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Poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello.

• Poke a friend with a message, photo or video
• Choose how long they can see it
• Press and hold to see pokes from friends
• Say where you are when you poke
• See when your friends take screenshots

Customer Reviews

  • Great App - Snapchat Employees don't hate

    by dm5272

    Hey - just because your CEO turned down 3billion offer, and is now worried - no need to have all your employees write "snapchat ripoff" reviews. Idiots - What product you look up in the Apple store - doesn't have "Choice"? Email, word processor, sudoku, etc... Besides - emails have had the ability to send an email and have it auto delete itself or block from forwarding to others for years (research it). Since when do customers not want choice? It can't nexus timers writing this crap - since when do we like monopolies?

  • Ala

    by raXa512


  • Best app

    by Serifovic

    Best app for everything please update this it's been to long since last year

  • Better than snapchat.

    by Jamez Ray

    I can't wait until this is popular!

  • Great Application

    by Edgar Ortega

    Awesome app, but since the new iOS 7 is not working properly, they need to upgrade soon, with the new iOS7 !!!!!!!!!! Please

  • Irritated with iOS7... Love the app!

    by JinnaG

    I love Poke and use it multiple times a day as a fun way to communicate with my family. After I updated to iOS 7, the video portion does NOT work. It is very frustrating. I rated the app a 5 because I love it when it works, but as of right now, I'm irritated because you haven't released an updated app. Please fix this problem!

  • Facebook poke

    by Gauge Mossberger

    Best app ever.

  • Thank you

    by Mohammed kanash



    by Gagurl40


  • Outstanding

    by RedLipstickChanel

    This new Facebook application is easy and an excellent method to communicate to others using this updated technology I would highly recommend it to others to utilize and enjoy this convenient supplement

  • Just Ok, could be MUCH better in 1 update!!!

    by The New Mr. Mom

    Facebook... PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP!!!! •It Needs to allow users to delete Pokes individually... "Clearing Inbox" in an All or Nothing one push of the button feature doesn't allow for pokes (still not viewed or confirmed received) to be viewed and just clogs up the inbox... Poke will be worthy of * * * * * stars after they update this one small flaw...

  • by 

    I use this to poke my one friend all the time, i just downloaded it, but its a little confusing?

  • Great

    by ForbiddenChode

    Great App, everyone has to stop with the whole rip-off thing though. So what, deal with it. It's better than SnapChat anyways.

  • Rating

    by 193501881871


  • One HUGE bug.

    by Nicegrader

    If you take a picture or video on the 4s it comes out like a mirror. So your picture is backwards. Please fix it! Otherwise great app.

  • Unoriginal, but polished.

    by cdohertyk

    While surely a witty reuse of the storied Facebook "Poke," it's abhorrent that the company would stoop so low in copying another app. There is literally nothing innovative about this, and it disappoints me that Facebook doesn't feel the need to innovate, rather than mimic, in the social media space. However, Facebook does Snapchat better than Snapchat ever did, and so I'll use Poke. Zuckerberg should own up to his dishonesty, though, and acquire Snapchat.

  • Love it. Love group chats.

    by Babywalf

    Love yo chats in groups.

  • MrPo Apple

    by MrPo Apple


  • Vacant

    by hquinnmiller

    No one else uses it really. Theyre more into snap chat.

  • Improvements needed

    by EpicSacksGuy777

    How can this app be made better? I like to see some changes.

  • Ehh

    by Michelle M

    It doesn't sync up with the "pokes" within Facebook. Poor design. Notification bubble never goes away.... Keep trying Facebook

  • Broken

    by Turnerty

    Crashes when you push the video button. Needs update. Broke...

  • Copy

    by murga108

    Snapchat rip off lol

  • copycat.

    by skateboardkid


  • Stolen App from Snapchat

    by Fashanele.com

    Actual rating is -10. Idiots !

  • No longer works.

    by Ari LeTueur

    After the update, it crashes as soon as you open the video camera to record a video. You don't even have to record anything, it just crashes as soon as you go back to the main screen after opening the video recorder. Needs an update badly.

  • iOS 7

    by El Meenn

    Update iOS 7

  • Snapchat is better

    by Retro fish

    Snapchat is way better.

