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Seller: Petros Douvantzis

* Reduced Rotation Jitter
* Introducing Video Stabilization
* HD recording for older devices (iPhone 4S, iPad 2nd generation, iPad Mini 1st generation)
* AirPlay Video Playback Fixed
* Improved Overall Performance
* Improved Focus, Filters & Tutorial
* Fixes across the board

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"You owe it to yourself to check out the new Horizon app for iOS." - AppAdvice

"Horizon App Solves the Dumbest Thing About Smartphone Video" - WIRED

"A damn clever idea. Worth a buck, that’s for sure." - Daring Fireball

“We just wish Apple and Google had bundled this as standard." - Engadget

"Brilliant, Overdue App Forces Your Phone to Take Horizontal Videos" - Gizmodo

"Love the UI: it’s intuitive and easy" - Cult of Mac

"Horizon will eliminate portrait recording forever" - TUAW

"I’ve been using the app for a good chunk of the morning, and it’s pretty solid." - Techcrunch

"Horizon for iOS means no more vertical videos" - The Next Web

Horizon lets you record horizontal videos no matter how you hold your device. Hold it upright, sideways or even keep rotating it while capturing, the video will always stay horizontal! You can add filters, shoot with the back or front camera and share your creations!

Ever felt you had to rotate your device while recording a video? Do you often end up with vertical videos or videos in wrong orientation? Enter Horizon!

Horizon works like magic! It auto-levels your videos while recording, using your device’s gyroscope. The orientation of the resulting video is corrected so that it always stays parallel to the ground.

With Horizon you can help bring an end to the Vertical Videos Syndrome. Yes, you can now record horizontal videos, while holding your device in portrait mode!

And if shooting horizontal videos is not your thing, you can always choose ‘Disabled’ mode.

▶ Three leveling modes: Just rotate, Rotate & scale, Disabled
▶ AirPlay mirroring while recording
▶ Multiple Resolutions* (Including VGA, HD, Full HD)
▶ Different aspect ratios (Square 1:1, Wide 16:9, Standard 4:3)
▶ Eight fun filters to choose from
▶ Video Library
▶ Share your creations to social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)
▶ Open your videos in other apps
▶ Select Video Quality to save space (High, Medium, Low)
▶ Geotagging
▶ AF/AE Lock
▶ Record videos with front or back camera

* Depends on the device. For all of the supported devices Horizon offers 5 options: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x640, 640x480 and 480x480. iPhone 4S, iPad Mini 1st generation & iPad 2 support up to HD recording (1280x720)

Customer Reviews

  • Almost There!

    by JEV5X5

    Love the concept and easy to use. Does have some stability issues but I'm sure with updates it'll be to what it should be. Can't wait.

  • Great update but

    by Abdulla4l

    Still needs a little improvement, camera is a little sensitive and shakes just a bit when it is horizontal.

  • Love this app

    by chuckb42

    Easy to use and it works great.

  • This is perfect

    by Dannee boy

    This is EPIC. Im so glad someone finally thought of this. Definitely worth it :)

  • Excellent!

    by Rhaegar82

    Very good app! It was about time someone thought something like this! Great job with the latest update guys, keep up the good work!

  • I want to buy it for everyone

    by bobbyperrotti

    I officiated a wedding and my friend recorded the darn thing in portrait. If I had Horizon, I’d have a better video of the event! I don’t have the problem of holding the phone wrong, but bought Horizon anyway to 1) Vote with my dollars, 2) Show it to people, and 3) Hand my phone to someone and not risk a crappy video. Great work, you guys! Here’s hoping you are bought out and integrated into iOS 8!

  • Great start

    by BeyondtheTech

    Interface is beautiful, intuitive and dead simple to use. Why they went with orange is questionable (hint: themes) but it's minimal. Well done with version 1.1! Thankfully, the new update has removed nearly all of the jitteriness. Looking forward to using this app a lot more often, of course until Apple decides to make a native version of it in their own Camera app.

  • Please add zooming function

    by Cwerta

    Please add zooming function, thanks.

  • great app for a 5s

    by duifoot

    when u make full rotations the video can get jittery but overall it's a great app and I look forward to the updates that will inevitably fix the issue!

