aremaC Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Dominik Seibold

-small GUI-bugfix

-bugfix regarding opening photos on the iPad

-bugfix regarding uploading of presets

-support of iPhone 5 and iOS 7
-ability to use presets from the library without being logged in

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Create unbelievable NEW EFFECTS and SHARE them with others!

"After having played with the app for one full day, I’m nothing short of impressed. The sheer power of customization that aremaC (yes, it is Camera written in reverse) brings to photo editing presets, and that, too, to a mobile device, makes it worthy of being your instant favorite."
— Aatif Khan,

"Whether you like simple photography apps where you can add cool filters and effects with a tap, or whether you like to create your own with professional-level tools and share your presets with the community, there is something for everyone in aremaC."
— Karen Freeman,

"aremaC is an extremely comprehensive camera app, which pleases the fans of effects with a huge library of filters and the ability to create your own with a toolkit of exceptional power."

▷The presets
Create real-time effects by stacking and nesting effects with arbitrary masks together! Real-time means you can see the result BEFORE you take the photo. You can even shoot videos with them!

You can create absolutely NEW EFFECTS with aremaC and upload them to the online library to share them with all other users!

▷Advanced and endless possibilities
-professional, fully parameterized real-time effects
-take photos AND record videos with all effects!
-open online library, which everybody can freely extend!
-full-resolution processing (If you take a photo, it gets automatically rendered in full-resolution in the background and you can instantly continue shooting more photos without having to wait for the rendering to finish! As the high-quality rendering is happening on the CPU, but the real-time view is fully computed on the GPU, there's absolutely no performance drop while a photo is rendered in background!)
-full EXIF and GPS-data storage
-edit your photos (yes, this app is perhaps even the greatest photo-editor on the app-store!)

EXCLUSIVE: Another special feature - A BUTTON, which lowers the camera's exposure for FULLY AUTOMATIC OVER-EXPOSURE PREVENTION! This app is the only one on the app-store which has it!

▷As a preset developer
Upload your creations to the online library and see how popular they become!

A huge line-up of basic, elementary and partially NEW filters that pleases even the best versed photography/tech savvy:

-2D-Box (Blur)
-Black and White
-Chroma Key (EXCLUSIVE: Do high-quality real-time green-screen effects with this highly tweakable filter!)
-Color Splash
-Color to Y
-Invert (Negative)
-Mask only (Use any mask-composition, including custom photos, as image source!)
-Matrix (EXCLUSIVE: Fully controllable linear transform of RGB-colors)
-Random-Map (NEW: Random mapping of colors)
-RGB Key
-Solid Color
-Time Delay

There are also many fully interactive and parameterized mask-generators:

-Photo (Inject your own pictures into effects as masks or sources!)
-Preset Image (A lot of preset images are already included)
-Solid Color

Also all presets, effects, effect-groups and masks supports cut, copy and paste. The main goal, when designing these features, was: Let the user's creativity be the limit - not the app!

Customer Reviews

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by Merrymerl

    the very best: if you could have only 1 app this would be all you need: it is every edit tool in one easy kit!!! worth 10X as much$$$

  • I know why there aren't more reviews... NOBODY WANTS TO TELL!

    by The.Adam

    This app is brilliant, dynamic, configurable and provides you with a creative community which grows and develops along with trends and styles. I'm surprised this isn't one of the best-selling camera apps ever made… May hang once in a while, not seriously, that's because it is pushing your hardware to the limit, it is using this great device to its maximum potential. Please keep the community dynamic happening, contribute good ones if you have them. This is kind of a social experiment as well as a piece of software.

  • Top 3

    by susie107

    The most under rated photography app in the app store. Hands down. There is nothing like it, and nothing even comparable. I use it more and more and literally put just about every photo I take threw it for editing. And when you use it for live shots?? Breathtaking results. There aren't enough positive adjectives.

  • Neat

    by Long words

    This app is for people who like to make their own filters. I hope development continues on this app. It's worth it.

  • Love the Fx, but unstable above 5-6mp (ipad2)

    by Techno-nut

    I love the FX that are available to download, an endless supply from some very creative people. My only gripe is that the app is very unstable (crashes) on my iPad2 when trying to save many of the FX when applied to images over 5-6 mp. There are many apps that can handle far larger images, so I know it can be done, and this app is so good that that one shortcoming should be fixed to make this one stellar FX app.

