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Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

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Create and share your own Disney Memories- an official app from Disney!

•Use this FREE app to decorate your photos with Disney magic
•Pose with some of your favorite Disney characters
•Add a Disney Parks themed filter, frame, or sticker
•Easily share your photos with friends and fmaily via email, Facebook, or Twitter
•Come back everyday to enjoy a Disney Time Photo of the Day for a glimpse into the beauty of Disney Parks
•Set themed alarm clocks and see your favorite Disney Pals come to life with audio and video greetings

Customer Reviews


    by Jsjdixbi

    I really like the idea but there should be more Lion King stickers or frames or such with Simba or other characters from the movie.

  • Cute

    by Dglatz

    Cute photo app, but the alarms don't work.

  • Fun but needs more

    by Krystia

    Really enjoy the app and have not had any issues but I wish more could be added. There isn't a lot that you can do.

  • Awesome

    by BossRabbit

    Very cool app

  • Developer Update

    by JennyKroll

    In addition to stablizing the app on iOS 7, we've included many updates based on your reviews. Take a look at the Alarms and Disney a Day sections and stay tuned for exciting new decorations coming soon!

  • Nice when it works

    by Poisongirl1329

    The app crashes. It works randomly. It's a good app when it does.

  • Love it but...

    by miss_jessie2

    I really love this app a lot. It's very very cool....when it doesn't crash. I wish they would fix the bug that keeps making it crash whenever I open it. Once they fix that, I definitely recommend it!

  • Great App - works best in 4G

    by hydroped

    Downloaded this app and had trouble - no daily photos and only a fraction of the cool stuff it was supposed to have. Got help from the support team and finally we shut off my wifi and forced it to use the 4G capability of my ios device - ALL the cool stuff immidiately downloaded! Best app ever! I shut off the 4G and now it works great no matter where I am - it just needed the 4G to finish getting the cool poses etc. I am Loving this app! SO much fun!

  • Most fun app!

    by Princessjodyh

    I am a lover of all things Disney, but they really did this app right! So fun!


    by Hello Princeton

    It makes me look like I'm in Disney and like I'm with all the fabulous Disney characters. GET THIS APP, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!

  • Not the best

    by Domiboo123

    I mean its really cool but I think you should at least update it

  • This is a good idea

    by PFayNYC

    First of all, I don't know what people are talking about not being able to use Camera Roll photos in this app. I had no problem accessing my photos in app. What I did have problems with is the alarm not going off when they should. Am I doing something wrong? Somebody tell me how to make it work. Thanks.

  • by shahrzad mazloumi


  • Love this

    by MikNMinMouse

    A Great way to add Disney Magic to your pictures old and new.

  • Good but needs a little work

    by TriGirlTiff

    I had two alarms set and even after I deleted them they still go off every morning and I haven't had a photo of the day in two weeks.

  • Great App!

    by kmann728

    I love this app! It's great for all Disney fans. My only complaint is that the photo of the day's always seem to be the same photos and they don't change very much!

  • Upload pics from camera roll

    by Fiocar

    Maybe I'm navigating the app incorrectly, but I am not able to upload previously taken pics from my phone's camera roll. I want to decorate previously taken pics.

  • Love it

    by Disney Fan 247

    Best way to wake up !! Love that it's a dual app. Pix worked perfect for me

  • Why?

    by Miss J9

    Why can't I use previously taken photos and decorate those? I don't want to have to open my app every-time I want to take a photo. Let me use my camera roll and go back and edit the ones I've taken with the camera on my photo

  • So far so good

    by LMC2222

    I'm enjoying the app.

  • Slow and unsuccessful loading

    by kehau68

    Unable to download this app today- been slowly loading for hours now :(

  • Bad

    by Jenbraykirk

    Good idea but horrible app it froze my phone completely up

  • Won't stop crashing

    by dawnkiyoko

    I've gotten in to the app once. Crashed 15x prior. Restarted phone. Was able to set an alarm to test it but I didn't get sound when the alarm went off, just a pop up window. Tried to go back in to reset alarm and it's repeatedly crashing again at the launch screen. Not sure why others are able to get it to work and mine isn't but it seems like a great idea if it would just cooperate and function like it should. (Apple iPhone 5, ios7)

  • Upset

    by 288;!.'c

    I used to LOVE this app, but now every time I try to use it it crashes and won't pull up, please fix it!!

  • Alarms and pic of day

    by cdsksu

    The alarm section is such a cute idea BUT it needs to go off even if the sound on your phone is off... Who sleeps with their ringer on? Also you need to be able to set a future alarm. Why would I set a "birthday alarm" within 24 hours of that day?? "Picture of the day" is more like "picture every 14 days" as it is never updated. Also, unless I'm on wifi it's hard to get anything on the app to work properly. The pictures and videos take forever to upload!! I wanted to show my friend the app and I couldn't get anything to load bc I only had 3G bars and no wifi. Sad:(

  • No poses only problems!

    by KatelynnK55

    My fiancé downloaded the app and it looked really neat so I gave it a go. I don't ha e a quarter of the capabilities he has or what the app pictures show what you can do. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone. No matter what I do this app won't work. Don't recommend it, nothing but annoyance waiting for you.

  • Not a good app

    by Me12234556788

    All of the pictures get distorted

  • Okay

    by Littlestmouse

    Just downloaded this app. There needs to be more border and filter options. Cute idea but I will probably just stick with Instagram until there are more options.

  • Fun photo app and potentially fun Alarms

    by CJ@ATX

    I was excited about alarms and demo'd them all and enjoyed the videos. However, unable to set date. Date field is not available in iPhone. Will there be an update?

  • Best app Disney has ever made!!!

    by Minnie.Mouse

    I love it! It is so much fun and so creative and well developed. Makes me feel like I'm in the parks again. Great job, Disney!

  • Fun for all ages

    by Love unword

    I love this app. My kids and I enjoy it. Its like the Disney photo pass but at home. I took pictures of my friends kids with the characters and told them that goofy just walk by for a split second. So fun to play and be a kid again.

  • Love

    by The wanted ;)

    I love it I love going to Disneyland and I remember the times I went to Disney 5 stars cool

  • Whoa

    by My texting wish

    This is SUCH an improvement!

  • Love!!

    by scaredozim

    So cute! Love it.

  • Great app

    by Kencaid

    Pretty cool app. Love it

  • Finally a Disney Photo Editing App!!!

    by Happygma2

    I have the old app, which is ok, but I love this app. What an improvement!! Love the photo a day, love all the stickers, love all the frames!!! Thank you for finally updating. Keep the updates coming!!!

  • Superfun!

    by MAK2783

    So much better than the old version!

  • An incredibly fun app

    by Ohnonoah

    As an adult, and an adult male at that, I was shocked at how much fun it was o simply take photos and apply endless amounts of filters, stickers, Disney doodads, and more to them. Thanks Disney!

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