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Give your photos an artistic touch! MobileMonet Free converts a photo to a beautiful artistic rendering employing a creative interactive process. And it's FREE!

The Unique Sketch/Paint Process

MobileMonet generates a black and white sketch version of any picture you select. There are settings to adjust the sketch to your liking.

MobileMonet then lets you paint onto the sketch using a soft flow brush tool that applies a painterly version of the original photo. The more you brush, the more paint is applied. It’s deceptively simple, but very creative. Brush in just the areas you want to highlight. You can adjust the paint settings to get just look you want.

See the screenshots for some examples. You really have to try it yourself to see how fun and creative it can be.

Complete Professional App

MobileMonet supports multiple undo, live controls, high speed brushing, pan and zoom and device orientation. Images can be loaded from the Photo Album, Camera or Clipboard and can be saved to the Album, eMail, MMS, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter.

The paid version of MobileMonet provides higher resolution output, multiple undo, creative control and a persistent edited documents list.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice workaholic job!

    by Burberry and prada


  • Best App!

    by cookiebreath

    I absolutely love this app. If you like to color in a coloring book (even the rare adult, like me), this app changes your favorite photo into a drawing that allows you to add back color to only the areas you desire. A cool pic results that is no longer a photo but a drawing!

  • Great app

    by Bruin 13

    Makes great pics and it is easy to use.

  • awesome

    by AndrewSchleinitz

    this app is great for sending to friends

  • Wow!

    by Guam/Rota

    Like the app and effects recommendation approve.

  • Good

    by Kaaydhm


  • Very fun photo/paint app

    by Adewolfe

    Fun classroom app to have kids make a portrait from photo.

  • Lots of fun and easy to use

    by DoctorNana22

    Great processing app

  • Awesome

    by CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!

    It's awesome

  • Love this

    by Tinkeringhalo

    Amazing color! Fantastic app period

  • Best cartoon app

    by Tomahawk612

    You control everything with your finger. It lets you soon in to edit and fix any mistakes. Love the app. It'll even let you download straight to any other app.

  • Impressed

    by Wisely3344

    This is the best editor for giving photos the artsy effect. Hands down.

  • Cool app

    by fssantos

    I like the Monet style look and feel if finished product:)

  • Enjoying this app!

    by Bluemoon3477

    Great app! Will probably buy the actual full version soon.

  • Best creative photography app!

    by Jgoldwasser

    Always runs smoothly-so fun to use! I could see creating all kinds of great stuff with this--posters, party decorations, etc--have fun!

  • Nice app

    by bass-max

    this is totally awesome, a very nice app, thanks the great developers

  • Love it !

    by Samir2

    Love it ! absolutely

  • V

    by Chuchundra79

    like it a lot !

  • A painter and didn't even know it

    by Virginia Labiste

    Fun and exciting

  • Addictive

    by Ut_mom

    It's fun to play with this app!

  • Limited

    by Dragonfly woman

    This is just a tease to get you to buy the full version. Limited options, low resolution save.

  • Like it

    by rjayluis

    Thumbs up!!!!

  • Review

    by Desssssssssssssssssseree

    This is a great and fun app

  • Amazing

    by Meiffhfssd

    Good job

  • Mobikemonet free

    by Avadabadom

    I love this apps get it! But pls fix crashes

  • Great App

    by PMLPhotography

    Love love love this app!

  • :)

    by Ce5881

    I always enjoy using this app. Now my 9 year old wants to edit his own pictures. Simple to use and no bugs or crashes (^_^).

  • Awesome app!

    by Bonpix

    This app is a lot of fun to play with!

  • Mobile Monet

    by Bucnear1

    Cool app and easy to use.

  • Nice

    by JC Ortiz

    Cool app

  • Nice artwork!

    by JoJo's Poppa

    This apps starts out by making a sketch of the photo you pic. You can adjust the intensity of the sketch and how much black and grey gets applied. After that you can brush on a painted version of the pic. This gets fun, because you can lightly apply paint by moving quickly. It's fun to paint in the whole thing, but better if you pick and choose what to paint. Once you have some paint down you can adjust how it looks, and if it is in color or not. It sounds complex, but you don't have to touch any settings, you can just open and start rubbing. If you zoom in you can do fine edge work if you are just trying to get a particular object painted. I look forward to updates!

  • eb2k

    by eb2k


  • Cool

    by Loves RPGs

    I like it

  • Sweet!!!

    by BetseyBOB

    Looovvvveeee it!!!

  • I lovveeeeeeee this app

    by JenG


  • Love this app!

    by Boopfan

    One of the best apps I've tried.

  • Awesome!

    by PinkyDes

    This app is so cool and let's your creativity come out in a new way.

  • Fun app

    by Beba319

    Good fun app

  • Free Ver. Ok - Paid Ver. No Better

    by McSear

    MY FREE VERSION REVIEW: For being free I have no complaints, but the lack of detail in the output images makes the app only rarely useful 4 me. MY PAID VERSION REVIEW FYI:

  • Review

    by Wisconsin boatman

    Very nice app easy to use will probably buy the full one.

  • Good concept

    by Josey007

    This is more precise than a lot of paid app.

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by SimplyRa

    Excellent photo sketch & painting app. Truly enjoying it and will upgrade to full version. Definitely a keeper!!! 5⃣

  • Works :D

    by Elijah rowden

    This is a good app I may buy it :)

  • Nice

    by Queenbeth72

    Very nice

  • <3

    by AllieD❤

    Love it

  • Pretty Good

    by =Nommy=

    Fun To Use But It Has Some Bugs But It Makes Your Pics Look A lot Cooler

  • Outstanding

    by Docjbn

    One of the truly best, most creative, and easy to use photo art apps. I have used many of the most powerful desktop tools (incl Corel draw and photoshop pro) for simplicity, intuitiveness, and results I would take this over those. Great app!!!

  • fabsugar

    by Fabsugar36

    Great App! highly recommended (:

  • Love this app

    by Smart Chick!!!

    Love it!! Try it u will c!!

  • Good app!

    by meatymouse

    I am enjoying experimenting with these features.

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