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You can take a fisheye photo and video with real-time filter effects using this application.

In addition to the fisheye effect, 11 different kinds of filters enable you to apply various shades on your photos.
You'll have the actual photo image with the effect real-time.

When you want to take a normal photo, choose Square Normal Lens and you'll get one.
You can still apply one of 7 filters & 4 custom filters.

Compatible devices : iPhone 4,4s, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G (iOS4.2 or later)
Video : iPhone 4,4s, iPod Touch 4G

[ Key Features ]
Lens : Fisheye Lens A, Fisheye Lens B, Square Normal Lens
Lens types : Fisheye Type, Anti-Fisheye Type
Filter Effect : Toy Camera, Ash, Fashion, Brighten, Cool, Monotone, Art, 4 custom filters.
Photo Frame : White Frame (ON/OFF)
Camera Functions : Stabilizer, Timer (5, 10sec), emulate photos in the library, Touch to focus, Switch Front/Back Camera ,Torch
Reviewing Function : Enhance a photo to review details.

[ Photo Size ]
1500 x 1500

[Video Size]
320 x 320 (Silent)

[ Important ]
This application doesn't make your camera lens wide-angle.
It emulates the effects of a fisheye lens to your photos.

[ How to apply effects on your photo in the library ]
(1) Tap 'File' button upper-left of the screen and choose the photo.
(2) Enhance the picture with pinch gesture.
(3) When the photo is ready, tap 'shutter'button.

[ Stabilizer ]
Camera takes a photo at the moment the camera shake stops after tapping 'shutter' button.

Compatible devices : iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G (iOS4.2 or later)

Customer Reviews

  • The best!!!

    by Miyumm

    This is the best fisheye IMO Not only can do fisheye but also antifisheye and adding different effects to the photo and you can choose to silent the camera and add a white border if u want! Love it so much!

  • Help!

    by Theodore Marling

    App is good but I don't want the circle black outline around the picture! Is there one with out tha circle out there?

  • Great App for $

    by Highway To Distraction

    It's exactly what I was looking for! Simple yet effective and works just like my fisheye attachment for my dslr

  • Excellent!!

    by kb42o

    If you're looking for a fisheye app, this is by far the best one out there! Pictures do turn out best when taken in good lighting but that's the iPhones camera quality itself & nothing to do with this app. Does everything it says & the fact u can take the picture in fisheye view rather than morph a pre-existing photo is in itself worth it compared to other fisheye apps!

  • Awesome

    by Will Smiff

    Gave 4 stars cause I'm hoping for updates :)

  • Nice app

    by Michfu

    It's a really nice app, worth my money. Works awesome for picture taken outside or a scenery. Hope to get more updates:0) thanks!

  • Heck yea!!!

    by Wheatjr

    I love this App! I've put fifty pictures on FB with it in an hours time!!!

  • Do not download

    by amanda ewing

    Obviously you cannot make an iPhone camera into a fisheye lens with one click of a button. However, I downloaded a couple to get a feel of which one worked better. This app took photos and allowed to edit photos into the fisheye filter. Basically a waste of data. The photos you took directly from the app were very poor in quality that you would rather not post out of embarrassment. Then the editing option just made them EXTREMELY warped. Give it a try yourself but if not I recommend Fisheye Pro.

  • photomaniac

    by adaval

    Biggest problem. the photos are not in focus. almost in focus, but not quite. Also you have to save each photo, which takes a lot of time. The photos of the poppies are clear as a bell in the image above, but that is not what you get when you use this app.

  • Doesn't work

    by By VIP OS

    Try to open photo and then apps down

  • Terrible

    by star*rocker

    No quality piece of crap. Money back please

  • Worst of the worst!

    by Teejayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    This app is very low quality I wouldn't even get it if it was free! Doesn't save my pictures at all .

  • Do not get this app

    by Bzr97

    The only reason i wanted to get this is for recording, and its silent? I spent 2 dollars on that crap

  • Worst Fish Eye ever!

    by jayychilly

    I just wasted about 3 minutes of my life on this. It doesn't even come out as 240p!!! It's like 110pixels!

  • Complete jack

    by Frosty0841

    The video doesn't work, it just kept loading for...6 minutes. And still nothing happened. It's a waste o money!

  • horrible!!!!

    by lovedolphinsgirl

    this app is a big rip off! DO NOT buy! pictures are horrible quality and are only a small circle.

  • Ehh

    by Srfr247

    Not worth the two dollers. One maybe. Not as cool as I thought it would be.

  • Useless

    by zos474

    There's nothing you can do with it when the final image comes in a circle. Pointless app and unusable.


    by Promoooter


  • Crash

    by Blue lodge

    Will not even boot up!

  • Horrible

    by Bugchild

    The resolution is horrible, my pictures are not clear, just grainy and sad.

  • Awful.

    by GreBoer

    Worst app I've spent money on. Exported picture quality is horrible. Pointless, ugly dark border around the circular image (not referring to the optional square borders in settings) that looks like it's supposed to be a camera-case texture which makes no sense whatsoever. If ever I could ask for a refund for an app it would be this one. AVOID.

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