  • Good first attempt

    by JFE123

    This is a needed app that is a little refinement away from 5 stars. They should def add: 1. Option to save video to app AND camera roll. 2. Dropbox sync

  • iPod Touch 5 16gb camera support

    by Nutellaaa1010

    iPod Touch 5 16gb camera support please!

  • Awesome!

    by Danny Kaey

    Clever idea. Brilliant execution! A+++

  • Great concept, not solid yet

    by Josh Koterba

    Love the idea, this has ALWAYS bugged me since the iPhone first started recording video. It's so awkward. This is attempting to solve a real problem, has a clean UI and great features. The video output however, is laggy and shaky, even on my iPhone 5s. I could never use this for anything important. Once that's fixed will bump to 5 stars.

  • Great!

    by Don Wattz

    This app is great! After reading some other reviews I was sketchy but I went ahead and bought it and it is great! Gonna use it for my company recording!

  • This the most awesome app ever!!!

    by SeattleSoundersFan

    I just love this app. Truly amazing. Sure it has it's issues but pretty sure it'll keep getting better. Just awesome.

  • Yay!

    by Wnugg

    This is awesome. I like that the videos have filters. Thanks!

  • Nice app, but laggy video

    by OCdrumGuy

    Concept is fantastic, but the video output is horribly shaky. I was hoping it would be much smoother, but the end product of the videos are totally unwatchable. The video output quality lags and performs as if I were being jolted around. Perhaps, it was a bug or an isolated experience with my iPhone 5 device, only? I'm not entirely sure, but I ended up deleting the app. I'll just stick to using the regular video recording mode. I'll check back in the future to see if it's been resolved. Like I mentioned, very cool idea. (FYI- I'm very familiar with video recording & editing).

  • A bit shaky but

    by markmakingmusic

    A for effort. Awesome idea for sure. Definitely using this for my selfie videos. Great user experience, simple, and will obviously get better over time. Nice job devs!

  • The right idea!!

    by michaelbacon

    Awesome idea. Same complaints as other users though. Quite jerky when rotating. But if you guys can fix that I am sure this app will blow up. Well done. Make it happen please!!

  • Very Cool

    by Bill_Johnson

    I am impressed. For an initial release, I am quite pleased. Hopefully future revisions will include image stabilization. This is a small point, but I love the simple orange app icon. Makes it easy to spot on the phone when wanting to capture a quick moment.

  • Frame just keeps rotating

    by jhnnyv

    Even when I hold my phone roughly level (horizontally or vertically) the frame keeps on rotating in a circle... Unsure why, it's not trying to correct and keep level, it's just spinning...

  • Nice idea but needs work

    by anchmike

    It is virtually impossible to hold the camera steady enough to keep the video from looking wobbly. I was panning a shot of a stream while standing still but it looked like I was walking. I think it is just easier to remember NOT to shoot verticle.

  • Cant open

    by pourme1

    I was very excited when I purchased this app. My excitement soon faded when I found I couldn't get the app open at all. I'm prompted to swipe the screen to open the app when I do nothing happens I can't get past the lock screen on the app.

  • Not worth a penny

    by qlujahvpiua;bvs

    This app just cuts off the top and bottom sections of a vertical video to call it a horizontal. You loose half the viewing area. Very disappointing.

  • Horrible

    by faisalislam

    Very buggy freezes my iphone 5. Please fix.

  • Gifting this to all my relatives over 50

    by bill679

    Perfect for those of an older generation who refuse to shoot movies horizontally. Some nice filters too.

  • Shaky video while rotating

    by jdub713

    I love the concept here, but for an app who’s sole purpose is to take video while rotating, the video comes out very jerky. I feel like this is something that will improve over time, which is why I’m giving it 3 stars. Expect an improved score as the fidelity improves.

  • Good concept, buggy

    by sadiqsamani

    As others have stated, it's a very good concept, but fails to deliver. The video was shaky, disoriented, and kept trying to focus every time I moved. I tried to replicate the constant focusing on the default video app, but it seems that it's only applicable to horizon. Would definitely love to see these things corrected.

  • It's about time!

    by Flashx0

    Apple should have done this years ago. Not only does it fix one of more irritating issues (portrait video) with the standard video recorder, it functions almost like a perfect steady cam. This is still new, so, whatever bugs may come, I'm sure it'll be more stable and more awesome down the roadmap. My only hope is they don't just get picked up by Apple to be quietly forgotten.

