BECOME TRANSPARENT: Special effects with camera Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, Italian

Seller: Daniele Ratti

- Bug fixes

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45 Ratings
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Would you like to impress your friends by simply using your iPhone?

Due to BECOME TRANSPARENT, DELETE from a photo, one or more parts of your body or any object!
Check out the screens if you don't believe it! <<<



Note: For a best accuracy, if you use the brush below the middle screen, it will appear above.
Conversely if you use it on, it will appear below!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Napanu

    This app is cool but kind of a lot of work.

  • Great

    by Calebmister

    Great app but after iOS 6 update it doesn't work. When working it deserves 5 stars. Please fix soon!!!!! Or I will lower it to 1 star

  • Transparent

    by Blueby123456789

    These other people are not doing it right. I loved it

  • Review

    by Sonic180994567

    Cool but it should give you more time to take the pictures

  • Crashes!!

    by *fangirl squee*

    It won't open :( Please fix this!

  • Become transparent

    by Kool kid 1234567

    Looks cool

  • Ehh

    by Sunshine_720

    Its pretty amazing and fun, I can make it look good just takes a while with out zoom. All in all it's good

  • Bad tools!

    by Jezzy M.D.

    It works but tools to erase & paint over the picture is awful and off center cause the brush hover over & above your finger not on your finger tip! Get the "Green screen" lite or pro version!

  • Hhhhh

    by belindacoronado


  • Won't start

    by Wrestlemania2011

    This app I have been dying for. On Christmas I get money to buy things for my new iPad. I try to take a picture. Won't work. I know it takes pictures for you. That's the problem. It's not like I can delete an install this again. It's not free.

  • Good concept, bad performance

    by дямдБεδδθη

    The concept is great and entertaining, but the actual performance is horrible. When you try to brush the image(erase) in the edit mode, the brush does not coordinate with the actual finger. Other than that, it's fine.

  • Not Bad......

    by Ricker999

    It's OK... Need a few things though.... 1. Undo Option 2. Zoom in/out (REALLY need this) 3. SAVE current project 3. Return to last project after saving photo

  • Update

    by Xxnikthebestx

    Needs update

  • Crashing

    by John10000123

    Give me my money back, application doesn't work, crashing again and again.

  • Stupid app

    by The Kevin Guy

    This app won't open! It got me pi**** off! Don't buy!!!!

  • Plz read

    by Tigerlover19

    Don't waste your time and money. It shuts down after you take the picture. Don't waste you money!!

  • Plz make it beter

    by Bricooli

    Plz make it better when u go on the app it shuts back down plz do something I don't want my 0.99 cents to go to waste if this doesn't change then people do not buy this app!!!!!!!!

  • Waste of money.

    by Bubble stars

    I can't even make a picture. It crashes before I get to use it. Please fix!

  • Crashes 30s into opening the app

    by Nathan Daniel


  • Boooo

    by Tayterbug1028

    SCAM! Do not buy! Wastes your money and when you go to take a picture in wont let you make it transparent!

  • Crash

    by Samantha Stuart



    by Jaime Leonardo Toscano

    STUIPID jerks who invented this

  • Grrrrrrrrrr!

    by Micah3434

    This app looks so cool! I will rate this app 1 stars until its fixed.

  • Bought by accident

    by DominantNigga

    Hello I got this by accident clicked wrong app can some one tell me how I can get my money back please.

  • do not buy!!!

    by cruzin_frankie

    this app crashes every time you go to use it. unless there is a. update to fix the crash,I hope I get credited back for tis purchase.

  • This app does not work !!!!!!!! Do not bye it's terrible

    by Spytoot21

    I got it and it fails all the time and it doesn't even work it's a waste of my time and money the girls who made this app have an extra chromosome :(

  • ATTENTION!!!!!!!

