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Seller: Flambe Studios LLC

◉ Increased video duration to 10 mins (requires pro package upgrade)
◉ Improved rendering
◉ iOS 7 optimization

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Do you have an upside down or sideways video that you recorded on your iPhone, or does this video play sideways or upside down on a Windows PC or when you view it on the web when you share it with friends. Let Video Swivel fix it! 

Video Swivel goes beyond current rotate video apps on the app store by allowing you to not only rotate an entire video by 90°, 180°, and 270 but also zoom, crop, and mix music from your iPod Library. It even has a free angle rotation mode where you can rotate the video contents to any angle when in cropping mode. So try it out, it's free!

When you are done fixing your video share it easily by:

◉ Posting directly onto Facebook and YouTube 

◉ Saving to your photo album and importing it to other video editing apps such as iMovie or upload it to other social networks you use

◉ Email 

Follow us on Twitter @VideoSwivel and

◉ Main Features 

+ Import video clips in high definition resolution (up to 1 minute supported in free version, up to 10 minutes in Pro Version with in-app purchase) 

+ Full 30fps video output
+ Crop videos and adjust scale (zoom)

+ Rotate videos by 90°, 180°, and 270 and support for free angle rotation for video content when cropping
+ Flip videos vertically and horizontally
+ Create videos in 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, 16:9 ratios 

+ High definition video output to your Photos Library (Only Available in Pro Version, in-app purchase required)

* 1440x1440 (1:1), 1152x1728 (2:3), 1152x1536 (3:4), 1920x1080 (16:9). iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad 3

* 960x960 (1:1), 768x1152 (2:3), 768x1024 (3:4), 1280x720 (16:9). iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4 gen)

+ Mix video audio with songs from your iPod library 

+ Placements & adjustments designed and optimized for small screen 

+ Support for both portrait and landscape orientation maximizing working screen area
+ Share your project via Facebook, Youtube, Email, or save to your Photos Library

+ Runs on iPhone 4 & 4S, iPad 2 & 3, and iPod Touch 4

◉ Special Note: Video Swivel requires access to your photo album in order to import HD videos. Video Swivel does not gather any location data or access your GPS device at any time. Apple requires that users are granted access to the photo album to protect user privacy since photos and videos can contain location information.

Customer Reviews

  • Works good, easy to use. I am pleased

    by Average Joe 1963

    Does what it says, and does it well. Nuff' said.

  • Very useful!

    by Pretty Please

    My friends and I made a video project but didn't realize holding the iPhone vertically would be so problematic on the editing software. I realize I needed to crop a rectangle out of the vertical picture to essentially allow me to change it to a horizontal video. After looking around for computer tools to allow me to resize the aspect ratio, I came across this app. Perfect! Easy to use, simple to export edited videos, great features.

  • Great and easy to use!

    by Alan Gibson

    This app is simplistic in the right ways. Crop, trim and add music!

  • Great, but...

    by Geoffreyallensnow

    I love this app! It's fast and easy, but I would really love if we could crop videos freely, rather than the ratio. :)

  • Needs fix

    by Nicknameeididk

    Its great and all but it won't save to video to the phone. Also it the cropping something could be improved, if possible make it that we can also crop it side ways, atm its loke a square to crop, only up and down.

  • Great

    by iLamarLamar


  • Pretty good!

    by Sam Ravindhran

    Worked well for my 3:17 video, where I had to rotate it counter clockwise.

  • Simple and effective.

    by Fitgirlk

    I got this to do some minor edits to clips for iMovie app. It works perfectly and very intuitive. A great tool! Thanks!

  • Trimming videos made easy!

    by Marinela Marie

    After trying over a dozen apps, this one does the job I was aiming for. Easy to use, unlike the others. Thank you!


    by Loveuousweets

    It's a great app for pictures I love it

  • Wow & whoa

    by Kkaxnder

    Way cool!!!!!!!¡ I LOVE the effects. So far I'm LOVING it!!!!¡¡¡ you got five stars from me

  • Terrific app!

    by Xbggfy

    Easy to use, great problem solver.

  • Awesome

    by Game nerd bird

    Good for people without a capture card and you can buy the pro package to get better quality and longer time like ten minutes

  • how do you save?

    by nitaosorio

    I think this a great app for short videos but cannot for the life of me figure out how to save my changes!!

  • Video Swivel is awesome!

    by 12Gamerman

    Amazing app that lets you rotate videos so that they appear straight when uploaded on a computer!

  • Works easily

    by Martin Baxter

    Simple, works great!

  • A key post- production app

    by Rbwyatt

    Video Swivel is a key app in my video post-production workflow. It provides me with the capability to reshape the image. Often in documenting a subject something gets recorded upside down or I end up filming myself in a mirror or the sound an. Now I can use the footage by cropping out the problem area. Not only that I can save a high quality revised upgraded version. The app is stable and easy to use. I await future extensions and improvements.

