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Seller: Erick Geisler

* Display now compatible with iPhone 5 handsets
* Added some new cameras
* Fixed shot log bug which cased the app to crash

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The DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a collection seven useful utilities designed for the modern filmmaker, contained in one app. The toolkit contains:


- Designed to simulate the framing of your camera
- Choose from a huge list of available cameras
- Zoom through any focal length up to 400mm.
- "Snapshot" an image you want to save. Your image will be saved, complete with the settings used.
- Location data saved with snapshots - remember where, when and what settings you used. Perfect for location scouting


- Displays standard slate information, as well as settings specific to DSLR cameras
- Shot logging
- Automatic take incrementation
- High/low contrast display modes
- "Data Burst" displays all your slate information sequentially in a big, bold display, to ensure it is always readable, followed by an audible 'beep" and visual flash, for audio synching.
- Rate and make notes on your takes


- Shots are automatically logged when the slate is activated
- Displays detailed data about every shot
- Handles multiple productions at the same time
- Export your log with one button press - you'll be emailed your shot log instantly
- Export to .html and .csv formats


- Choose from a huge list of available cameras
- D.O.F data is displayed instantly as you change the controls
- Metric/imperial units both supported


- Simplifies calculations needed when creating time-lapse footage
- Three different modes available


- Displays sunrise/sunset times for your current location and time of year
- Includes twilight hours - sunset doesn't always mean there's no light...
- Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again


- Works across 2 axes
- Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level

**IMPORTANT** I will soon be discontinuing my ongoing support for the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit app. See this link for more information: http://www.dslrtoolkit.com/unsupported/

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by BenDubb

    Seems like the newest update fixed the crashing problem that it used to have. This is very handy. I'm very impressed with the developer.

  • Needs more features

    by eljarochochido

    Please add the recording option!

  • Great app

    by el-merow

    This app is really great and it do any thing that 30$ apps do and even more, so why did i pot 4 stars? there is one little thing missing, i think that there have to be a full screen viewfinder to attach eyepiece, i well change to 5 stars after that update, thanks

  • Awesome App!

    by Lyndsey Kay

    I shoot with the Canon 60d and this app is very hopeful when I'm on location for a shoot. Please update for iPhone 5!

  • The Best Director's Viewfinder

    by VisualSmith

    This app has a lot of useful tools but my favorite is the directors viewfinder. Similar apps cost a lot more and aren't nearly as good. I use this app all the time to mark locations I'd like to use in the future. I also use it for work where i can save a ton of time by figuring out camera placement an focal length without having to setup and move equipment. The latest update resolves the complaints in previous reviews. Plus the developer is freaking awesome! He replied to my email! I asked about the addition of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and he added it to this update. Awesome value,software and developer. You can't go wrong with this app!

  • Really Useful!

    by Quite Good

    This app is really amazing, it definitely holds up as really useful. One of the best filmmaking apps out there. It's a little expensive, but it definitely looks like the devs put a lot of work into this app looking just at the spirit tool. Definitely Recommend, but please add more features!

  • Great tools for amateur film makers!

    by Nosida132

    Awesome app, can't wait to use it for an upcoming short film. The only thing I wish it had was daylight times for future dates, not just what ever day it is. Fix that and it's 5 stars for me.

  • Great for dslr shooters

    by Dave MacBride

    This new update makes the app far more usable. The viewfinder finally supports wide angle lenses, which personally was a fatal flaw before. Each of the tools functions well, although they will not stand out against more pricy alternatives. For the money, there's not a whole lot more you can ask for. Especially if they keep the upgrades coming.

  • Eh....

    by Project24Films

    .... It's ok I guess, would like to see more features on it like other apps on this market of the same type.... Research and compare before buying this app

  • Great packaged DSLR Tool, but it's still new

    by Pixulkid

    This is an excellent set of tools. For the money it is the best DSLR kit as of now. However with a few updates it'll knock out 5 starts. Here's my first day initial feedback. The slate does NOT have date, producer, director, or DP name, int, ext, night, or mos, slate or roll numbers. I feel some sort of chip chart would be useful to have or at least flash up after you slate. The view finder is another great feature but you are LIMITED to only 35mm - 400mm. Would really like to see 11mm or at least 18mm for my wide ziess glass. A feature I feel would be great in the Spirit Level tool is an audible tone when the level is perfectly level. This is helpful when I'm adjusting my crane and am out of view of the screen. Thanks for the excellent app! Looking forward to this and it's updates.

  • Great DSLR tool

    by 5D/Zeiss guy

    So far, I am impressed with this tool kit. If your in a the game and have to deal quickly with live action cinematography with maybe up to a few minutes to prep the shot. Then this is your tool kit! Quick reference information on the shot composition with viewfinder, your DoF dialed in and then slate it. Bammo! Great quick info and intel. Customer support is great also! I received a response back almost immediately on a few tweaks I would like to see, and like that. A few tweaks wee added to the app. With more to follow! Great price, does what we need it to do, and we gather huge info from it. You can't go wrong!

  • Please Update!!!

    by Marsel T

    This is e very useful app but needs an update because it crashes a lot on iOS 6.1.2 on my 4s

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