  • The Video

    by .,?!',"

    The video on my iPad does not work it will just shut of the app and go to my home screen. Every thing else works fine. Please fix!!!

  • Amazing!!!

    by Crimsonkomodo777

    I know this is mostly focused on photos, but please add the option to import videos from the camera roll. One of the most powerful photo editors I've seen

  • Really good

    by Maddie Coyle

    I love it. It has greatttt fliterssss

  • Feature rich app

    by Yelo2

    Beyond the run of the mill camera/ filter app. AremaC provides plenty of eye catching presets and the ability to customize your own. Developer is responsive to emails. Great app!

  • Realtime Video & Photo Filters

    by Philowerx

    This remains the most sophisticated filter app for iOS devices. Just what the doctor ordered for those familiar with photoshop or gimp and you can use the filters in realtime for photography and videos. Design your own or use a growing library of community submitted filter sets. Very very deep and seriously amazing for those in the know. Seriously nothing comes close!!!

  • Yes finally an update!!!

    by MasterBearr

    This app is great at creating your own filters, and it's actually the only one I have ever heard of. It has so many features, it is overwhelming! There are a few problems that I suggest to the author: 1. Make a written or video tutorial for each of the controls separately, and place a button to click on for the help next to each filter for easy access. 2. Make folders to organize presets that have been downloaded and made for easier access, scrolling back and forth through a large library of effects is very annoying, so the folder ability would be very nice.

  • Update?

    by Jimicam

    Please tell me there will be an update soon that will fix the login page... I can't login.

  • The Very Best Video & Photo App!

    by CreativeSoulTV

    This is just an update review:

  • Revolutionary app! The most groundbreaking one so far!

    by Deeashley

    Still hoping for an update! ***SUPPLEMENTAL*** I still stand by my review, (see below) but... 1. I hope the dev. Has some ideas in motion to creat a less cumbersome interface, (the buttons are too small and you can't organize your filters in any fashion!

  • Love this app

    by GreenTea13

    I have been using this app as my main camera app for a few months and I really like it. It has some stability issues (crashes when I take too many photos in a row). What I love is that you can make your own filters and share them with others.

  • More support

    by Narcisse.nona

    This app seems like it has a ton of options, but you need to be a photo pro to figure it all out. A novice or amateur will have trouble with all of the jargon. The presets are user friendly, but that's not really why you buy an app like this one (to use preset filters). There isn't enough support available to learn the app and all it possible options. For the price of the app, there should be more support offered.

  • My favorite photo app

    by Naviculus

    This is really a revolutionary app. I'm having a blast creating all kinds of abstract images from my photos with it. The real time display is a unique feature which allows you to see how things will look as you take the photo. One feature I wouldn't mind having is the ability to take two photos simultaneously--an altered and an unaltered one. There is one rare situation which can come up because the display and save/rendering use two different types of math. The developer explained that if you use the modulo function in the blend filter the discrepancies between the screen render and the (higher resolution) rendered image may be significant enough that you'll see a difference between the real time display and your saved photo. If this happens you can disable the rendering with a time-delay filter inserted. But I have only encountered this situation rarely. I have never had a crash and the support has been great. Update: we need a better way to organize and categorize filters. It's getting cumbersome to try to organize them. Category folders would be helpful I look forward to further development of this app, meanwhile---no question this is a no-brainer. Buy it and you'll be hooked!

  • My favorite photo editing app. And I'm a pro photog.

    by Kinthed

    I got my first iPhone six months ago and started using this app for extra creative edits. Two months ago, I added the newest ipad to my tool box of camera related gear. After exploring various free and paid ios apps for six months, I still conclude that this app is my favorite. And I admit, I look for new photo apps every single day! (I'm a professional photographer and studio owner who also teaches photography)

  • Powerhouse App

    by imac1998

    Easily the most powerful photo/video application I've used on the iOS. Incredible customization possibilities, and a constantly expanding list of free user created filters. You can take photos in app with a live preview, or import photos from your camera roll (I find I more often do the latter). My favorite thing about the application is probably the interactive user base. My least favorite thing is the crashes, (usually when I'm taking photo/video in-app). A bug fix would be nice, and perhaps the ability to import/process existing videos from the camera roll. I haven't touched any of my other photo processing apps since downloading AremaC, they seem almost childlike in comparison.

