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- iPhone 5 Compatible!
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- Fixed crash in "Truss" section

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The Grip Application was created for people in the film industry, more specifically people working in the Grip and Electric (G&E) department(s). The application is an instructional and education tool that can be used as a reference on set as well as manual to study off set. People that are just beginning a career in G&E have very few resources that teach them what will be required of them on set – specifically, the types of equipment they will use and how it works, and when and where to use it on set. Typically, those new to G&E learn by example from the more experienced members in their department – which can often be problematic if they are short staffed, working on a set up that needs to be done quickly (which happens nonstop) or building a rig that requires maximum safety precautions. To excel the knowledge of the beginner and both aid the teachings and update the knowledge of the more advanced, the Grip App is one-quarter dictionary, ΒΌ equipment statistics and specifications, 25% images and descriptions of equipment, and the remainder – all of this information in practical applications on set!

The Grip App features a wide assortment of equipment pictures, individually and on set, that come directly from the manufacturers. It also includes, equipment specifications, how to's, and step-by-step instructions. Users can read up on and study within 4 categories: 1. Dollies, 2. Cranes (Techno Cranes and Remote Heads), 3. Hardware (Hardware/Tools, Flags, Stands, Expendibles), 4. Rigs (Knots, Condors, Truss, Car Rigs).

Customer Reviews

  • It's ok

    by Evilsoup

    There's little consistency in how information is presented. The whole app feel slap-dash which isn't necessarily a problem, but it's inexcusable for an $8 app that basically pulls information straight off websites. The search function is useless, typing in 'C-47' returns nothing, for example, and typing in 'jib' does not consolidate the many varieties of jibs into one list, but instead returns a jib yoke. Weak sauce. It's the only app like it and better than nothing, but there is definitely room for some competition.

  • Awesome

    by Shaun Ashmore

    It's about time someone came out with an app that tells you what the names of all the equipment is.

  • Very goota goota goota

    by Appster reviewer

    Ioves it

  • Nice start

    by Ugaboga

    This is a fun app for just poking around but it is missing a lot of commonly used cranes and equipment. Specs on chapman cranes would be really useful. More condor specs and a increased hardware list would make this more than just a fun app it would make it extremely useful. Maybe just add the ability to add your own info.

  • Close!

    by Drewmaw

    Very great start but it's lacking a bit: Suggestions: Hi-res photos with pinch and zoom to get a closer look, some you can barely see any detail. Descriptions could include dimensions, other details such as max weight, "most used for", and alternative names for the item (ie crew lingo).

  • Handy!

    by y.factory

    It's great to have with you on set.

  • Great app worth the money!

    by Yarsdog

    Good reference when I'm at the stage or on location. A few tweaks and additions would be nice though. More comprehensive section on lifts adding lulls and fork lifts. Vendors contact info and websites. Knot section could include uses for the knots. As well as add some more like eye splices and back splices. Opera knots for tying rags to frames. And a more in depth section on different rags would be nice. Great App worth the money!

  • Pretty awesome

    by Mrmoemmmmm

    Very nice app. Has lots of info on lots of gear. Though there are a few things that bug me a bit: No Panther Dolly stuff. The knot section is cool, but there's no text explaining what the knot is used for. No electric stuff at all. This makes sense, since the app is already chock full of grip stuff. Maybe another app focusing on electric is called for? Other then those minor things, the app is pretty great!

  • Great for technical terms

    by Justin NYC grip

    Especially useful for learning universal technical names of equipment as used by rental houses. Lacking in common hardware nicknames, but who can keep up with all of them? Straight forward, well organized. Love the dolly specs. Maybe add simple rigs like menace arms or goal posts. Definitely add ratchet straps.

  • Fantastic!

    by Sweet D the Grip

    Nothing like it! Awesome quick reference when I'm running on set - great images (very clear), liked having the specs and love the knots section (please add even more)!

  • Killer

    by LAstash

    Next level!! Best production app the industry has to offer.

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