  • New FH

    by J29736

    Perfect for making Flipnotes :D I love it.

  • Nice

    by User guy 551

    Couldn't get any simpler. It just works

  • awesome

    by netskills

    Great and EZ to use

  • Wish I could give these thieves 0 stars

    by mazdaspeedcupcake

    Don't bother paying for the upgrade, the app will crash every time you try to save your video to your library. Actually don't even bother downloading this app at all. Waste of money. Thanks for nothing you thieves.

  • K

    by like a rainbow

    Doesn't do much but they did put out an app

  • Absolutely Terrible

    by huster411

    App doesn't even work

  • Useless

    by Bigroski

    Downloaded this app to fix sideways video on iphone5. This app only allows you to select 1 minute increments which is fine, but when I converted a 5 minute vid into 5 short videos, it basically took the sound clip from the first video and appended it to the other four. Good potential if audio bug was fixed but totally useless and a waste of my time.

  • Lame

    by Ernthe1

    This app is terrible!!!!

  • Worst App

    by grifflamar

    Doesn't even work.

  • Elle

    by Cerisismello

    I didn't find it useful I wanted to make my own gif smh.

  • Does Not Flip Video As Advertised From Landscape to Portrait & vice versa

    by Mictrmbl

    This app will only flip or reverse the video if its in the same aspect ratio as you are intending to flip or reverse. For whatever reason my iPhone shoots video in portrait mode when I mean to shoot landscape. This app will not flip the orientation as it claims to do. It will force you to crop a portrait shot video and still doesn't flip from portrait to landscape or vice versa. A complete waste of $1.99. If you're looking for an app that flips landscape to portrait video this app is not it. If I could give this app no stars I would.

  • Upgrade is worth it

    by Lucille K Lang

    Does almost everything I need, and more than any other video app I could find. Most importantly, cropping video and adding music. Easy to use.

  • I like it.

    by Razzy Ray

    I like it. I like it a lot.

  • Terrible waste of time ❗❕❗❕

    by Rachel butt

    Don't ever get it no matter what the other people say its just terrible it cant do anything here is what it says TURN for $0.99 every single thing is $0.99 u cant do anything but buy things so don't waste your time on this

  • awesome

    by 7ssan33

    i think i need to this prog

  • Pimp

    by oooooooc

    This is good use it don't hate cuz u can't figure it out tho

  • Does it

    by ExtraDeadFred

    It does what it says.

  • Salva

    by Salvadore2013


  • this app functions, but is poorly designed

    by jpnueminic

    if you can get through the frustrating and unintuitive menus, you can eventually swivel and rotate a video. this app is full of 'mystery navigation' and terrible unnecessary UI elements. for example the main menu toolbox you need to swivel a video is called 'FORMAT.' there are annoying instructions where you don't need it, and none where you do. and it's all presented in a weird 'hand drawn' chalkboard style.

  • Frustrating!

    by JSD from RI

    It works but its clunky and buggy. In the pro HD version there is definitely a loss of video quality.

  • Great

    by Mikapotomus

    Worked well

  • Works and is easy to use!

    by CassiLove

    This app was simple to use, works great so far. Uploaded video, to app, and without me changing anything, I emailed it to myself. The video played and had been flipped and played in the correct, upright format. :) love it! (Note: Without this app, same video would play sideways) I would give 5 stars, but it's only for videos that are 1 min or less.

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Bobby Sweeney

    I phone has crappy video issues that this took care of perfectly

  • Great job!

    by Jinsley

    In contrast to the first review, this app worked great for short, and long videos on my iPhone. Now my iPod Touch, it'll work 90% of the time before crashing which tells me that it's more than less the devices malfunction. Anyways, thanks for the innovation.

  • Very simple

    by Queenbea3455

    It's great.

  • Better then IMovie

    by רוני ברנע

    Love it

  • I like it!

    by AdrianTRD

    It's very useful and I occasionally use it although it only lets you do videos under a minute I will still give it 4 stars.

  • Pay for longer Video

    by Carithian 

    Only creates 60 second video unless you pay to allow 5 minute videos

  • Decent

    by fulldraw16

    It's not bad could be .99 cents.

  • Gets the job done

    by Jon chui

    Wish we could save in original format

  • Video swivel - decent app

    by SisStephB

    It's helpful, but it will not do videos over 1 min long and that is a huge problem for me. I'm gonna have to buy an app to do my long videos.

  • Perfect!

    by Hkpanda322

    Simple to use! Does what it says it does!

  • It does what it says!

    by Gtr Girl

    If you're like me and don't like to read the tutorials, it will take a few mins to get up and going. Once you do though, it's a great app. I'm going to buy the pro version and support the developers for sure

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