  • Great fun artistic app!!!

    by tizzomr

    NOTE: To upload your own presets, just hold your finger on the effect,and some options come up, and one is to upload it. Some of the other custom FX are awesome, and I would advise checking some out before you give a low rating. I'm on a 4S with iOS 6.0, and I haven't seen any crashes, thus far, although iOS 6.0 is shaky at best in general on my phone. For a buck? I think it's worth at least that...imho... As of 10/6 this app is crashing left and right upon saving FULL RES images, hope to see this fixed soon, such a great app of it doesn't crash, negatave stars when it doesn't, but at least it still works some of the time (so long as its not to save FULL RES). Another issue is the small camera button, as it's frustrating when you go take a picture, and the FX comes up, instead of a picture being taken. Perhaps a touch the screen feature is in order.

  • Crappy for iPad

    by J201299

    How come this is supposed to be a universal App but the screen doesn't rotate for iPads. Not impressed.

  • Crashes while saving pic

    by Julie0987

    I've used aremaC for a couple of years and been loving it, but in this last version, it crashes while attempting to save the picture. Tried everything, keeps happening. It's sad that this great app is now useless because of the constant crashing. Please please fix it.

  • What happened ?!£@\#%*

    by Jachee88

    This was a 5 star app. Now it crashes every time I try to use a preset filter. Closes app averytime. This started after upgrading to ios7. Is this going to be fixed? I have over 50 apps and this WAS in my top 3, but no more :-(

  • Are ad

    by John 1655

    Cannot find the log in tab, so this app is useless. I would like a refund.

  • Please update!!!

    by Eliana Reyes

    Please update!!!

  • No iPhone 5 Update?

    by Cobak

    I will increase my review when support for the iPhone 5 is implemented.

  • Ok app

    by .nahtaN

    Aside from its force closing quite often, almost to the point I can't even use it at all, when It did work it was neat, filter creation and what not, but at this point the app just sits on my phone and I can't even use it, won't do anything without 30 seconds later closing

  • Outstanding app

    by Greenlane2020

    This is my favorite photo app. Filters can be created by anyone and shared. Additionaly, those filters can be unlocked after downloading and modified to satisfy your own needs. There is a lot to like about this app... very good value.

  • I Gave Up Within Minutes

    by Pro App Reviews

    Yes, according to the reviews and the tutorial videos, this is a very powerful app. But the sheer power is what chased me off. To my mind, this is an app that belongs on a desktop computer, not an iPhone or iPad. And the interface is just too "blah" to make me even want to give it a chance. I'm sure it's great for Uber Geeks, but not for average people just wanting a camera which is designed to be a delight to toy with. And name for me a SINGLE camera app which displays a giant text message across your image when you open it? And even when you start taking pictures, that huge "WELCOME TO AREMAC" just won't go away! It is stamped right onto your photos. In the tutorials, you hear the Developer, (who is probably a nice guy), clearing his throat over and over, and making things up as he goes along, because he obviously did not prepare for his tutorials. People nowadays want more than just a powerful app. They also wan apps which have a fun or elegant-looking interface. And within seconds of opening this app, I could tell that aremaC is neither of those things. Super Geeks generally don't mind those trifling matters. They love tinkering with the details, and their minds are not geared toward aesthetics. But for everybody else, this is an app which desperately needs an Interface Designer, and not just a Programmer.

  • Great app!

    by Fotones86

    I'm having so much fun trying tons of filters in the online library! This app really takes iphonegraphy to the next level!

  • Great potential no 1080 or 720p

    by C.Black20

    This app is incredible. The best most flexible visual camera and video editor out there. Adding an exception ... this app does not render to 1080 or 720p which make the finer controls unusable for pro applications. Please update app. Thank you. You need to email to get access to the library templates yet there is no answer when you request access.

  • Not yet veryfied

    by Noira Solani

    I sent email of my signing up. No email reply for activation yet! My username is purpleelephant. Please activate.

  • Crash galore on iPhone 4S, iOS6

    by NancyDrew88


  • Best Photo/Video app of all time

    by HalfBakedCracker

    I cannot believe how amazing this app is! The realtime filters are the most advanced I've seen. There is definitely nothing like this on the App Store. If you can imagine it, you can create it. The possibilities are literarally endless because you can create you own filters or download them from a growing list made by the community. Aremac is literally over 1000 apps into 1. This app is perfect for making music videos with all the trippy cool effects. Trust me on this, the app description and the screenshots shown on the App Store does not do this app any justice. They're are already over 700 amazing unique filters in the online library and that number grows everyday. You can also easily create your own filters and edit user created filters. In 15 minutes I pretty much mastered how to create stunning realtime filters that I can create in a couple of minutes. Hands down the coolest video/camera app you will ever download. It would be a crime if this app does not reach the top of the app store charts. Download it now!!!

