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With APT you can transmit and receive images acoustically. To do this each column of the selected gets transformed by a Fast Fourier Transform and outputed through iPhones speaker. On the receiving iOS-device the received audio is visualized by a spectrogram and the incoming images get visible. You can use this app for example to transmit images very easily over a phone or to put images in every kind of audio recording.

The pro-version has the additional features of choosing between two coding methods, choosing between linear and logarithmic frequency scale and the ability of sending the resulting audio as email. Also, the pro-version isn't ad-supported.

Customer Reviews

  • This app has potential!

    by lofidelityrockr

    This app is really cool. I took a chance with the free version, but needed more options. Sure I spent $1 on a whim, but this is worth it. For an average gamer, this app may be boring. I work with music and photos all the time and with the options this has, I am shocked the developer hasn't marketed this to more musicians and producers. I see a capability here to hide images within music tracks that will allow the listener to interact with what they hear. It takes a bit of tweaking with post production, but I can hide images at the beginning and end of a track and I'm sure it can be done within the music track too.

  • Really cool

    by Richard Balliet

    Love the app thanks for making it. It would be sweet if you added support for saving images and composing your own images from inside the app

  • Great..

    by Jackiv1000

    Please add a way to save settings Thanks

  • I use this as a really cool photo filter

    by Baquephoto

    Awesome, use this to flavor your images with ambient sound

  • great way to demo spectrograms

    by NoahSpurrier

    Why is this thing so much fun? It just is. It's fun to bounce the sound off a wall as you move the receiver around. This creates interesting Doppler distortions. I would like the ability to save images in PNG format as long strip chart recordings.

  • Awesome!

    by Daedared

    Why you don't have a million downloads on this is beyond me. Fantastic, I have a new appreciation for fast Fourier transforms now....

  • Awesome

    by Dominooo87

    I've been hiding images in recordings and all over the place. Cool app.

  • scaling

    by cassidy11123

    please include more scaling options in future versions for realtime tweaking

  • Cool party trick

    by @robmiller

    Very well done. Lots of fun for acoustics type geeks.

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