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  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: May, 08 2013
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Size: 51.26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

+ New, FREE seasonal themes and music—perfect for sharing your holiday stories! 

+ View and manage your stories directly from the website

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Disney’s Story app helps you turn the photos and videos on your phone into stories you can personalize, save and share.

Storytelling just got a little more magical.

With the Story app, you get:

Effortless storytelling: Story brings your moments front and center for easy story creation.

Creative control: You can add text and video and personalize with themes, music and more. How you tell your stories is entirely up to you!

Quick sharing: With just a couple of taps, stories can be shared via email, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

The magic of Disney: Premium animated themes inspired from the Little Mermaid, Cars, ESPN and more.

Disney has been telling the stories that you love for generations. Now, we can help you tell yours.

What story will you share today?


"… intuitive to use with nice in-app editing features and a stunning final product."—Macworld

"… rather than making you sift through hundreds, if not thousands, of photos, then drag-and-drop each of them into a slot in an album outline, Story does it all for you. Fast."—USA TODAY

"… an aesthetically-appealing design."—The Next Web 

"The beauty of Story is its simplicity."—On Software 


For the best Story experience, remember:

To share your stories, you must register or log in.

In order to speed up how quickly your stories are ready to share, the app uploads media as you edit or view your story. Your photos and videos, along with date and location information, are stored temporarily and privately on Disney’s servers. Media is visible to other users only if you decide to share the story. Any media associated with unshared stories are deleted within seven days.

We recommend that you be mindful of not including personal information (such as addresses or phone numbers) in your story. Remember, even if you're sharing a story privately, your friends and family can also share it with others.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app!!

    by FrankieTar 

    This app is amazing! I loved it! I made a story for my mom for Mother's Day with it. She absolutely adored the story, but was disappointed to find that there was no way to save it on any of her devices, seeing as how I created it on my iPod. Is there a way to save the story I made for her? The ability to save the story on any device would make this app perfect!

  • :)

    by 20jkm 


  • So fun!

    by  Kdog322

    Created my first "story" in less than 2 minutes. So fun to share little scenes from my kids' lives with Grandma who lives a state away. Thought it hadn't saved my story when I clicked away for a second, but found it under "My Stories." People that think they've lost them--check there! Perfect.

  • First review - a neat app!

    by  Jlbrown23

    I learned about Story from an article on TechCrunch. So far, I really enjoy captioning my photos in the scrapbook- style format; the ability to curate these memories and chronicle events in a cohesive way is terrific. I use an iPhone 4S.

  • Good for making photo collages!

    by  HowieDiesel

    This is a good app for making a story or photo collages!

  • Complaint

    by Andrea11512

    There should be a way to send through phone message.

  • Fun but more Disney themes please!

    by HRNMomof3

    This is a really cute and fun way to share videos and photos! However the story board and layout for the Frozen theme is BY FAR the best, the little characters I between boards is fantastic! I get maybe paying a little something for the more elaborate ones but hopefully it wouldn't be too much! I would also like to see more character boards similar to the frozen one!!

  • Won't let me share on Facebook

    by Kry12

    Please fix it. Other then that it's a awesome app.

  • Won't let me share on Facebook

    by Kry12

    Please fix it. Other then that it's a awesome app.

  • I love it few minor bugs

    by Markiecarlock

    I love it but it won't let me log in to my Facebook HELP!!!!!

  • Good but....

    by Mskatrennah

    This app has a great concept but I would like to save on my camera roll and have it shared Instagram.

  • Won't log into FB

    by DiAnna672

    When I try to share my stories to Facebook it makes me log in. But when I put my log in info into the fields it says my info is incorrect. But I KNOW MY USERNAME AND PASSWORD ARE CORRECT!!!! I type it in ONE DUMB LETTER AT A TIME and it still tells me it's incorrect! FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!

  • Great but...

    by The real wvmilo

    Like MANY others have said, this app is GREAT, but there really needs to be an action where you could save the story to your camera roll or even send in a message. I wanted to send something to my friends, but got really sad when I realized i couldn't through a message even. Other than that, great app(:

  • How Cute!!!

    by Barb love 24

    This is so CUTE❤️

  • Story

    by China D 

    I loved this app however I was upset when I posted two stories to my Facebook and when I clicked on them an alert came up that it was considered a threat and could contain malware if u attempted to view them. Unfortunately I will deleting this until this is resolved.

  • Love Love Love!!!!

    by Vickicatherine

    This app is the best!!! It's scrapbooking for people that think "Ain't nobody got time for that" when they hear the word scrapbooking.

  • Like it

    by Zapatita77

    Awesome but doesnt let me upload it to facebook.. It just does nothing.

  • Simplified Variation of online Photo Books

    by  Soccer_chick_5200

    This is an amazing app. I love it. The UI is fantastic and truly a breeze to use. I really think Disney hit a home run with this one. A great way to visualize your photo albums! There's always room for new features! I'd like to see more export options, perhaps a print option where you could put a few stories together and order a book, and photo editing features built into the app. However, as I said - it's great the way it is now, and I'm excited to see what Disney does with this in future releases.

