4. I learned how it worked and was really excited and then I started working with images and poof, they disappeared as I was working on them. I will continue with this app, but the "long/short" is that it really needs some work … it has the feel of an early beta and not quite ready for prime time.

  • I'm greedy...

    by Maketracks

    If you think that snapseed or photoforge or filterstorm or photogene or some combo have all of this you might be right but you will be wrong! Being able to save the adjustments elevates this product to aperture, Lightroom, capture one status, kind of. If you are an experienced photographer you probably understand the limitations of an iPad workflow..... And while no single photo app has nailed It... This comes really close. The best feature of this solution is the lack of features.. Huh? It's minimal ui is simply elegant as it gets. Rather than trying to be a ps replacement, or a toy, process places all the emphasis on the image and the ability to repeat the results. I simply love it and I make 6 figures a year with photography. If there were brushes, layers, and blur tools I'd delete every other photo app on my iPads. Then again, adding more bells and whistles might take away from the purity of this experience. What can I say, I'm greedy!

  • This /was/ my go to app.

    by Asherah_

    Not anymore, though.

  • Abandoned! Beware!

    by scottjl

    Don't buy this, it hasn't been updated in a long time, most likely abandoned by the developers.

  • Utterly Pointless & Over-Priced.

    by Fauxmantic

    Why the iTunes Store keeps featuring this tired donkey of an app is beyond me. I bought this app so you don't have to, stay far away.

  • Terrible App

    by Metalcore777

    I figured this app was amazing since it was $14.99, so I bought it without thinking when it was on sale for $2.99, but it was still a waste of time. It crashes so often that it's not even usable. Even if it didn't crash, the user interface is so poorly and terribly designed, it's not even enjoyable to use. Save your money and buy PicTapGo. It's basically the same thing.

  • Don't waste your $ on this app

    by My 1st negative review ever!!

    I purchased this app for $14.99 & for months every time I open the app it crashes within 5 secs. I have deleted it & reinstalled it many times & the same thing keeps happening. This is the biggest waste of my $ I have ever spent on an app for my iPad. I do not recommend purchasing this app & I wish I had never purchase it myself!!!

  • So much for stability improvements

    by Toulouse Trebek

    I bought this app without first reading the reviews, because it was recommended by a well known iPhoneographer. That was a huge mistake!! I have an iPad 2 with the most current IOS and I get thrown out of this app left and right. Reducing the cost of this app temporarily to $2.99 is no comfort when you consider the reality that we are paying to beta test for the app developer. Seriously, who puts out an app with this many problems and expects people to pay for it? And the requirement to create an account with the developer is uncomfortable for me. And once the app was installed on my iPad, it seemed as though I could only leave feedback through the app which creeped me out. I believe this developer has crossed boundaries that he shouldn't have. Process has been removed from my iPad.

  • Confusing, Difficult, Tedious

    by Pro App Reviews

    Some people swear by this app. Others, like myself -- a Photoshop and Lightroom expert -- find it to be confusing, tedious and difficult, at best. There are many apps available which do as good a job on your photos, without the hassle. (Snapseed being the best example, which is why it won App of the Year for 2012) The interface feels cramped, the "process" feels unintuitive, and the end result hasn't impressed me yet. But, hey... It has a great-looking icon! And, by the way, you DO have to give this developer your email address in order to have access to all the functions. Perhaps you're not technically "required" to handover your email address, yet, if you want to use those extra functions, then, yes… You are, indeed, REQUIRED to fork over your precious email address before this developer will give you access to all of the functions. Now, he says in the app, "Don't worry. I will never sell your email address." Which makes me wonder, if you're not selling my email address, then why the hell do you need it at all? What are you doing with it? Because one thing consumers know is that nobody just collects email addresses for nothing. There is always a reason for having that personal and private information. Regardless, the bottom line is this: even after trying out the brand-new version 4.0, I see that it is still every bit as tedious and difficult to use as in previous versions. It is totally unintuitive, and you will find it sitting unused in your folder of photo apps, while you use other apps like Snapseed on a daily basis. If you love apps which make you feel stupid while using them, and which require 10 steps to achieve something you can do with a single tap in other apps, then you will love Process. And, if you expect this app to get better incrementally with each new update, I suggest you do not hold your breath. Because to make this app usable, would require a complete rethinking from the ground up. And I doubt that will ever happen. After tinkering with this app on numerous occasions, there was only a single time in which I felt the results might be worth saving to my camera roll. However, upon closer inspection, I found that the vignette I added suffered from terrible banding, and it was deleted immediately.

  • Crashes with each use

    by LooWoo

    I have this app on both my iPhone and iPad. When it actually works I love it. But generally can only get one or two photos done before it crashes. Sometimes none at all. Overall not pleased as I use the editing to quick edit photos for a small side business. I've since switched to Adobe Touch. For the price of both apps, Abode Touch works and doesn't crash. Also has more features. Once you update to fix the crashing error I'll gladly give it another go.

  • It does crash a lot

    by Tate72

    I like the app but I'm sure I'd "love" it if it didn't crash almost every time I try to start a process. Please fix the issues with the app crashing.