  • Awesome idea - little buggy


    Addresses one of my biggest pet peeves -vertical video. Cell phone dimensions are about 16x9 but sooo many people shoot videos vertical such that the videos look stupid on a TV or monitor. This app totally solves the problem for people who refuse to rotate their phone 90 degrees. And allows me to shoot videos with one hand as I normally need both to hold the phone horizontally.

  • Shakey

    by Vnstr7

    But pretty good

  • Not ready for the market yet.

    by Oeyster

    In it's current state, I regret having paid 99 cents for this app. The video is very shaky. Don't really see any application for this except if it we're a build in feature of the standard camera app.

  • Has potential

    by JosephAW

    A little wobbly on an iPhone 4S. Needs better stabilization but it works.

  • Disappointed

    by Compacdave

    The description says you can take horizontal "selfies" - which are by defintion pictures - but you can't only video. If I had known that I would not have purchased.

  • Good app!

    by Dimondjkdkod

    Would be more useful if you guys added a gimbal like stabilizer to prevent shaking.

  • I’s a must have

    by Moe' Megalli

    it should’ve been done by Apple, thank you very much developer.

  • Great idea. Not quite there.

    by harrisonmade

    I love the concept of this app. Definitely is needed with this form factor of a phone. However the app has some issues with zooming in and out to focusing on subjects while recording. With time I imagine this app will improve greatly. Until then, I will wait before using this app again.



    I was scrolling through and next thing I know I lost a dollar!!! I tried it out to so it wouldn't be a total waste but it's terrible!!!!!! I want my money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a Must

    by Ryan Lee

    This is a must if you take video with your phone. Not sure why Apple couldn't get the video thing down, but this is an excellent fix for the problem.

  • Elegant solution to a nagging problem

    by Streetreporter

    This is a godsend. Added bonus is a smooth-zoom feature when scaling to vertical position. Simply perfect.

  • Brilliant

    by Pete The Chop

    Brilliant idea. Great execution. Love it.

  • Good utility - but needs to add some features

    by spidercph

    Needs - 1. Slow motion recording 2. Photo capture If it wants to replace the native camera app it needs to do everything that app does and more.

  • Excellent idea. Poor execution.

    by Xffa

    Fix stabilization issues. Fix annoying zooming in and out issues. I really want to give u a 5 star rate. Looking forward for updates. Using native camera 'til there.

  • Has Issues, I'm Sticking With It

    by avohec

    As others have said, it has some shaky recording issues, but it doesn't wreck the video unless you're moving around a lot. I would love to see these issues fixed down the road, because I have been searching for years for an app like this, and it shows huge potential.

  • an investment!

    by McEgghead

    This app is cool! it is almost like it has built in image stabilization because it always tries to keep the camera level to the horizon. well worth the c.99

  • Close but no cigar

    by Mehone

    App keep crashing and video is too shaky. Poor resolution and just not ready for the market. I love the concept and idea. I hope updates start coming out. But I'm supporting and will update review when it's all good .

  • Great app, great idea!

    by Rordawg

    Very intuitive design. I like that you can disable it if you want a vertical video, lock the zoom level, or let it work it's scaling magic. I would like to see an option to take a picture as well. Vertical pictures are just as annoying when viewing online.

  • Great idea but

    by Abdulla4l

    Needs improvement, camera is very sensitive and shakes a lot when it is horizontal.

  • Great Concept

    by Sluggo

    Yes it’s just pretty good, but an excellent concept. For 99¢ is a no-brainer to experiment with. Hopefully the developers keep at it.

  • Wow

    by PPUPACHI7

    Some day can you add and option for pictures ? And another option to choose portrait or landscape because only with apple when you open with windows regular videos and pictures the orientation is wrong.

  • Awesome idea

    by PreviousBBUser

    Great first release. I also have noticed a little shaky when turning (maybe a little overly sensitive) as others have mentioned. Also in lower light situations it seems to be darker than the standard camera app (or is it just me?). I'd also like to have this work for photos. Please bring that option devs! 5 stars may be in order on an update.

