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Fixed freezing issue.

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Welcome to CamBorder.

Enjoy this awesome app on your iphone/ipad/ipod.

Take colorful pictures right from your device. Check out the awesome screenshots below.

try it now!

Customer Reviews

  • I LOVE THIS!!!! But......

    by Ciara McNeil

    This app is so cool but it seriously needs an actual camera button to take the picture instead of having to screenshot it

  • There does need to be a photo button, but...

    by angidazee

    @Yakira B.: The instructions the dev is trying to give you is to take a screenshot with your device. Doing this takes a photo of whatever you have on your screen at the time. To do this, press the top button on your iDevice (the lock, on/off button), and the bottom button on the front of your iDevice (the Home/Main button that you'd press to close out apps, access iPod music on the left side of your screen, etc.) at the same time. If it's too hard to do at the same time, I recommend pressing one right after the other, on/off button & then Home button, in that order, otherwise, doing it in reverse order will sometimes close out the app you're in, thus taking a photo of your lock screen. I hope this helps everyone else who seems confused as well! Wow! Just realized that the first person to review this app (& also gave it for stars!) is the actual dev himself! That's SO cheesy, IMO! At least he was honest enough to use his own name, instead of having others do it for him using aliases, like a lot of other scandalous devs do!!! Gotta respect that, I guess?

  • Rami Abu ghosh

    by Ramirtime

    Cool app

  • Fun and simple

    by DrDaddio

    Fun. Simple. I'm torn between enjoying the simplicity and wanting more features.

  • Awesome app!

    by Iloveapps2010

    Love it!

  • Excellent for what it does - one trick pony.

    by Mister Ron

    If you want that particular effect, it works great. People who haven't gotten it to save simply haven't mastered the art of doing a quick screencap. Would love to see 1) a real snapshot button 2) video capture I'd pay for that.

  • Fun...

    by jussaine

    ... But doesn't do much. At least for me, I got bored real soon.

  • Great

    by M. Yelverton

    Add video

  • Sweet app

    by Eyad Ayesh

    Love this app

  • COOL

    by tfpurple6484


  • Love this app

    by App addictive 2010

    Its soo awesome and different

  • What ??????

    by Jachee88

    Launched it, saw colorful squiggly lines, . . . . . now what ??? Use app support link but it took me no where in particular! I never thought I would ask for 99 cents back, but " give me my 99cents back"

  • Bad bad bad

    by Kill,,,,u

    Poor app. Look good, but not work at all. Cannot take photo.

  • How to take screen shot

    by Yakira B

    When open this app, it tells me to press top button and bottom button to take a screen shot. Can anybody tell me which top and bottom button? I can't find them

  • Can't take photos

    by cycophuk

    There is no shutter button. There are also no instructions. It's pretty, but without the ability to take photos, it's useless. What's more, there hasn't been an update since I downloaded it. I fear it may be abdonded.

  • Add another star

    by J.U.1

    When you add that save button! :Update: frustrating without a capture button. Add that and you'll get your stars.

  • No good

    by Janslam

    Fix this! Can't even take a shot, never mind saving it. Cool concept, so too bad

  • Nice but how do you save?

    by sjrankin

    The sample images in the iTunes store have a little camera icon in the lower-left but it's not on my iPod. I went to the support page and found nothing that was related to the product. I'd love for this app to work so I can save my images but there's just no way.

  • fix it

    by Java bake

    Don't even bother down loading once you go to save it or send it to face book or e mail it you can't get any thing off the screen to continue to bad cause it looks like fun!!!!

  • Wasted time! Freezes up in email. Deleted!

    by Braussie

    Thought I'd try it. Interesting concept but no real control. Froze up on iPhone 4; deleted-reinstalled-deleted as it doesn't work right.

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