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Use this fun photo filters app to create gorgeous retro & antique effects with your photos!!

Customise your favorite photos!!!

Customer Reviews

  • Like!

    by V.A.V. 97

    It's the best antique filter app that I've found. There is one down fall--so many advertisements! Other than that I really appreciate the app, although I wish there were more filters. (**hint hint**)

  • Great filters

    by Liu C.

    Looking good so far!

  • Absolutely awful

    by Sky

    Not optimized for iphone 5, still has iOS 6 format, and the only filters offered are the same from Instagram

  • Wack

    by Asdgcubi

    To many adss other than that its good

  • Ad filled Instagram

    by Black Raevyn

    This app has the exact same filters as Instagram and has so many ads that pop up you can't even edit your photo.

  • Awful

    by cbenish

    The pop-up ads are annoying as f#@k!! Delete!

  • Beware!

    by Wycowpatty

    This app simply loads popup ads for other apps constantly. Several in a row - constantly! PLUS they are using the exact same filters/names and format as Instagram. What the heck!? Shameful developer. Deleted immediately. Glad I didn't pay for it like others did. Come on iTunes - vet these devs and keep these pretenders out of the system!

  • Horrible!!

    by Yep I know

    MAKE SURE YOU POST THIS REVIEW!! You DID NOT LAST TIME!! HERE IN THE US OF A IT'S MORE OR LESS CALL "Freedom of Speach" maybe you heard of it??!!!

  • Once Paid now Free, with annoying ad

    by Techno-nut

    This is now a free version of what was a $.99 app, with what appears to be the same feature set as the Free version Although there are no ads in the conventional sense, there is a pop-in-front "ad" that links to a free app of the day. The app is simple, straightforward, 14 FX presets, no adjustments, no frills (except a built in link to Facebook). The FX presets are very nice, well done, and really add a variety of vintage, old school effects. Nothing really over the top, just plain and simple. My only complaint (other than the annoying ad) is the very low resolution of the saved images, 640x640 (0.4mp) is really only suitable for e-mail and social media, which is what the app appears to be directed at. That's a shame, because the effects are nice enough to render images suitable for printing, but that won't be possible with such a low resolution. It would be nice if the developer would improve the resolution, and perhaps in future updates add some extra features, and get rid of thati ad!

  • Hate it

    by Easy+Mack

    This is the worest

  • Horrible-don't bother you will delete after first use

    by Douglas Wilmerton

    The app opens like all the other apps asks for permission to use photos in your gallery if you accept the app goes to gallery you choose a photo and it opens in landscape mode with the photo stretched across the screen out of proportion and then you hit the options button and you have chooses to save, save and share or just share no other options. No effect no nothing. When you hit back or cancel a pops up co e on the screen asking if you want to download free games. I can't believe this app was ever $2.99. It is not even worth the price of free. Already deleted

  • Crap

    by shopclass

    Exactly the same as Instagram. Sadly, however, this app copied every aspect; zero stars.

  • Cool icon.

    by Theguru420

    ...but sadly it's Instagram with less features, they didn't even bother to change the names of the filters.

  • Umm...

    by thejibster

    The examples in the application description seem to make this seem like a product that it is not. As others have mentioned, the filter names - with few exceptions - are the same as those used in Instagram. The filters here do not have any adjustments (saturation, contrast, etc.), which makes it a far inferior product to Instagram. If this is the non-free (price drop) full version, why is there an advertisement when the application is first opened? Do not buy this app, even if the application is free when you look at it.

  • Ugh

    by ErinO1019

    Can't even get passed the "free game" screen. Just takes me back to the App Store. Deleted this app quicker than I download it.

  • Terrible

    by Beluga lovin

    EXACT same filters as Instagram. Same names even. Wish I could give it 0 stars. Don't waste your time.

  • rip-off?

    by Reiswig Photo

    this app is using all of instagram's filters. the positive is that these are what looks like instagram's original filters. App should be re-named as instagram retro!

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