  • Poor quality no HD

    by To easy money

    Blows I want my money back

  • I like it but...

    by Izzy29

    Needs better image stabilization. Also needs to have a lock option for the landscape. I like the feature to take landscape but without turning the phone sideways. Like others been saying its a good start.

  • Video stabilization needed

    by Epi Jimenez

    Great app; simple use. The improvement it needs some kind of stabilization. When turning the phone the video starts becoming too shaky.

  • Not bad so far

    by Hondamaker

    Pretty good app, needs some tweaking to be really good.

  • Does not work for me

    by Vandy_42

    I saw this app advertised and was interested enough to pay for it. It will not work for me. Every time I start to record a video and then change the iPhone orientation, the app gangs then exits out to the main screen of the iPhone. It may not have been a lot of money to buy the app but it irks me just the same that I paid for something that dies not work!

  • Good idea, but produces shaky video.

    by Michael Ahlers

    A great product overall, but the stabilization needs work. If you avoid moving the phone around too much it works pretty well.

  • i agree, this is not usable yet

    by marco tuvalorenzo

    the app needs a serious work on optimizing performance, as even on the iPhone 5s it only makes jittering and wobbling - there is no excuse to releasing a raw concept on the market that can't make smooth videos

  • Really good idea, but...

    by Trick Talbot

    Really good idea! I notice if you use it in rotate & scale mode it essentially zooms in and out, which might be a cool effect, but not nice otherwise. Also, incorporating image stabilization would be a huge improvement.

  • What Apple should have built

    by Kcvalpo

    This is how the camera software in IOS should work. Video seems a little jumpy but overall this is a fantastic app.

  • Great start

    by DP1262

    The video is a little shaky, and there is a little bit of a frame rate issue, but I flipped my phone upside down and it didn't bat an eye! I have no doubt this app will be updated to improve the frame rate and to give it some image stablization. Especially in the smallest picture mode. There is extra room there in the total picture to add some stabilization. Great work guys.

  • Pisspoor resolution

    by Wwhitenoise

    They lie saying that it offers HD, FullHD resolution. It offers only VGA and smaller.

  • Great app for shaky hands

    by PixelMonsters

    Love this

  • Great start

    by BeyondtheTech

    Interface is beautiful, intuitive and easy to use. The only downside is the jitteriness of the output video, especially when the device is moved and rotated a lot. Once some stabilization is incorporated, the result will be much more palatable and usable.

  • A good start

    by Fafner

    I have to agree with a few other reviews. I love the app but it needs improvement. Using a iphone 5s and the video does get pretty jittery and drops frames. Will be fantastic if they get all the bugs worked out!

  • good but needs work

    by zeejaydee82

    I too see the wobbly video when changing orientations. I’d love to see the ability to lock orientation, either holding the phone in portrait or horizontal mode. but otherwise, it’s a great concept

  • Great idea

    by brennan1

    Would like to see stabilization though. I can definitely see my using this for recording video while skiing, biking, etc. Great way to get horizontal video while only holding the comfortably with one hand.

  • Looking good

    by I_Hate_This_app_so_much!

    Great app just one request. The video is kind of jittery probably because it overrides the gyroscope? If the video can be made smoother then this is perfect.

  • Not quite ready for prime time

    by J-dogg06

    I purchased this app after seeing it mentioned in an online news magazine. I'm always willing to try new things, and I shoot video as a part-time job, so I figured I'd give this a try. I love the concept. However, the video ends up shaky when they camera is rotated. There is a noticeable jitter in the video that would keep me from using this for anything important. Hopefully this is something they can improve in later versions.

  • Great app but needs some tweaking

    by Bri95gt

    I love the idea of not worrying about the phone orientation. The app works as described however the resulting playback contains video wobble during the orientation changes. It doesn't look as smooth as it does in the demo video. Even when keeping the same orientation the video still has noticeable shake. Changing to fixed mode doesn't seem to help either. I hope the shake issues can be corrected with an app update. Until then I don't think the quality of the resulting video would not be acceptable to most.

  • Needs Improvement

    by beeoohbee

    Video recording doesn't work. It's a bummer

  • Awesome!

    by ggiannoutsos

    Definitely one of those apps which Apple should acquire and include in iOS. Great work!

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