  • Not worth the price.

    by Aamith

    As a photo editing app, this is fine. Not amazing, certainly doesn't compete with the best $1-$5 apps. So why is it so expensive? Well, they got me to throw down for it, so maybe I've answered my own question, but you don't have to make the same mistake. This app is worth $1. If it reaches that price, go for it. One star for ripping me off.

  • Why do I need to create an account

    by Chris H2O

    To access all the features? I want to test drive it first. Oh well. Fortunately other/better options exist. Bye bye.

  • Crash

    by Carl in Oakland

    I was looking forward to using this app. It's got the features I've been looking for. What I wasn't expecting was for it to crash ever time I tried to save a process. No save? No use! I'll be deleting this one.

  • Bad! Bad! Bad!

    by Not Working in Hawaii

    I have an iPad 1 and cannot update this. So unless you want to create another update for the ios5 people, like another company did, I will be deleting this app!

  • Don't waste your money

    by City of Vain

    Crashes. Worthless. Definitely not worth the price. Should've been free actually since it doesn't work. Recommend Snapseed, GMY Vintique and PhotoToaster. This app is garbage.

  • Crashes

    by The Driver 77

    Great app when it works, keeps crashing every time I try an save to camera roll.

  • Great App but NOT useful in the real world.

    by Apollo the Dog

    Was very excited about this app as a professional photographer. Loved the way it worked and how smooth it was! Then it came time to save the image. It saved it as a whopping 621kb. Once again we have another app that is useless in the professional world. Please add full rez saving. A previous reviewer said snapseed eat your heart out, we'll snapseed is every bit as smooth and you can actually save at full rez! You heard it right, I can actually give my clients an enlarged print from a pic I edited in snapseed. Sorry to be so critical, but there are so many editing apps in the App Store that can't be used in the real world.

  • Precise Control...Except when it crashes

    by thismiki

    App crashes consistently after making adjustments to preset filters. Not only does the app crash, it froze up my entire iPhone and I had to hard reset the entire thing. The crashes seem to happen whenever you make more than three or four edits to the photo. While the app's info screen does warn about this problem and suggests limiting your process edits, there are other apps currently available that allow you unrestricted editing with greater stability. Crashing aside, Loved the easy to use slide interface and precision of control the editing sliders allowed. Would love to see an update that allowed the filter previews to not be so pixelated. It was hard to choose filters since the quality was so poor. I also noticed that the app was slow to update some edits and the preview image lagged.

  • Crashes !!

    by alsinani.a

    Are kidding me ? When I saved the photo the app didn't crashed ! But my iPhone 4 did !!! The iPhone restarted twice for 5 minutes !!!!!! And BTW the app is So disappointed !

  • Buggy as hell

    by Giarca

    Serious crashes on saves (brings the phone down), live previews work only half the time—steer clear until/unless they update it again. Yes, I'm using a 4S

  • Used to love it...

    by KabutoCub

    This used to be one of my favorite and most used apps. It had a curve filter that made all photos pop. It was great and simple to use. My go-to app to enhance photos. Then came this huge update. It is flooded with redundant and useless filters, none of which is the curve filter I used to love. Now the app crashes, constantly, and it seems glitchy. Sometimes the filters won't load and all you get are blacked out squares. It's really sad.

  • Ip

    by keith lewis

    Crashes when saving!. Crashes when saving!. Crashes when saving!.

  • iPhone mom 4s



  • Nice app but crashes on iPhone and iPad

    by Ritow

    Nice app but crashes on iPhone and iPad. If the developer doesn't have the time to spend a little time testing his app, than a one star review is about right.

  • Very Good

    by tonydeli7gr

    Very good app. Non-destructive editing and very easy to use!

  • iPhoto for Professionals

    by Arti the One Man Party

    Bought it for my iPad, ended up using it on my iPhone everyday. Very slick and responsive! This is like iPhoto but more customizable.

  • Pricey

    by Ashleeeeeyyy

    It works fine. The filters are nice and the ability to view the filters live, before you save is appreciated. However, it's not worth $5. There are plenty of apps that provide the same effects, for less money. Three stars for useful filters, a clean and simple UI, and no crashing.

  • It's ok

    by I love dominos

    Not worth 5 bucks a dollar is enough I don't see anything special about this app

  • Absolutely positively the best photo manipulation app!

    by ptrisnadi

    I love the many choices of Process options, and they are beautifully curated. Additionally, there is a complete selection of adjustments I can choose, just like in a desktop version of a well-known image editing software. On top of that, all these adjustments are non-destructive and can be readjusted. Process is definitely my #1 app I will use for photos I take with my iPhone.

  • Awesome tool for photographers!

    by GnKnight1

    Version 1.0 had a bug where it would crash on launch for some people, but the developer fixed it quickly and was fast to respond to my email. This version works flawlessly. I'm very impressed with how easy it is to process images and share processes. And the developer seems dedicated to maintaining a quality app. Very photog should have this handy tool!

  • Beautiful

    by Duluen

    Nicely done. Works just as advertised. iCloud sync is boss

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