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-Improved algorithms

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With APT you can transmit and receive images acoustically. To do this each column of the selected gets transformed by a Fast Fourier Transform and outputed through iPhones speaker. On the receiving iOS-device the received audio is visualized by a spectrogram and the incoming images get visible. You can use this app for example to transmit images very easily over a phone or to put images in every kind of audio recording.

Customer Reviews

  • Too cool!

    by kman518

    What a fantastic idea. A very fun toy for engineers!

  • very cool (but there's always room for improvement)

    by unix_user_1

    this is a very fun app.There really isn't anything like it for the iPhone. however: it would be nice if it supported some lower bandwidth formats (sstv hf fax etc) as even at 8khz you can see bands caused by the iPhones frequency response (and I'd imagine sending it over the phone wouldn't work well at all) other then that I absolutely highly recommend it especially since it's free

  • Originality and Intrigue

    by Neopsiboy

    One of the only apps I have ever felt compelled to review. It takes the idea of photo manipulation to a new level. You can create hauntingly beautiful things with this. It's much more then a crude way to transfer images. Would love an update with some new options and a better way to save the images.

  • What do you send the pics sound to ?

    by Mgene

    A receiver app?

  • Cool!

    by Mscottj

    Fun to play with, but I think it could use a few updates! Color maybe...

  • Dude this is awesome

    by ryan maddox

    You should find a way to do it with music! Lmao jkjk

  • should say this is the lite version...

    by bez...

    was waiting for export sound function... now there's a pro version with export... should tell that this is the lite version... baddddd...

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