  • Awesome app, but crashes a lot.

    by Jeddollparts

    Please fix!

  • In a sucker

    by Fedace

    Saw 4 stars. Figured I'd try it. Will never use again. Oh wells. So many better apps out there.

  • It's awesome but it kills your batt.

    by (-_\\)

    ... So Yeah

  • Great Camera Effects App!

    by BAR112

    This app is so much fun, with almost limitless possibilities if you avail yourself of the online community filters. I like the ability to see the filter applied at the time I am composing my shot. It makes up in creative, pretty effects what it lacks in high resolution on the iPad. Worth more than only 99 cents. Get it!

  • Looks like a great app if it didn't crash

    by Knobs5

    Totally impressed with the concept. Unfortunately it crashes every time I try to load an online filter. Oh well !

  • Love It!

    by nopicnic

    Love the library of filters and fx - get compliments for the cool looking pics I get thanks to this app - definitely recommend!

  • Like A Free Photoshop.

    by RichardsonWakeford

    This is absolutely the best camera app, free or paid known to me. Yes, it even outs snapseed because with enough experimentation you could most likely replicate the snapseed effects within layering and toying of aremaC's built in filters; and also much more. The only limit is your imagination. I'm not sure why having an account to be able to download filters is such a drawback to some people; the filters uploaded & downloaded have to be tied to some sort of identity. And the email will be in the spam folder- I wish this could be fixed because I would love to see the recently updated filters updated more frequently; which could only be achieved with more people using the app. The app has no ads, infinite filters and effects (upon being created of course)- and hundreds of pre made effects within the filters available to be downloaded. There is absolutely no drawbacks to this app, and the fact that it is free just makes it that much greater.

  • Bad....

    by My fella

    You can only use a fun effects if you have an account what if you don't have any account !! A big waste of time!!!!!!!! Theres more great apps out there!!!!!

  • NEED 1080p HD Videos

    by MovieCreater

    NEED 1080p HD Video Support But Other Than That It's Great .

  • Impossible registration

    by quintinHS

    This app requires you to register via email to use the extensive effects, but I have not received an email on the address I provided 2 days later, pointless downloading it if you are unable to actually use the app for what it's been made for

  • Garbage

    by Arcoms

    I know it is free but not worth the time and real estate

  • Great Camera App!

    by sfsdhfjsdjpf

    My new favorite app. This thing is amazing,

  • WHOA!

    by Secretdreamer

    First off to the people who are unable to log in--- check your spam email box. I was frustrated waiting for my confirmation and then decided to check and there it was. Okay. At first, I was totally confused. And then, I got curious. After downloading a bunch of filters, I duplicated and unlocked a few, to see how they were created. I fiddled around for a while, turning settings on and off within the filters to see exactly what was what. It's really fun once you start figuring it out! The most fun for me is turning the front camera on, clicking the + symbol to make a new filter, then going into the distortion setting. You can get some really crazy effects that way, it's like a fun house mirror on steroids. Also, in addition to using the sliders, you can adjust the parameters for the distortion effects by pinching and pulling like you would to zoom in on a photo. Really it just takes some time and curiosity to figure it all out, and don't be afraid to mess with stuff. Just make sure to save duplicates of filters you decide to mess with so you don't lose the previous versions. All in all it's a lot of fun to make filters and it's far and beyond just messing with the colors. Lots of fun.

  • A photograph app done right!

    by Review1*

    I have downloaded a lot of photograph apps and have not found one as well put together as this app. The wow factor in the ability to create and add special fx to the app was a great surprise. If you are looking for a great app this one won't let you down . My thanks goes out to the author for app and for making the support videos on how to use it.

  • Can't log in!

    by Mariana vv

    This is an awsome app ! I strongly recomend it, it has great filters. BUT I can not log in! The app told me I would get a confirmation e-mail but I never did, so I havent logged in yet. Thats my only issue. Great app

  • Wow!

    by iBridget

    So impressed I don't know where to begin! This one is going on my home screen and replacing many others.

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