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With Facebook Camera, you can share photos on Facebook faster than ever, and see what friends are up to in a feed of nothing but their photos.

• Post a bunch of photos at once
• See friends’ latest photos in one place
• Play with crops and filters
• Tag friends, add captions and say where you are
• See photos from different apps

Customer Reviews

  • Thankyou

    by Lance296j

    This is great thankyou for this great app

  • Thank you for not changing instagram

    by  cry33782729758

    I love instagram. I downloaded that day one it was available. Thank you for not changing it. this app serves a separate purpose. I've always wanted multiple photo uploading on iPhone. Thank you!

  • Usage

    by buddy168 me

    It's much faster

  • Cool app! Update it please!

    by Arturo Garcia

    Awesome app to share photos! But If the photos could be uploaded in HD it's going to be better!

  • Simply amazing!

    by Rabbit uncle 

    I just wish you could search someone's name and look at their pictures!

  • Wow

    by  Chess geek

    Kinda amazing

  • Great, but lacking in features

    by NYC surgeon1571

    With the new iPad, both Instagram and Facebook Camera lack native iPad support, some thing I would like to see in the next version is support for iPad 2 and the new iPad.

  • Instagram meets Facebook

    by  Ebocks

    The new camera Facebook app is wisdom meets resolution. This app fully encompasses the best of both social features collectively into one. It revives the usual expectation from instagram and Facebook into this revolutionized, refreshing HD quality interaction, which provides limitless up-to-date photography/storyline. I'm satisfied =).

  • Give us the ability to post videos!!

    by Bigsmile555

    Instagram is already doing vids. What's up with FB camera?

  • Easy to use

    by  Mr monster ak47

    this is a great app!!! its so easy to use!!!

  • Good So far

    by Actionable Mango777

    So far it seems like a great app. Very well done. Not sure if it is going to replace instagram tough.

  • So cool :)

    by Robb Mahan 

    So cool :) luv it

  • Snap nice

    by Deborah Sarah

    I love it!!!

  • It's good

    by 개런드

    FB camera app is god god

  • I just downloaded this app

    by AngelaPoogie1966

    & haven't had a chance to use it, but I just had to let *work*beat*fierce that I absolutely love your comment! How true & just too funny!!! Still lol!

  • Why?

    by Teh Awesome Wendy!1494

    Why would they create this instead of adding functionality to their 1B investment Instagram. This is just more clutter for my home screen.

  • Nice Photo Upload and Editing App

    by Mnkji167 

    It's much better way of uploading images to Facebook. Bypassing the clunky way you have to do it now. I like the ability to edit and select many photos at once.

  • Not only is this app great…

    by lemony panic

    but it is superior to its competition. Facebook inc. is doing great work over there.

  • PhotoStream Pictures

    by HeatherlyCharm

    I love that this app uploads your pictures in order, while the Facebook mobile app doesn't. However, I wish we could access other photo albums instead of just the Camera Roll. Please implement this and it would be PERFECT!

  • Uau

    by Tatianna Raquel

    Isso é que é câmera pra Facebook!

  • Crushed

    by SylarBoomixx


  • Crashes

    by computerwiz908

    The app keeps crashing while scrolling through photos.

  • Creepy news feed will kill Facebook

    by notgoodmichaels 

    Don't make facebook paid.

  • Nah

    by Hardik.Chawla94023

    Sticking to instagram. Guess I just got used to the filters (whether the same or not) with borders. Deleted

  • Crashes!

    by Dorul

    Keeps on crashing every 10 scrolls! The app is broken! 4S - 6.1.1

  • When I'm focused on uploading pics

    by work•beat•fierce

    This is the FB app to use. Straight and to the point, unlike our current U.S. Congress. Heh!

  • iOS 7

    by El Meenn

    Update iOS 7

  • Review

    by Malahap

    You deserved a 5 Star rate.... U did a good job for us.....keep it up! God Bless America!

  • FB camera- album + page administrator

    by Ralie17

    Needs the ability to create an album. Also provide the option of adding photos as a page administrator

  • awsome app

    by kashifislam707

    an awsome app love the small but very necessary editing tools it gives a revamped look to my pictures and very instantly they get uploaded love u facebook camera !!

