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Best Google Image Search App!
1,000,000,000+ images search!(wallpaper,photos,images,pictures)

Customer Reviews

  • Kyle

    by Cool lol1111

    Really cool lol

  • Not a bad app

    by Ronarld at the desk

    There are so many complain but i like the app.

  • Awful

    by Apple Inc. App Director

    This application is awful. I dislike this app very much. I don't have much say in this, but I will do my best to remove this Application.

  • Crashes!

    by **RaiiDer_Boii**

    Great easy to use app but please for the love of god come out with an update already fixing crashes!!!

  • Horrible

    by Randybutternumz

    This app is just ads I tried to search for photos and it won't even search!

  • Nice job duischbag

    by Nikky46564

    U did a really good job except one thing U CAN'T SEARCH UP PICS

  • Ugh

    by Pagans jxjdhd

    Terrible do not download

  • WTH!?

    by unclewoo

    Never searched for a single image but did continually ask if I wanted a porn calendar (as if I didn't already have one) and crash...

  • Me

    by Kota145

    Stupid and doesn't search and NO photos

  • :(

    by Wtgzf

    Freaking trolls

  • WHAT IMAGES??????????

    by Hipcrip1810

    This STINKS. I tried over 20 simple searches and got nothing ever brought back then it crashes. DON'T BOTHER!!


    by Cooes12

    It's crap, a waste of time, and it keeps making my iPhone freeze

  • Waste of time!

    by Tonytex

    To be classified as an app it should at least do something!! It'll be deleted off my phone in the next 10 seconds...

  • Nothing.


    So I type in what I want to search and all I get is the magnifying moves a little then nothing.

  • What the Heck?

    by SnapShot120

    Won't search. What's with that sex position app? I thought this an image search app. Uninstalling.

  • Broken

    by 46775433

    No photos, no searching. Great forced ad for their sex position app. They should put as much time into their app functionality as they do into advertising other junk.

  • Booo

    by Marissa~M

    Can't search a thing

  • Isn't worth anything

    by Joseph Carty

    This "app" ISN'T worth ANYTHING! When first get on it, it advertises a disgusting app. AND when you push options, it tells you to buy the "FULL VERSION"!

  • The Reason

    by Hawkeye92 G

    This app doesn't work. The reason the company put this out is to advertise a sex. This is completely disgusting and both apps should should be removed.

  • Awful

    by Gonxsgbko


  • This is copyright

    by Brady Hawkins

    I saw another app that was the exact same thing but a different name. Don't get this app vowel you will never get this app delete


    by yay00

    never get this doesn't work only crashes waist of time and space

  • Needs work

    by Pig breath

    I think this app is

  • FIX THE FLAWS YOU MADE! ..please

    by Createrlil

    I look at this and I'm like OMG I HAVE to get this and I do and all it does is CRASH screen goes black and then it just goes to my home screen...  i'm so upset! Infact Ima put a  FOR  failing on making the app work correctly. Then after I realized the problem I go to see all of the reviews and it has NEGITIVE things about the app!! Well now it's not just the add situation it's about the fact that it CRASHES!!!!!  FIX ITTT NOWWWWWWW  times wasted. You fix it or no one will get this app NIETHER if you had to pay for it. So please just fix this.

  • Does not even load

    by Rio boo

    Not a picture. I need an update if I want to download it

  • Horrible

    by StefanLong

    App is just ads. No search engine.

  • Just ads

    by Seijin Zer0

    Just a bunch of ads and then software that doesn't work.

  • Dumb

    by Xlnt15

    Okay this sucked

  • Total waste of my time

    by Crypto 126

    A load of crap

  • Stupid game

    by Lizfoil

    Every single time you look up something it just closes the app

  • Fail

    by Nz1124

    What a fail!! It doesn't work at all!!! If I could I would give it 0 stars cuz that's what it deserves

  • Crashes

    by Killertyuiop

    Not worth it

  • Major glitch

    by Ghose Rider

    When u type in what you want to search then you push search it automatically closes app every time

  • Tigger143 Says:

    by idk...just had to write one :)

    This app doesn't even work sooo if you do look at our ratings TRUST US or find out for yourself. Whichever you choose(: it should get 0 STARS

  • Crashes

    by RadZakpak

    Crashes everytime I search

  • Crash

    by Lil rob474

    Crashes right when you search:(

  • Crash

    by john and jessica

    Does not work don't get 0 stars for me.

  • Crash, Crash, Crash!

    by NeeleyLeighh

    I didn't even get to click search before it crashed! This is being deleted ASAP.

  • Crash Crap

    by Hakerz

    How the hell can this be allowed on here. APPLE, do your job and remove this.

  • Garbage

    by Godlivesinme1994

    Its a piece of crud and is worthless

  • Trash

    by Passitup

    Why is it even on the app store?

  • Crashes

    by Muffdiver6969

    Fix it ASPP

  • Crashes

    by Annoyoumus

    crashes too much, definetley (sorry bad dpelling) not to keep

  • make it better

    by Taping master

    it always crashes down so I deleted it

  • Crashes...therefore I delete you!

    by lby69

    Everytime I open to search it quits! BYE~

  • Waste of time.

    by Jon Walker

    Crashes every time you search something. Ought to be fixed. Or not. either way I'm just sticking with google mobile app.

  • Poo poo!


    This piece of crap wasted my time! Every time I wanted to make a stupid search it closed it down!!! Freaking r*tarted

  • Crashes

    by Kinc23

    Piece of crap app

  • Kaput!

    by amberlyh

    Everytime I open and search it crashes fix this freaking piece of crap!

  • It freaking crashes

    by paulina100

    This is crap >:(

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