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Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: GClue

· Added upload to twitter and facebook
· iPhone5 screen support
· Fixed bug

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Make your iPhone fisheye camera! FishEye is an appli that emulates the effect of fisheye camera. You can make an effect on a human face and your pet’s face and landscape picture by starting camera directly from the appli; or choosing pictures in the library. You can save them as images so please use them in your Blog and SNS after making your favorite pictures more appealing.

Customer Reviews

  • Better than camera bag

    by mOOOp64

    It is better than camera bag because it has picasa support witch is fracken awsome I only wish I could take pictures while it's in fisheye instead of taking the picture and then adding the effect

  • Fish eye

    by 달우

    This is a very cool app. I really enjoy it!

  • fisheye

    by Ldawg701

    this app is ok not the best kinda lame seems way kooler at frist. but its free so i would say get it and just play around with it not that bad for free sick to catch epic still shots of sh$t outside.

  • Disappointing

    by coasts

    Better results can be achieved with camerabag. The center of the fisheye image becomes distorted, not in a good way.

  • Ok ¿¿

    by brandondig

    Well when u try to make the picture more fish eye looking it blurs. If u want to .. Buy it . But if I was to go back in time I wouldn't

  • Needs update

    by melissactoledo

    To develepor: you need to improve this crap. Just adding an effect to a picture, is not cool. Especially how crappy the quality is. Terrible app

  • Horrible

    by Jucin

    It wouldn't let me give a half star so I had to give it one star. Seriously how can you charge 99. Cents for this app?

  • Simple but uninspiring.

    by RevelationAdept

    Will cut a picture into a circle and puff it up or squish it a bit, but the more you try to manipulate the image the fuzzier it becomes, and the save quality is poor. If you just want a toy to play with and don't care about the image quality, this app is for you.

  • Kinda lame that it only does one effect

    by Issokay

    Hard to get my dog to pose perfectly for a picture that would work with this app

  • Wasted My Money!!!

    by DruRummage

    Does not work with Ipod Touch. Wasted my $.

  • No

    by Jark Roberts the 3rd

    Terrible. Wasted money. Turns pictures to dung. Failed app

  • I wouldn't buy it...

    by Xack Brame

    For free? Maybe... But the fisheye effect distorts the image, in a bad way.

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