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Seller: George Douvos

Numerous subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) aesthetic changes throughout the app for a more elegant look. Plus, a completely new “Settings” screen with no clutter (the “set once and forget” buttons being hidden from view unless needed), similar to the concept recently introduced on TrueDoF-Pro.

Bug fix - corrects a small error in the calculation of blur diameter in infrared photography.

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OptimumCS-Pro is the unique Optimum Camera Settings tool for imaging professionals - for photographers, cinematographers and videographers. As a professional, you spend a fortune on quality optics - OptimumCS-Pro helps you use that expensive gear to its full potential.

- Don’t waste time performing depth of field calculations. Instead, specify the depth of field you want and let the app determine the best camera settings to use.
- Easily find the settings that give maximum image sharpness for the shot you’ve composed.
- Know how sharp your image will be before you’ve even shot it.
- Use info on image sharpness to make creative decisions to shoot at other than optimal settings.
- Enjoy the fastest, most intuitive operation imaginable.
- Feel confident knowing that’s it’s all based on solid, empirically tested optical science.

In almost all imaging work, OptimumCS-Pro is far superior to depth of field calculators. It alone gets the workflow right: Decide what depth of field you want and set that in OptimumCS-Pro. The app then instantly displays the focus distance and aperture that minimise the combined effects of defocus blur and diffraction, for the sharpest image across the desired depth of field that the laws of physics will allow (and therefore, in all cases, sharper than what is achieved via traditional practice).

OptimumCS-Pro also displays image sharpness information, including data on shooting at other than optimal settings. Can’t shoot at the optimum aperture, because, for example, you need a faster shutter speed afforded by a wider aperture? You’ll know exactly what the effect of your decisions will be.

OptimumCS-Pro retains the elegant, uncluttered interface of OptimumCS and adds options to configure that interface to better meet individual needs:
- Several different distance scales, emphasising near or far distances, are available, as is one for use with Hansma’s focus shift method in large format photography.
- User-definable focal length presets allow lightning-fast focal length selection.
- Information on image sharpness can be displayed in terms of blur spot diameter (akin to circle of confusion, but with the effects of diffraction included) or in line pairs per mm.
- The facility to set wavelength is available for those working in the infrared or ultraviolet part of the spectrum.
- Film/sensor sizes all the way up to 8x10 inch are accommodated, as are longer focal lengths.

OptimumCS-Pro's instant results are perfect for creative professionals who don’t want their tools to get in the way of their work or their art.

For further information on the right tool for the job, check out "Best Practice in Working With Depth of Field" at www.georgedouvos.com

Customer Reviews

  • Eye Opening App for Photographers

    by MelHuffman

    This app is great for teaching purposes, as well as out in the field. The fact that it approaches the task of setting the aperture from the photographer's point of view - give it the near/far distance and it gives you the aperture helps my students quickly achieve better quality images. Additionally they visually see the affects of changing positions of the subject and how that impacts the best aperture. Interestingly all the calculations (if you read the provided information) show that lens manufacturers should simply make lenses with aperture ranges around the "sweet spot" and forego those narrower apertures. This eye-opening app should be on every photography instructor's list of equipment for class.

  • Easy and quick to use.

    by Let's Be Objective

    Somewhat different approach to traditional DOF calculations, but in practice more helpful.

  • A course in exposure, DOF and focus

    by pboomerx

    I was about to create this app myself and found this wonder. Study this and associated articles on the web and your shot quality will have a step function in improvement. My best LF work happened when I began working in the image space. Every photographer, particularly landscape shooters, should own this app.

  • Awesome

    by copisetic

    No more calculations, charts, this app brings all the variables into play. Very easy to use, and I always have it with me. My Landscape photography has improved sense I started using this app. My old Ais lenses are getting a good working out.

  • Amazing.

    by Reagent X

    Of all of the applications on my phone, this is by far the most useful. As a professional photographer of 17 years, I personally recommend this app to any budding professional.

  • Don't buy

    by John Mclaurin Jr

    This app is absolutely useless!

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