  • Super awesome app

    by EPALady1998

    Very easy to use. This app makes creation and sharing of stories effortless and fun that you can just do it on a whim.

  • Nice but No Print option???

    by RRocka!

    I love the look and feel of the app but why can't they link up with shutterfly or flickr etc to enable printing!!!!

  • Doesn't Work

    by My girl Lil

    Could be a great App but so many issues.First it wouldn't let me sign in forever.When I finally was able to sign in and made a story I shared it by email but no one could open it so pretty useless.Plus you can't send through IPhone Message.Sorry but this app gets 2 thumbs down.

  • Can't sign in...

    by The Amber

    I'm having trouble signing in. I just dl the app, made something, then went to share it on FB & I can't get pass the sign up & agree page

  • Ddf

    by Ghklk

    Why i cant save it to my camera roll Please fix it plllllllz :(((((((


    by barbieworld731

    What's the point of the app if you can't save it to your phone or send it to someone as text ? So stupid ..

  • Slow Uploads

    by mizabella

    Uploaded only 3 pictures & trying to email that story to myself so I can save it to my photos. The upload is taking forever! I will want to add more photos in the future emailing to myself so the book can be saved in my photos. Not so sure if I have that kind of time. Way too long!

  • It still has problems.

    by Kathryne Bishop

    I love how it makes stories out of my pictures. But it won't let me share them, it keeps saying that the sever won't connect, and I'm connected to the web.

  • Could not sign up

    by xspoon

    Do not have Facebook - will never. Could not sign up as the app kept telling me in a pop-up "invalid word". Come to find out it was my email address which has an "X" in it, really Disney? Fail!!

  • S

    by @ckinna4223

    Love this app! I REALLY wish you could save it to your camera roll so you can share it that way too instead of just email. They should make that happen ASAP!

  • Good

    by  Dabossjohn


  • Love it

    by Love star#1 kill it!

    It's totally awesome love it

  • LOVE this app!

    by TanyaH666

    I absolutely love this app and thank for the update with more themes!! With this update though, I have lost all my previous stories :(

  • Awesome app, but....

    by  Traf backwards

    Need to allow import from other apps like Picassa and other export options. Please!

  • Can't save

    by Alyssamarie14

    You can't save it to your camera roll and it won't let it upload to my Facebook,please fix than will rate 5stars+

  • Not as good as Backspaces

    by BlancaRamos 

    Cool idea but the creation process is strange. Try the app Backspaces instead.

  • good

    by  acgetchell


  • This is an real good application

    by I'm doing this for gold

    This is the best application I have come towards

  • Love it!

    by Scrappinglady

    A perfect app for the Disney fan! I love Disney and love taking pictures while at the park or while creating our own Disney magic at home. This app is the perfect compliment to my memory keeping. I was able to create an awesome Cars themed Story showcasing the pictures form the Radiator Springs inspired birthday party for my son. In just a few minutes I had a beautiful video that we love to watch again and again!

  • Disney Memories Quick and Easy

    by SirScrapalot01040

    I love how Story lets me pull together my Disney memories and make something fun with them right away. On my last trip, I used Story during some downtime I had in the park and was sharing fun memories before the wait time for Splash Mountain was up! Definitely a key tool for documenting my trip.

  • awesome!

    by Frustrated Slate Reader

    so easy to make a beautiful story.

  • Simply perfect

    by Magills

    Love this. So simple. So easy.

  • Story

    by Stacy Vann-Faulkner

    This's is a fun and easy App. It does a great job and you can really use you're imagination:)

  • Great App..

    by Teresa Rigby

    I have shared it on Facebook, but my aunt in TN. could not pull up the story.

  • Really good except......

    by Kitty cats r cute

    I love it a lot! But it's too bad you can't save it to your camera roll:/

  • Never write, but this is worth it!

    by Wssluv

    I love this. I wish you could add more pictures, but 20 is just enough! It arranges your pictures, frames them, and adds music to them. I love this. Five stars! I never write reviews, but this really deserved the best. Worth the download, and if they ever charge it, worth the money! I'd put this at a 3-5 dollar app, very well made!

  • So much fun

    by Rigsf

    Great, creative way to show off your pictures. With Disney music too!!!!

  • Uploading issue

    by PaoloSiscar20

    Cant upload the stories. Fix this.

  • Quick, easy and amazing

    by Logama

    This app is easy to use, incorporates photos, text, and video into one place with a stunning result. Stories are simple to share via both email and social media. Just hoping that more themes are added, maybe even seasonal/ hi day themes with corresponding music.

  • Music doesn't work on the latest version

    by Disney Dingo

    Music doesn't work on the latest version

  • Perfect app! This is such a joy!

    by LynzLou1984

    I absolutely love it!!! As a mom who is battling serious health issues I cherish my moments, my stories, and how they can be made into a beautiful memory with this app

  • Great new themes

    by subface

    With the new themes and ways to view shared stories this app is evolving into a really fun experience.

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