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From the makers of Cycloramic, selfie360 takes your selfies to a whole new dimension: 3D animated!

Regular selfies are dull: One flat photo, one angle.
With selfie360, your selfies are brought to life in 3D animations, to show yourself in 3D or in a full 360 degree panorama of your surroundings.

Selfie360 lets you take 3 types of Animated Selfies:

1) Portrait Selfies:
The Portrait Selfie is an animated 90 degree rotation of your portrait. The animation starts from your left profile and rotates to your right profile.
Hold still to show a new look or an emotion frozen in space, or be creative and change expressions to create some unique footage.

2) Panorama Selfies:
The Panorama Selfie is a 360 degree animated panorama of your surroundings with you in the middle of it.
You are at the center of the scene, and the scene rotates around you.
The perfect way to show a shot of yourself, where you are, and what your surroundings look like (party, concerts, landscape…)

3) Full 3D Selfies:
The Full 3D Selfie is a 360 degree 3D animation of someone or something.
The subjects or objects are the center of the scene and they are rotating in the middle of it.


- Capturing 3D Selfies: selfie360 uses a combination of the phone sensors and the camera input to easily capture fun, unique, and shareable selfies.
Additionally for more options, it also offers a GUIDED and IMPROV mode.

- Viewer: The selfies are part of a scroll down feed and can be viewed as animations, or using our unique motion sensor viewer.

- Sharing: #SELFIE360 User Feed, Instagram, Facebook, Camera roll, Email, or SMS

- Feed: #tag and comment search, likes, follow
- Capturing: Currently improving the post processing of the capture to improve the animations
- Motion viewer in the Feed.

Selfie 360, animate your selfies!

For support or questions contact us at
Twitter: @SELFIE360

Customer Reviews

  • Video to fast

    by Nabag

    The app preview display is slower than the app output, unless video produced can be slowed down, the app is useless.

  • Great idea some problems with the Facebook.

    by Vassilis1974

    Very nice app. The only issues are that you have to be connected to Internet and authorized it to Facebook in order to take a 360 degrees image. There are also equivalent apps like youspin but the quality of this app is by far greater.

  • Works As Stated

    by Hmindt

    What a fun app!! And the answer to Facebook is that you don't have to use it or have an account. As for saving a photo, just email to yourself and there you go. I don't know why it won't save to "my photos" but hey, work with it....... Nice job!

  • Timer doesn't work

    by Justin-619

    The timer doesn't show up to let you know it's pic time.

  • Great idea, needs work

    by LoganL2

    Obviously, 3D selfies would be cool, but from what I've seen so far in this app, nothing gave me the illusion of 3D. Besides clearly having poor instructions and guidance for those taking selfies, I think there's some gyroscope issues. It's extremely shaky and not fluent. Sometimes I didn't even have to move my iPod for the pictures to rotate.

  • Fun !

    by Yiassou

    I loved this App. Because was fun taken myself and 360 deg. around me. I'm glad I. can regulate speed. Was so much fun shared it with my daughter. She laughed that's good thing

  • Awesome App!! Download Now!!

    by Niggattt

    I saw this guy 2nite on Shark Tank!! Mark Cuban offered him 1 million dollars for 30% equity for his App Cycloramic.. It's offered for $1.99 in the App Store.

  • Awesome

    by chitown5434

    This app is awesome. I'm pretty sure this should be big. I think I might buy the 1.99 app to see how that is too

  • Good thought

    by $hi&

    It's a great ideal with poor execution. You should make it where I can choose when the picture is taken! It's starts says go right so I do and it takes until I get around to the same spot before it takes another picture! If at all! To random! Put a take pic button in and you get 5 stars. As for now you get a generous 3.

  • Don't buy************************

    by SinnFein12

    It doesn't let you view your photos without Facebook. Probably getting kickbacks. Wouldn't you wanna see them first before the whole world? Find something better? They're putting all the Five Star reviews first. What a joke! Don't use this garbage!

  • my album!!!

    by amirhossein5927

    my taked photos not move to my album!why?!it is a bug!

  • Trying to share to FB and the app shuts down

    by pacothebandit

    Love the idea And have a ton of fun but when I try to share to FB the app shuts down on me.

  • Boo

    by Jsnyhn


  • 360 selfies are stupid

    by ilovexanax

    horrible concept - it's just like a long long picture

  • Not so much

    by Ucntknome

    $2.00 for this???? Looks like Mark Rubin is trying to make back his investment. Shaky...Skaky...delete!!!

  • Super creepy

    by LA_Yuppie

    Photo stream shows every users pictures.

  • Immediately deleted

    by TMistick

    I don't think this is good for selfies since you can't keep it steady enough. Hard to make eye contact with camera since there are so many instructions on the screen. I didn't get it.

  • For FBI lugs only

    by Rolo108

    Sounds like a fun idea, but forces you to log in with Facebook else it's useless. Unlink from FB I have the 1.99 version of their panoramic app and it's A1. No link to FB there

  • Doesn't Work

    by xplorer3

    When I open the app, all I get is a picture of a woman with the background swirling around her. Tapping anywhere on the screen does nothing. I had to delete the app.

  • Not good

    by Perpsley

    This app has a lot of work to go on. It doesn't work most of the time and yes, I have iOS 7

  • Need fb to use

    by Harleylady69

    Would be a great app but some of us dont waste our time with FB!!! Unlink it from them and let me try your app!!!

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