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◉ Improved masking quality

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Tuaw called PopAGraph "A clever iOS photo app"

Appadvice voted PopAGraph Best app of the day

CultOfMac called PopAGraph "A fun masking app for iPhoneographers: with a twist"

MacNewsWorld called PopAGraph "A crisp, fast little app [that] dazzles with a little 3D magic"

Still not convinced? Check out what others are creating on instagram http://statigr.am/tag/popagraph

Every iPhoneographer is looking for that unique distinctive trait that separates their photographs from the masses on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Adding a filter is just not enough anymore so what if you had an app that offers features that will transform your photographs and add the wow factor you have been looking for – would that pique your interest?

Introducing PopAGraph - the app that offers endless combinations of features that will add style to your images and produce a 3D effect by literally popping the subject off the image. PopAGraph incorporates state-of-art image recognition technology to assist you in effortlessly isolating the subject in your image and applying filters separate to the background to add a dramatic contrast. Generate a multi frame look with the framing options. Change the color and thickness of the frames and shapes. Add a caption and share your masterpiece with your friends. The possibilities are limitless, for full list of features, check out the list below:

+ Auto "POP" objects inside image. Automatically trim the masked area to the contour of the object using state-of-art image recognition technology. It outperforms the lasso tool in Photoshop.
+ 36 filters effects (may require "filter" packages upgrade): Grayscale, Sepia, Vivid, Picasso, Elegance, Blur, Sharpen, Haze, Contrast, Vintage, Amatorka, Etikate, Sunset, Sketch, Toon, Posterize, Dot, Mosaic, Crossword, Fragment, Pencil, Abstract, Doodle, Neon, Prime, Gloom, Xray, Clear, Clay, Sand, Edge, Halftone, Breakout, Frames, and Tiles.
+ Apply different filters to background image and pop objects
+ Undo & redo support on mask, filter, frames, and text operations
+ Add shapes as frames (up to 20) and combine them to form new shapes
+ Adjust frame position, size, border width, border color, and corner roundness.
+ Add captions with customizable fonts, color, position, size, and spacing.
+ 7 shadow effects (may require "style" package upgrade)
+ Assign backdrop color (may require "style" package upgrade)

+ Share your work
■ Post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sina Weibo
■ Save to camera roll
■ Send via Email, SMS

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app

    by Puzzler 21

    Very easy to use. Edited my first image in minutes after downloading this app. And the results are amazing...they look incredible. An app that does what it promises, does it very well, and is easy to use. What more can you ask for?

  • Fantastic app...almost perfect.

    by Old_Wave

    This is one of the most polished, easy and fun to use apps I have downloaded in quite sometime. I would have given it 5 stars (it deserves it) but it needs to be updated to work with the latest features of iOS 7 which allow you to send picture attachments via iMessage without leaving the app. Also, it is not very intuitive when you are presented the option of making a 15 second video. That process could be clarified for sure. Overall, phenomenal app! Good job and thanks!

  • PopWow

    by J Simmons

    This app is a lot of fun and very easy to use.

  • Pretty cool

    by Tolbetthethief

    It is pretty cool and somewhat easy to use. A little difficult to use with infer on iPhone to "mask" exactly what you want because the finger blocks the view and sometimes shapes more or less of the area you want. The effects are cool though. Will play with it more before deciding to upgrade.

  • Pretty cool

    by mayangrl

    Still getting the hang of it, but it's cool and fun!

  • Wow

    by T J O'Spoad

    Great app, I'm still learning it.....but Having lots of fun!!

  • Awesome

    by Amanda Murphy

    Love this app for editing all my pix! Double thumbs up

  • Nice


    Really lik this app!!

  • Love this app

    by Queenspade

    Such a fun fun app. Takes a little effort to use but once you get the hang out it you can't wait to edit your next pic. Oh and it's so cool you can add music and bring a boring photo to digital art. Please add more features! And the ability to preview video option and go back to change before having to save. More features! Frames, popart, quotes, clip art

  • FUN!!!

    by Scamper73

    Great App!!! Very user friendly!!!

  • Ok

    by Deerfarmer

    Love the app. Only complaint is I have upgraded everything and purchased all apps but it doesn't let me use everything I purchased!

  • Love!

    by Nikipat

    I love this app! If you like taking and editing pictures this is for you!

  • Easy

    by rider pod

    LoveLoveLove this app. Makes photos worthy of canvas;)

  • Fun

    by demahla

    Fun app!

  • Perfect

    by Shortness_t

    This app is absolutely the best app omg seriously I advise people to get it!!!

  • So cool!

    by Jakie Marie

    Awesome app!

  • Great app

    by Dxb0000

    Great app very nice

  • Fun

    by Mrs.Mongo

    Very fun app!

  • More than expected! Thank you!

    by Ribal e-k


  • Great Results!

    by liesll

    This app is so easy and the pictures turn out fantastic.