  • It crashes

    by fkanellis

    The app crashes all the time in the 4s with ios7. While browsing photos, editing posts, it just crashes and you lose edits before you upload them. Also should access photostream and albums. Photo effects are great and easy to use but the quality of the photo uploaded is not as good as it should

  • Frustrating

    by cheeseboot

    It keeps crashing when I attempt to take a photo with the app or when I try to upload photos. Only been a problem since iOS 7.

  • Needs Photo Stream / Album Support

    by Mr. Double Stuff

    The application needs to support photo stream on your iPhone/iPad, as well as the camera roll. In addition, the app should allow you to create a new album in Facebook for the pictures that you're uploading. The editing features are nice.

  • Great app!

    by Fran Bukulin

    I love this app,it's simplic and awesome!!

  • Why is this app sucking?

    by Seriously? Why you no work?!

    For a couple of weeks this app keeps crashing. I consider it a blessing if it works on the first try. I don't know what's going on, it used to work beautifully and while we're at it, when will this upload videos? Please fix this or I'll go old school and upload from my computer. No one deserves that.

  • you need still fix

    by nino lindo

    when I want to open the app crashed my device is iPod touch 4

  • Keeps crashing

    by SontanAnes

    Can't even upload 20 pics

  • Facebook pictures without the bs

    by 055566665

    I get to upload pictures and see pictures of people without the bs status update bs.

  • Not a very good app

    by 4100137

    Every time I go into this app I get a blank screen then it flashes out. I go back into it the second tome wait forever it finally will display the pictures

  • App keeps closing

    by Lissy25467

    I like this app but is very disappointing when it closes after editing all the pictures, needs improvement.

  • Good

    by DJ MaximusOC

    Yeah it's good

  • Ticoguayo

    by Fabitatan

    Is good sometimes the app crash but is ok


    by fohdt

    How about, we're not forced to "post to facebook?" & let edited photos be saved to our phone's camera roll!

  • Nice when it works...

    by Jam jam999

    Always crashes.....crashes every single time

  • In other stores?!

    by Mezzzzzzo

    I'm from little country from Europe, Croatia. I want to know, why u don't allow app for my store? I must create US account for download. Very bed! USA is not all world!

  • Very Easy to use

    by PaulieD_Ma

    Very Easy to use

  • Stopped working

    by Arhaef

    Doesn't update all pics. Skips many days.

  • New update is horrible!!'nm

    by Meltem Aktas

    I updated the new download I have a iPhone 5 it is absolutely horrible it crushes immediately after putting a filter .. I deleted the app loaded again same problem I cant even use the app . At this point I am bot happy at all earlier one was working alright .:-(((

  • Alright, needs work

    by Isisbaas

    Sometimes it works good, other times it is slow and shows duplicates if my pics. Another thing is that I wish I had a longer feed of my friend's photos.

  • It Crashes.

    by Katelyn E

    I love the app but I was scrolling through photos and it just crashed. So I go back and was on thee for like 2 minuets and it crashed again.

  • Okay can use some improvements

    by alex murillo

    It's nice to see the pictures on your photo stream but it would be better if you can also see photo albums and look at certain friends pictures. Once that is done it will get 5 stars.

  • tries to turn fb into instagram, fails

    by rabt

    This app attempts to make an Instagram type feed out of your Facebook news feed. The execution is nowhere near as smooth though and scrolling through Facebook photos seems more sluggish.

  • Happy Customer.!!

    by Gamer_Boy 409

    Works Great, No Problems ;)

  • Complete Crap

    by sxxsmith

    The one and only thing this app is supposed to do, fails. They broke the ability to upload HD photos back in July. Updated it today, and it STILL DOES NOT UPLOAD THE CORRECT SIZE PHOTO. Why do they even bother to have that as a setting when it doesn't work?

  • Needs PhotoStream/album support

    by EBone

    The ability to select PhotoStream or other photo albums already on your phone needs to be implemented. Right now you can only use the photos on your camera roll.

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