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- iOS 7 compatibility
- Facebook sign up and sign in. We're really sorry about the issues some of you have experienced. It's been a long painful road for all of us, but everything should be working now.
- Removed ability to share on Facebook if publish permissions are disallowed
- Social networks displayed incorrect connection state
- An issue where lists of flixels, users, or comments would be removed after a refresh

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Flixel Cinemagraph Pro is the premiere tool for creating beautiful cinemagraphs. Record a scene or import one from your camera roll, then transform it into a living work of art. Flixel Pro provides a unmatched level of quality in your creations: a full suite of capture & editing tools, and (with in-app purchase) the ability to export your work in full HD.

Customer Reviews

  • Buggy, but still AWESOME!

    by ThaPunkMonk

    This is actually a revolutionary idea. It's a real game changer in the photography industry. Especially when working from the iPad because of the larger screen. They need to work out some bugs. It crashes somewhat regularly and the crop tool is weak. You can only center crop. You can't choose a direction to move it after cropping. That's a real bummer for when you want to 1:1 crop for Instagram because I usually follow the rule of thirds when shooting video, but that makes it awkward when cropping for Instagram. It definitely needs some work, but as I said its revolutionary and very quick. Most of the bad reviews come from people who don't know how to do it right. I've created some stunning work from this app. Fix the bugs and it's easily 5 stars.

  • Great idea...

    by leslie boren

    But there are issues most people don't get. First of all... You need to be an amateur photographer at the very least to get a cool image with this app. Secondly, you really need a tripod mount for your iPad...otherwise it won't work like it needs to. Next, it will be saved as an mp4.. Therefore when saved to your camera roll or posted to Facebook, it doesn't look like the sample photos here... It posts like a video. You have to press the play button to make it start. Again, great idea, but other than having a few minutes of fun with it I don't see the point. That said, I'm going to play with it some more and see if I change my mind.

  • Fun app but FB upload won't work.

    by TheBrowns0222

    Experiencing problem with uploading directly to FB. No issue with uploading to Twitter. I manage a page on FB that I would love to upload new fresh photos. I hope this issue will be worked out so I can give this app a higher rating. There should be an option to save photos on camera roll without it being in HD. Also, any chance to connect directly to Instagram?! Thanks.

  • Post to Facebook?

    by BuffPope

    Love the app EXCEPT I can't post to FB. Please help.

  • Not bad but not perfect

    by filmjunkie75

    Is the pro version worth $9.99? Probably not. Here's why: After all the work you put into creating your images, it doesn't save them as gifs you can transfer to you computer when you sync up (like Echograph). Instead, the images you create live on Flixel's server and the only way to view or share them is through the App or by sending a link. And these aren't even full resolution images. For that you need to pay an additional $19.99 per image to get them in HD, and it isn't even clear what you get for that. What this app does well though, is take something very complicated, making a cinemagraph, and makes it very easy. You'll still need to spend several minutes per image to get them right, but that's better than the several hours it would take to mask and animate a gif the old fashioned way. If you're looking for novel way to take some fun pictures, this app has a lot of potential and it's far cheaper than something like a Lomo or Holga, though at least with those you get to keep your negatives.

  • Tyler Banks Scam!!!

    by Fixed Off!

    High tech scam!!!

  • Was great before I bought the $20 upgrade

    by Peter Kato, yes it's me

    I loved this App with all it's features , so much that I've been using it every chance I get. "Then" I bought your $20 upgrade. That's when all pics became glitched! Some pics would become choppy, then others would run through smooth then be followed by this "shadow" frame of the flixel draw line you used to mask the pic.! It just shows up ruining the pic completely. Please fix the glitch especially after I bought the upgrade

  • Doesn't work, waste of money

    by Green6868

    Doesn't connect to Facebook even when I allow it to publish. Then it saved in my camera roll as a video. I can take a short video with similar result. I want my $10 back!

  • Say what??? $9.99

    by crawly1

    I purchased this app by mistake thinking it was .99 cents and not $9.99. Crazy!!!

  • FB issues still

    by MEUB85

    Facebook still doesn't work on the latest update!

  • Can't save!!

    by HGNOJ

    Dang, even after buying the pro version you guys still want us to pay $20 just to save our work? That's pretty dumb!!!

  • Disappointed

    by ParentOf2Boys

    Sure the app itself is pretty powerful and you can do some pretty cool things with it but the results will look like junk until you buy the HD export in app purchase for $20 (the app itself is $10, to export in HD $20, so be prepared to drop $30 if you want to create anything that looks decent) . I posted a non-HD Flixel to Facebook and it looks like a pixelated piece of crap created with a 10 year old webcam. I would not recommend this app to a casual user.

  • Disappointing

    by Augafa

    The app is cool but I paid the $30 in hopes to share things to Facebook. Basically I payed for a app that I don't use because I can't share the images with my friends unless they get the app as well. I got the in app purchase hoping if I saved the image to my phone then upload to Facebook, but instead of it being a loop it becomes a 3 second video. What a let down. If the app were able to post to Facebook I would have paid $60 for it, but without this ability it's worthless to me and just sits on my phone unused.

  • $30 is the real price.

    by Smak

    $10 for the app, then they want to charge you another $20 to save your creations at full resolution. What a scam!

  • Not worth it I demand a refund $9.99

    by New To Iphone & I'm Loving it!

    I bought the app & not only do the photos take forever to load the ones already on the gallery but on top of that when I try to create my own photo it crashes every time... I want a refund ASAP!!!!

  • Just got ripp off

    by 3RPG

    I just pay $19.99 plus tax for the unlimited HD Export feature and I cant even download it I get a error message saying that purchase cant get verified. I want my money back

  • Won't stop crashing

    by chjata87

    Will give 5 stars once it no longer crashes every time I try to save my flixels

  • Total rip off.

    by 0-Style

    It cost's $20 to export high quality. Pretty dumb if you pay $9.99 for the app. Look at Echograph, it's much better!

  • Fixel Pro

    by Clzpt

    The worst application i have ever purchased!

  • Really disappointed - no image stability here?

    by LinkTree

    I love this idea and have every app in this area, all miss on a main thing. No image stabilization To pay 10$ for this app and get a product that assume that I have a place to put my iPhone (ohh forgot that mini tripod..) is a big fail for the product team.. The main revolution in mobile video is that - take those engineers and let them solve that. Doesn't worth the money.

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