JumpStart LTC Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Edward Richardson

-tested on iOS 4
-timecode displayed in large type in landscape orientation
-calibrations for iPhone 4 hardware
-updated help page

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JumpStart LTC generates Longitudinal Time Code to provide a convenient interface for setting dedicated timecode devices.

Many timecode devices, as robust as they are, often have no way to manually set the time – and if they do, it usually involves pesky dip switches or something similar. Some start at Hour 0 each time they are powered up, with no way to resume a previous timecode.

But with JumpStart LTC you can quickly set time code and userbits!

Plug an 1/8" headphone cable into your iPhone or iPod touch and the other end into the "TimeCode In" of your timecode device (with proper connector as necessary). Press "Start" or "Time of Day," and adjust the volume. Your device will jam sync to JumpStart LTC. Quit JumpStart, detach the cable, and put your iPhone or iPod touch away.

Seconds after launch you are ready to roll sound! Easier than JumpStarting your car!

•30 drop-frame
•30 non-drop
•29.97 drop-frame
•29.97 non-drop
•25 fps
•24 fps
•23.98 fps

•Sound Devices

JumpStart LTC is not intended to serve as a master clock.

Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Ryan Kennedy

    I decided to buy this app because I recently purchased a Sound Devices 552. I use Deneke SB3 boxes on the cameras and to slave timecode to the 552. Just need need a standard 1/8in mini cable. Just one button sets time of day TC and puts the date in the user bits. It saves me several minute each morning. Great app!!! (minus 1 star because its a bit too expensive in my opinion)

  • wolfemanmaui

    by wolfemanmaui

    Great idea, include adapter options in your support section.


    by SAudio

    We're doing a location shoot in a couple of weeks using Canon D5 mkII for video while recording audio on Tascam HD-P2 from Lectrosonics wireless mics. There's no way to 'sync' between the D5 and P2 but, with JumpStart, we can have the P2 chase TC while holding the iPhone in front of the D5 the first few seconds of the scene as a 'timecode slate'. Even when we're shooting Sony XD-Cam and capturing audio to another TC driven recorder we'll do the same. I had been looking at one of the 'slates' for the iPhone, but this gives me a sure way to lock SOMETHING to TC, even if the video devices can't. BRILLIANT!!


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