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Fix for iOS 5
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Shoot video. In HDR. In real time.

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"An impressive achievement" - TUAW
"The only one bold enough—technology be damned—to introduce it to your phone." - Gizmodo

Over a quarter of a MILLION downloads!

❤ Gizmodo's App of the Day
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"First photography app to impress me."
"Realtime magic" - Actual reviews

This app is an entirely new way to process video. Developed by the guy from the viral Soviet Montage video http://vimeo.com/14821961 (A million views in a day and top 50 most liked video on Vimeo!). This app performs real-time shadow enhancement and gives an HDR look you won't find anywhere else. If you don't believe it, try it and compare to normal iPhone video.

Please understand when you post a review that I'm the sole developer and I'm working to make it even better. Please feel free to contact me through the support link.


✭ effects are live as you film
✭ focus independently of exposure* - tap then drag
✭ pinch to zoom the video (the way it should be)
✭ easily lock WB, exposure and focus--double tap
✭ share full quality videos to facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, flickr & more

AirPlay enabled. And supports 16:9 letterbox for the viewfinder, to frame your shots precisely.
It's a versatile app -- you can go from subtle, to low light enhancement, to outlandish

Shoots in 640x360 with avg. frame rates of 16 on a 3Gs and 24fps and above on the iPhone 4 and 4s. If you're getting lower frame rates, take advantage of exposure and focus lock for stutter-free video, or try restarting your device.
* independent focus and exposure available on devices which support focus in their hardware (iPhone 4 and 3Gs)

Some users have complained of problems exporting clips longer than 5 minutes. If you have this problem, use iTunes sharing to export the clip in full. I'm working on a solution.

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Customer Reviews

  • This app RULES!

    by Cargo pilot

    I've had this app for a few years. I love it! If you really want to see it shine? Use it in low light conditions. Where your normal camera sees just black, this app will see details and colors. I love this app for that. My none iPhone friends get a little iEnvy when I can take night videos and they can't.

  • Amazing one-of-a-kind videos

    by kaxline

    Love the real-time live filters. Definitely worth it!

  • Best video app

    by Bekkafbaby

    This app is cool you can see hdr video but needs to have more options to edit video. Other than that well worth the space of the purchase

  • Need update,

    by TheBillyMitchell

    Nice app, but looks to have been long forgotten by Alaric Cole. It would be nice to be able to take pictures.

  • Awesome

    by UKnowItsJ

    Works great ran into this app looking for a photo app that takes pictures like this

  • Works well

    by Kaiwa19

    Contrast is great.

  • Better Than the Native Video

    by MarloweG

    Running on iPod 4G...good quality.

  • Flawless

    by Goombaj

    Never crashes, fast, dependable, instant creativity. Many great moments have been archived using this awesome tool.

  • It's Great!

    by Djmrsinister

    Works great in the dark. The quality could be a little better but it does the job. I like it

  • Just a good app...

    by Eve Severe

    At the top of my video arsenal. If I am not feeling too creative I just pull out this app and start shooting. In about thirty seconds I usually have a cool clip to edit. I dig this app. It never crashes and always focuses nicely. I am not a big 'zoom' person but the zoom is decent too..

  • Fun

    by ZinZ_25

    I really enjoy this app. The filters look good. I hope they add more filters sometime and it will be a 5 star rating!

  • OMG!!!!

    by Reyes el zeta

    THIS IS THE BEST photograph app!!!!!! Everything looks so good and cool!!!!!

  • Not bad

    by JMANTN

    This definitely has a spot in my camera bag. Would live to see the ability to add effect to videos from my camera roll in the future and 1080p support.

  • Amazing effects

    by MrAndrewShah

    I'm enjoying this app more than I thought I would. Very nice effects! I REALLY wish you could shoot still photos though. Right now it is video only?

  • Nice App!

    by triphoppin87

    This is a great free app with some fun FX!

  • Funny quick videos

    by Wheel&Axel

    I like this app get it so you can practice commentaries

  • Awesome

    by ZoomAngie

    Hopefully they can add more options and features; hue editing.

  • Great

    by dukkier

    Love this app.

  • Nice!

    by Ms.Jess

    I've been using Flare since its debut and I like it a lot. Lately I have issues with stopping recording and then starting again. The app freezes for severals seconds before it's ready to record again. Other than that, I love it.

  • Great app!

    by Bonsaikc

    I find this very easy to use with a good deal of functionality beyond the phone video.

  • Invested money in a dud

    by Ervisp

    Last update was in 2011. Is there a way to get an update (or refund)?

  • New Updated

    by YungMoney2Cold

    Since ISO 7 came out. Every time I record a video it never record the sound

  • PHOTOS!!!

    by Guto Escórcio Hardt

    Load photos from camera roll!!!