    by Lizzy McSpongebob

    listen very closely, I just bought this app, and I just didnt listen to the comments. I told myself," hey, im gonna buy this to trick my buddy." This app crashes 24/7. I tried to edit myself but then it crashed! And those stupid ads pop up all the time!!! THOSE ADS CAN GO DIE IN A WHOLE! Im not interested in buying a dumb app that isnt worth my time! And the crashing is so obnoxious! I wasted my last dollar on this piece of poop! by the way I'm not the swearing type... Anyway that's not the point!!! This is the worst app ever!!! I saw the last time this was updated: June, 2012. SERIOUSLY???? Why can't these people get this message through their brain cells? Update!!! I bet a snail can get that message faster than them!!! I am so angry right now, I can make up a language that even I won't understand! I am going to explode!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO WASTE 20 MINUTES TRYING TO USE THIS APP AND WASTE A DOLLAR ON THIS...BE MY GUEST.... BUT YOU WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED YOU WILL SLAM YOUR IPOD,IPHONE,OR IPAD TO THE GROUND AND SCREAM AT IT. GOSH!!! I AM DONE!! I AM WARNING YOU ALL RIGHT NOW, DO NOT BUY THIS APP! PLEASE DON'T!!! I WAS DUMB ENOUGH TO FALL INTO THIS LOAD BOLOGNA!!! RIP OFF!!!!! I WOULD RATHER PLAY A BABY GAME RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!


    by 3lisejane

    It crashes everytime you use it is horrible. it said they fixed the bug but they did not. DO NOT BUY IT.IT IS AN AWFUL APP. Until they fix it I HATE IT!!!!

  • It stinks!

    by American Indian hula dancer

    It crashes! Please fix the bug!

  • Fix this ?

    by Thomas Kacmarsky

    How long will you let this go ?

  • Crash

    by Banger2588542

    I can't use the app, it crashes even before I start editing

  • Crashes

    by @detour6931

    Still crashes on iPhone 5. Hopefully they get this up and running.

  • Crap crap crap

    by Bbwenger

    Should have read tha reviews its pure garbage trash its not worth tha dollar

  • Blek

    by Clint Marcus

    I should have read the reviews

  • by Drewskitoo

    It keeps crashing when I open the app

  • Booooooooooo!!!!!!

    by Qrc1902

    This app is horrible don't buy I'd rate it no stars

  • Garbage

    by CAuditore

    It just does not work on my iPhone 4 It's a waste. I thought apple tested these apps to make sure they work. Don't waste the dollar. Too bad, I feel Apple is letting us down with apps that simply don't work. Fix it !!!!!!!!!

  • Don't Waste Your Money

    by bojo123456789000

    It looks like a great app when my friend uses it. Then, I bought it and it crashes every time. I dont even get to edit my pic. This definitely is a cool app but it chrashes every time you open it. So, unless you just want to waste money, don't buy it!!!

  • Fix the crash

    by xx-Element-xx

    This app would be cool, if it didn't crash so much. :(

  • Worst app ever!

    by Unknown 315

    I opened the app and was impressed with the tutorial... I took the photo and didn't like the wait for the pic to load when I came in to edit IT CRASHED I HATE THIS APP!!!!!

  • It's a setup

    by Mackeemac

    This app is a piece of GARBAGE!!! I tried it 2 c if it would work 4 me & it doesn't. Trash trash trash. They should b a shame of themselves, they are nothing better than a pimp. Pimping us as dollar "hoes". If they don't fix it Apple needs 2 shut them DOWN!

  • by NickDiver14

    This app is terrible!!!! I hate it, it keeps crashing


    by Lisi11


  • no.

    by OiNk

    this app keeps crashing, i tried to open it but it just crashes. don't buy this app.

  • What the heck!

    by Bri bri 99

    It cashes all the lumping time!! 

  • Dont know what to tell ya...

    by Vaffancina 2000

    The concept sounds cool, but I haven't had the chance to use it yet cause it keeps on crashing!

  • Fix it :(

    by AppLover700

    I paid money for this app and it won't even open????? I am very disappointed. I just wasted my money. Please fix this.

  • I can't even open it

    by Angierox12

    It won't open who knows whats wrong cause I don't:(

  • Deaf I can't hear sound

    by Deafasl

    I like that transparent but one is problem what how can I hear that sound why not can add vibration easy for me how Me know ready how I can't hear sound please add vibration with sound that thanks

  • Similar to Juxtaposer...

    by xwhiteboy777x

    Not well executed. Neat concept though. Needs full resolution and better brushes.

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