  • Professional

    by Momigo4l

    This app is so fun to use! At first, I thought it would be complicated to make it look so professional, but it isn't! This app is a keeper.

  • Just a simple upgrade and it's 5stars

    by Onederland

    This app is dope. The pop effect is on point. Only thing I need is more background options that are similar to frames and tiles. The shapes in the background makes me photo look ridiculous. Add a few more shape combos and it's 5 stars. Ps. The video feature is crazy too.

  • Crash

    by NtHppyW/crash

    Crashes after upgrade

  • Fun photo app!

    by Chatter_86

    More enjoyable on iPad but great on iPhone as well. Completed more fun projects with this app than any other photo app.

  • Cool app

    by Haastee

    Very cool, and easy to use.

  • Useful App

    by mattcostello1

    Great app. Worth the $$$!!

  • Awesome

    by CarbineFoX

    Easy to use and has a clean interface.

  • Very Cool, Very Easy!

    by Bernardhhi

    An easy to use, accurate masking tool makes it so easy to create some very cool effects. Kudos

  • Impressive photo app

    by Guych

    It was easy to use from the first time, I edited a few pictures and what I could do with this app all the photo apps I have can't do half of it.

  • Amazing App!

    by CyndyML

    Between this and Snapseed, all of your photo needs are answered! Very intuitive. Excellent masking abilities. Well done video tutorials. I love the results - enough that I will be taking some photos with the idea of what I will be doing with them with this app.

  • Fun and easy to use!

    by CBS Frustration

    Really like using this app to make my pictures look special!

  • Artasticly FUN

    by Sari.s

    Super fun creative easy to use

  • Awesome application!! It is so simple to use!!

    by Dayna Schumacher

    Great tutorials which make the incredible works of art made in this app look like a difficult and lengthy project, when in fact it is so easy and doesn't take too long at all to produce!!!

  • PopAGraph

    by Sarahrebe

    When I first used PopAGraph I wasn't sure where it was going. But it caught my interest when I saw the work this app does. If I could give this app more stars I would. Finally to conclude if you are thinking of downloading I would!

  • Dope app

    by Feo Trey

    Cool app definitely recommend this

  • Woah!!

    by Sccr girl

    Without a doubt, the best app for this whole process out there!! I mean I would have never guessed what it could do!! The best thing ever!!

  • Yup!

    by musicfiend_92

    Felt like a pro using this app. Awesome!

  • I really like this.

    by Hnfhhckhcjhjfjhfhjfjvh

    I love his app, and I am thankful for the creators.

  • Love for this app

    by Bestieeeee

    One of the coolest apps ever! Easy to use I had a lot of fun editing some of my pics... Love it love it and LOVE IT.

  • So easy and well done

    by Dc-NYC

    It's not over complicated, don't need to be a photoshop expert to use these simple controls. And it has a great tutorial built right in as well. Amazing app.

  • Great App!

    by Malvicus

    It's fun to use and I am definitely not the visually talented typw

  • Lovely !!!

    by Youraj

    Very nice app. Thank you !!!

  • Muy bueno

    by Coquisa

    Me encantó!

  • Impressive

    by FightUback

    Easy to use and a lot of fun!

  • Photos

    by Mzachary186

    These photos come out so Great and creative. I love it ;)

  • Awesomeness

    by TheRedHood12

    This are the apps that make me love my iphone very much!

  • A Terrifically Fun App

    by czuppann

    Great app. Something new in the photo world. Pick your picture, mask the part you want to make pop, select your background and then add a frame. And when you share it the recipient doesn't just get your completed picture - they actually see the transformation take place while they listen to a 15 second song clip you've selected from your music. Hands down the most fun new photo app out there.

  • Great

    by BorjaOjeda

    Truly a great app, at a great price if you decide to get everything. Really good results almost effortlessly.

  • This App is Too Good!

    by Bob'n Alexander

    I've never ever used an app this great!

  • Awesome!

    by Bstorm95

    I love how this app makes photos come to life! Such a great app! I haven't had any problems with it either like all the other photo apps.

  • Awesome

    by PhilippYourCup&GetCrunk

    Great app that is very user friendly. Gives tutorials for those new. Very well made, awesome!

  • Easy to use.

    by Amesleynisson

    This app was well made, it's fast load long when applying things to the photo. It's easy enough for anyone to make their photo fun and pop.

  • Best Photo Editing App

    by Hope McLeod

    This is my all time favorite photo enhancing/editing app :) it's great for making your pics really stand out and it's easy. It's also a lot of fun :)

  • Legit

    by Mykie65

    Love it, only been using it for about 30 min. But I thinks it's one of the best worth downloading, give it a shot!!

  • Awesome app!!

    by pem702

    Awesome app!!

  • Same old story

    by iCotcot

    The whole App relies on the ability to cut-out a subset of a picture Here again the extract is weak and does not allow corrections. You end up repeatedly redoing the FULL extract, and failing. At attempt 4 the fun is lost

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