  • Existing vids not allowed

    by no name at all

    You cannot use existing videos with this app. You can only record new videos with this. Very misleading!!!

  • Not high quality

    by wrangler95

    Share "full quality videos"? Sorry, 640x360 is not high quality. Pass.

  • No true HDR

    by Captain Hikarus

    It's just an effect

  • Never purchased, no updates

    by Samsamcan

    I dont know how it showed up on my iphone, but I didnt mind too much. HDR is pretty useful in dark. There are no upgrades/updates though which is something I dont like too much.

  • Ужас

    by Freemangtx

    3 доллара за эту какашку, слишком дико. Если бы free была.

  • Terrible

    by Infantrywife09

    Won't open. Trying to request a refund.

  • Disappointed

    by kadesummer

    Thought this was a photo editing app. It's a video recorder

  • A piece of Crap

    by Sharks20

    I had videos on this but they took up too much data do I went to move them to camera roll but it always crashes when I try! I would just delete the app but I would loose those irreplaceable videos!!!!!

  • camera crashes...

    by bobby munoz

    Looks beautiful, but it keeps crashing before I can transfer the video to my camera roll, so it's stuck on my ipod...

  • Great Novelty Video App

    by tonepoet

    I've made some great videos with this. It is one of the better video apps I've tried. Easy customization, and it's very stable in both IOS 4 and 5 on the iPhone 4.

  • Great app, small issues

    by JasonROK

    I'm running Flare with iOS 5, no crashing problems. Produces vibrant HDR video that is stunning in outdoor light on landscapes. Indoor usage is not as good depending on lighting and the chosen effect. Experimentation is the key. Sometimes Flare searches for focus too much, but could be caused by subject movement, lighting, or operator shakey hands. Great app overall. Recommended!

  • Flare = fun

    by celticnation



    by larklarklarklark

    Now it works great on my iPhone 4s! No waiting for effects to "render", WYSIWYG. Loads faster than the native iPhone camera for me. You can turn off the effects by clicking the chips, so you can use the focus/exp/zoom etc. even if you don't like the effects Really brings out detail in low light. Not sure real HDR is possible on the iPhone, but this does do something no other apps do. Res is not as high as the standard video, though it is higher than any other real-time fx cameras I've used, such as the Vintage 8mm or Super 8 apps. It has to do with the hardware I'm sure. Overall I'd say get it, as there's nothing else like it and it's made by the guy who did the first HDR video, so it has some merit.

  • Uhhh...

    by Neyster96000

    Guessing it doesn't work on iPod touch 4G?

  • Great app !!!!!

    by Stephan speilberg

    I love this app it's the best the closest thing to getting hdr without buying two thousand dollar cameras and becoming a photoshop genius

  • No still pictures?

    by FinalCountdown!

    You absolutely must make it capable of taking photos. It seems like a no brainer

  • Not HD

    by Epal & Oren

    Hope to see HD (1080p max) in a month or two after iOS 5 debut. :-) If not...

  • Crash, crash , crash

    by JDT1

    I have the new iPhone 4s bought this app to take advantage of the new and improved camera. Much to my disappointment it just won't open. Continually crashes. Doesn't even deserve 1 star. I'm down 2 bucks & stuck with an app that doesn't work!

  • Crashing in OS5

    by SpelunkingHomunculus

    App opens, shows some sort of line growing on screen then quits.

  • very nice

    by z___1

    shoots amazing video. however, stopped working after ios5 upgrade. they say the update is there but not yet appearing. I hope apple doesn't block it - apple is behaving strange now (like they blocked Siri on iphone4 with flimsy excuse)

  • CrAp

    by TheGrafixLab516

    Always crashes when opened in ios5 so sad :( pllleeeaaassssseeee fix it!

  • Loved it before

    by moviesmile

    I loved this app and took some great videos but now it crashes immediately upon opening since I updated to IOS 5. Please fix. I'll give it 5 stars again after you fix it. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Disappointed about misleading description

    by can't I have a nickname

    I'm sure this is a great app, though at a glance to the left listing requirements it says: "Requires iOS 4.1 or later" So I made the purchase only to find out it kept crashing. I have iOS 5 which is as the requirements says "iOS 4.1 or later". Only to come back and read at the very bottom of the full description that it "DOES NOT" work with iOS 5. What a let down after making a purchase. The Requirement list at left of the description should have reflected this.

  • iOS 5 update needed

    by ~Jason~

    Great application just waiting for the update:)

  • Brilliant colors

    by Tommy Messner

    So far, so goot

  • It crashes on iOS 5

    by JAaudiovisual


  • Ios5

    by Maximilian L


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