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Fixing APP could not install on iOS 7

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***** Required and supported D-Link products ****
•DNR-202L – mydlink Video Recorder (required)
•D-Link's line of mydlink-enabled Network Cloud Cameras (up to 4 cameras)

The mydlink View-NVR app works exclusively with the mydlink Video Recorder (DNR-202L) and mydlink Network Cloud Cameras to provide an easy and intuitive way to view live and recorded video from up to four mydlink-enabled cameras. The app allows you to monitor up to four live camera feeds and playback recorded video stored on connected USB hard drive(s) to the DNR-202L device.

The mydlink View-NVR app provides a powerful way to keep an eye on your home, office or facility anytime and anywhere and view live and recorded video with the DNR-202L mydlink video recorder device.

Supported Mobile Devices:
•iPhone/iPad devices with iOS v5.1.1 or higher

•View live camera video from the DNR-202L
•Playback recorded video based on date/time selected (single channel)
•Pinch-zoom for digital zoom of video
•Pan&Tilt camera video (Pan&Tilt camera models)
•Save snapshots of camera view to your mobile device
•Send snapshot via email for further action
•Swipe to view previous or next video channel

Supported Video Codecs

Customer Reviews

  • Remember, you need a DNR-202L for this to work

    by T1Hawk

    Works great with the DNR--202L.

  • Works

    by Dacndar

    Works with DNR-202 nvr.

  • A little rough but it works

    by Paul Moore

    Not sure what was going on with so many others, I have a dnr-202l and it and the app works sufficiently for my needs.

  • Look closer at description before reviewing!

    by Elrod Thompson

    I don't know if it works or not, but I did notice that the D-Link equipment that this app supports is only a DNR – 202L. I don't have one myself so obviously this app will not work with my D-Link equipment. I gave this one five stars because the D-Link equipment that I have and it's supporting app work fine.

  • You Need a Recorder -- then it works!

    by Katiejo_84

    Yep, you need a recorder. I purchased the little one for $100 bucks or so and used my old external hard drive (you'll have to purchase a separate one) ... Back to the review. I uploaded my recorder and now it's not a blank screen! It gives me the view of my two cameras and allows me to do most of the things it says. It's a little slow on the play back -- but overall I'm happy with this. Pros: -Shows all cameras in one view -let's me select a camera ad zoom in -view recorded data Cons: -No sound -a few rejection errors at first when I tried to view archived data -difficult to find recorded data at first. Overall I would recommend.

  • Does not work

    by mlcr2285

    Just a blank screen

  • Does not work, blank screen

    by mattolejack

    As others have said, this app does not work. It does not actually display any of your cameras after you log in, just a blank screen. Is it really from Dlink?

  • Same as everyone else

    by MortallicA

    Common dlink. Don't publish software that isn't even close to being ready or give more detail on compatibility. Or don't bother.

  • Just a Blank Screen

    by Sunish_v_nair

    Downloaded this app and logged in with the my-dlink credentials. Nothing but a blank screen and a logout button..

  • Does not work

    by Esprg

    I get a grey/gray page w/nothing. Looks like a .pdf page when a .pdf does not work. So I have no clue what the app is supposed to do. NONE!

  • Ummm. Doesn't work

    by DJ special

    See the subject line. It opens to a blank page with an exit button. Exit indeed dlink!

  • Terrible

    by ProducerEd

    Blank screen! Going to delete this!

  • Broken. And updated still broken!

    by Adomcc

    Blank screen!!!! Just updated BLANK SCREEN!!! Still broken -1 if possible. Running iPhone 5s with latest updates.

  • Bad app!!!

    by leoboy692000

    Bad app... I downloaded this app but i only get a blank screen and NO OPTIONS or SETTINGS. No guide. Purposeless..!

  • Werkt niet

    by Bilskrot2

    Na het inloggen alleen een grijs scherm.