  • Not to good

    by Hipnonster

    It doesnt show the complete list of my friends to poke it only shows some of them. Some of my friends dont apear in the list.

  • Video doesn't work in ios 7, always crashing

    by Danvu Nguyen

    Video doesn't work in ios 7, always crashing

  • RipOff

    by Yad Ferhad

    Total Snapchat Rip-Off. All Facebook knows is how to Rip-Off or buy other services and integrate them with Facebook. Face it Mark, Facebook has just been going down-hill from the beginning of 2013.

  • Good

    by Emogayhobo

    I like this app alot, but I keep getting notifications and then can't see them, even if I log out and log in again, or as I have discovered, delete the app and then reinstall it. Please fix. Still get this issue more than not. Also, make the video like vine wher you may start and stop multiple times. It'd make it more significant to use for me

  • Never trust facebook

    by James H. III

    With their spotty record with all things privacy related, I would never trust facebook to keep my data secure/private. This seems like a desperate move to recapture teens who continue to leave fb in droves. Download Snapchat and enjoy an app with no ads.

  • Don't support Facebook they're bullies..

    by Coooooooooo

    Bogus Facebook stealing the ideas of small business(snapchat). Don't support this big company bully. Team #underdog (snapchat) all they way! P.s can't wait till FB gets a competitor.

  • Useless App.

    by dnnOH

    This app has taken all of the same features Snapchat has, and added a ridiculous poking feature the user can use to spam others with an unlimited frenzy of pokes. The app freezes up the device due to mass amounts of poking, and has basically ripped everything off of Snapchat, down to the "set time" feature, enabling you to choose how long you want someone to see your message. Uninstalling immediately.

  • Copy

    by Beyonce #1 fan 4ever

    I prefer snapchat!

  • Not good.

    by Mitch Reynolds

    Not good at all.

  • Please fix!

    by Pokey Pokerton

    This app worked great and then all of the sudden I can't see sent or received Pokes. Tried putting in a ticket to get it fixed and I keep getting directed to the FAQ sheet that doesn't address the problem. Very frustrating.

  • سيء

    by ᎼᏃᎤ


  • Too many problems

    by Burst Dude!!

    Although the concept is a slight improvement to SnapChat, I'm struggling to enjoy it.... One BIG problem is with view time. I accidentally touched a picture I received and because I immediately let go, I couldn't see it again, even though there was probably still 9 seconds on the clock... Why can't I re open the picture if the timer hasn't run out?... Second, when I screenshot, it just takes me back to the inbox and sends a picture of that to my photo library. Very annoying.. Please fix these issues.

  • Neat idea. Poor execution.

    by crumscheidt

    Needed a little more than a few days to develop the idea. Should have integrated the service with the web. Things that Snapchat can't do.

  • Good, need something new.

    by Dj Dead Silence

    It would be nice if you where able to put the amount of pokes you want to send to a person instead of constantly pushing the button and then another button over and over again. -(Apple Review)-

  • :/

    by 7827277363)515

    Needs some work because right now it does nothing. But is / was going To be a good idea just isn't done.

  • What the hack is this ????

    by Yong shan Wang

    What does this suppose do poke ? Really Facebook !!???

  • Snapchat ripoff

    by inigolv

    No more comments

  • Thank you for answering "What if Facebook built it?"

    by j_hallett

    Blatant copy of Snap Chat did nothing for Facebook (Snap Chat = clear winner) + disservice to the startup community. Zuck's "poke" and build in 12 days = PR disaster. FB can do better.

  • Useless

    by demonicdisciple

    What was supposed to be the point, again?

  • Poorly designed to the point of uselessness.

    by PastorGamerGeek

    To play a video, you have to hold your finger on the screen, only when you do your finger is in the way of what you are trying to see. If you accidentally tap one you can't go back and see it again, it's gone forever. Deleting it now so I never have to deal with it again.

  • :(

    by Reasonable Girl

    My boyfriend kissed me then left because of poke $&@$!? This app I loved him!

  • nice

    by SuHansha

    PicChallenge me: Jessica

  • love it

    by AldaSag


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