  • Positive Talk

    by Andre0599

    This is absolutely the best 'BLANK ONE-SCREEN Useless' app I've ever had. UPDATE: Actually we need the DNR-202L for this app to work. So this was my error

  • Doesn't list my cameras...

    by bobnovoa

    Useless app

  • Not functional

    by Eric Williams

    I usually don't believe the "doesn't work" reviews and chalk them up to user error. But this app just doesn't work. I'm not sure why it was released. You sign into your account, and are presented with a blank screen and an unmarked option to log out.

  • Should Be Removed From App Store

    by Trilogite

    If this is a genuine D-Link App then somebody needs to apologize or be fired. All you get is a gray screen after (apparently) logging in. If it's a phishing attempt (it does appear to collect your username and password) then D-Link or Apple should remove it.

  • Awful

    by Nishan G

    App does not play back recordings you have to use your computer. This app is awful!

  • Does not work, blank screen

    by Rachel's mother

    This does not work, needs fixing ASAP

  • Does not work, blank screen

    by Rachel's mother

    This does not work, needs fixing ASAP

  • Useless

    by Sebas42

    App is not working. After signing in it opens blank screen with nothing.

  • Does not work

    by Guillermoe

    At least try before you advertise!!

  • Hello

    by Dcbrucelee

    Anybody home? I can't believe it hasn't any fix after so many users had reported!

  • Doesn't work

    by Nfvb74

    Blank screen. Can't do anything. Disappointment

  • Blank screen

    by Dodge1000RR

    Dnt waste ur time dwnloading this app. They need to fix it or just remive it frim the app list.

  • Does not open

    by Mr310 iOS user

    Even after login the app basically freezes, showing nothing at all. I'm on iOS 7.04

  • It doesn't work

    by Jerminee

    I am not satisfied

  • Duhhh

    by Cable 773

    What is this app called "blank"

  • Ditto. Does not work.

    by JodyThomas

    Appears no one tested this app prior to adding it to the App store.

  • This is garbage.

    by Flexoffset

    I agree with the other reviewer: Fire your app development team and hire someone other than your nephew.

  • That's funny

    by Blacklia

    Absolutely nothing!!!!!! Like a joke!

  • Does not do anything

    by Sudsy1a

    Why doesn't this do anything?

  • It's just doesn't work

    by webez

    Do not download. No connection to cameras. Just blank screen.

  • Does not work

    by Ted5619

    Blank screen

  • Ugh!

    by kpudelski

    Nothing but a blank screen. Disappointing.

  • Fix it

    by Chino babu

    Fix it ASAP

  • Junk

    by I urn rkson

    Huge rip off. Camera does not work. Tech-support is nonexistent. Bad Company bad product. Do not buy!

  • Doesn't work

    by Tonycor65

    Read reviews first it doesn't work

  • Junk

    by eagledriver

    Does not work at all. Blank screen.

  • Doesn't work

    by Bmoneybeats

    Blank screen -_-

  • What a shame

    by illyLbeibe

    I was so excited to use this app that I didn't even notice all the bad reviews or low ratings, shame on me .... but give us an app that doesn't do what u advertised that it does because you didn't bother to test it or even failed to fix it after all of these complaints, SHAME ON YOU! I wish we had the no star option cause you don't even deserve the one you have SMDH

  • Why do you even offer it

    by Minus one star

    You can't fix it don't offer it I give it a minus star

  • Delete

    by Schprinkt

    Probably just gave my login to some scammer. App does nothing. Blank screen on iphone 5.

  • Terrible

    by MrHops

    Doesn't work. Just a blank screen. You have a

  • Blank option?!

    by User 84

    No option or initial configuration after signing in the apps. Is this a prank?!

  • Bad app

    by Jimbo-N

    Blank screen. Junk

  • Dear d-link

    by Gdnrs524a

    I am a certified app developer and would like to offer my services to build your next blank-screen app. I could make the blank screen to be ANY color- even the d-link brand colors. Although it may impact time and budget- we could also discuss a textured looking blank screen- or even a combination of textured ANY colored blank screens. Really- the possibilities are endless. I await your response. - the blank screen guru.

  • Doesn't even work!

    by Itatodd

    You'd think you would test an App before posting it for download. I'm really diss appointed in D-Link

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