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Seller: Dana Shakiba

Hello Everyone!

We're so happy you’re enjoying the app! Keep sharing your #polamatic posts with us - they’re bursting with creativity. We're really sorry that some of you are experiencing issues, and this update:

- Fixed issue on the iPhone 4 and 4S that caused app to crash before saving. This was limiting for some of you and hopefully now this bug is a thing of the past.

- Fixed the crashing issue when selecting a font. Thank you B-Dub @nomtasticapps for pointing this out to us.

- Fixed the issue that cause the image to rotate while the phone was rotated when adding a filter.

- Increased gallery thumbnail image resolution. This was more of a UI improvement than a bug fix, as we noticed the thumbnails were a bit blurry. The thumbnails are much sharper now!

- We removed the Polamatic website link when sharing your Polaroid to Twitter. We know this annoyed some of you and we apologize for stealing your character spaces.

- You can now import from any album in your photo library. In the previous update, you were limited to your camera roll only. We heard your feedback and we took care of it.

Made in San Francisco with love.

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Polamatic, the official app of Polaroid, brings back the instant nostalgia of Polaroid pictures. Capture or import a photo then watch it develop just like a real Polaroid. Then select from 36 Polaroid frames, 36 photo filters, add text, and instantly share your Polaroid! Enjoy new features that make Polamatic one of the most unique photography apps you’ll find - with authentic Polaroid frames, advanced photo editing features, and the freedom to write multiple layers of text anywhere on your photo.


BORDERS - 36 authentic Polaroid Classic Border frames. Our frames are true high quality scans of real new, used, and vintage Polaroid picture frames. You can also choose from a colorful palette of borders to give your photos a bit of flare and color.

EFFECTS - 36 photo effects let you customize your photo any way you choose. With this wide variety of effects you will be sure to find the one that you love. From vintage styles to vibrant chroma film, our filters and photo effects give your photos a unique and authentic Polaroid flare.

TEXT - Add text to your Polaroid picture, choose from 36 handwritten fonts. Additional customization settings include size, color, and opacity. With a simple tap, you can now also add multiple pieces of text and drag and rotate text anywhere on your photo.

SHARE - Share your Polaroid picture via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. You can also save your Polaroid picture directly to your iPhone photo library (high resolution output 2282 x 2771 PX), copy to your clipboard, or open in other apps.

GALLERY - The Polamatic gallery saves all of your Polaroid images with your own personal Polamatic library. Images can be viewed, shared, and edited at any time. Additional gallery features include batch exporting to your camera roll, Facebook, or email.

This product is distributed and sold by Appadana Development. Polaroid, Polaroid & Pixel, Polamatic, Polaroid Classic Border Logo, and Polaroid Color Spectrum are trademarks of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license. PLR IP Holdings, LLC does not sell this product or provide any manufacturer’s warranty or support.

Apple, iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Yeah, mang!

    by Don't waste your money mayne!

    Tight, son. Can't tell the difference between this and a real one. Even with am glasses on.

  • Waste of Money

    by Stephanie Galvez

    Worst filters,they make the photo so blurry. Only Gave it 5 stars so that it would make list.

  • Fjnff

    by Holy cows !!

    This is awesome :)

  • Great realistic polaroid effects!

    by Native Son 93

    If you like the look and feel of old polaroids, this is the app for you.. Hoping to see horizontal frames for horizontal pictures soon

  • by doggiemom2

    Really enjoying this app. It's fun to add writing to the bottom of photos like I used to with real photos.

  • It’s almost perfection.

    by Osvaldo B.

    I love this app and all of the filters and frames that come with it! Just a few problems, I feel like the pictures don’t really look that well with the frames. Maybe some stronger, more noticeable wrinkled or fold textures? And some of the fonts cut off. Other than that this app is great!

  • Like it, but don't love it

    by ChristaJD

    I like the concept, but when trying to add the font to a picture and saving the app crashes every single time.

  • The update definitely helps

    by Bummin801

    Glad you got rid of in app purchases and added color frames, filters are better than before but could still use some work. You should also add some realistic polaroid textures, I know how to do them myself but would love an app that simplifies it

  • Picture is blur...

    by Mayiz_wrongsir

    Please make the photos clearer it's so blur right now

  • It keeps crashing

    by G Luvs FTP

    So i can make make my photo and everything then when I go to save it, it stops at 10% and then closes. Not impressed considering I payed for this.

  • Good start

    by Daniel Ortiz

    Filters not as good as my Instant app which is also another Polaroid style app. Best part is the frames. Look forward to seeing this app get better and better!

  • Inspiring

    by IOS USER

    Ariana Grande uses this app and it looks amazing. Worth 0.99 cents..!!

  • Can't save...

    by SabreTara

    Would be great if it didn't crash every time I try to save a photo. Disappointing.

  • A little disappointed

    by ridrovoe

    Yeah, the frames are really nice and the filters are okay. But there are 3 things that upset me: 1. You aren't able to fix the photo once you've imported it or taken it. You can't crop it/ align it the way you want it. Make it bigger or emphasize a specific area of the photo. 2. You can only import a photo from camera roll. Not from other albums in your photos. I can't access my photostream albums, my iMac synced photos, or other albums from the "import" setting. It upsets me because most of my photos are in these albums. 3. Not only is it a little timely to "render/save" the photo, the APP itself is slow. I like the app, but I wouldn't recommend it. If I would've known how it worked, I wouldn't have spent the money. I kind of regret not getting the other Polaroid app for $1.99.

  • So much better!

    by Iphonography hobbyist

    The filters are so much better since the update. So authentic. The only thing that could make this a 5-star for me would be a "borderless" option. Most of the time, I have no need or want of the frames when posting to FB or IG. Oh well. For now, cropping works. Great job, guys.

  • Pretty good

    by Kawaii Fgt

    This app is awesome, I love everything about it. But there's only one thing I'm not satisfied by; there is no option to select photos from other albums

  • Totally Retro!!!

    by hunitislegend

    This app is great. I had a flashback to the Polaroid days and started blowing on my screen to make the picture dry. Lol! That's worth 99 cent any day. Definitely a good buy...

  • Potential

    by JRupp95

    This app seems like it would be great, however it keeps crashing every time I try to check off a font or color to write on a picture.


    by Photoready

    I never leave reviews, but I feel like I have to for this app! :] it's a must have for any photography lover like myself, the update is amazing! The filters and frames are the best! Totally worth it!

  • Love It!

    by Macgrandad

    Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!Love It!

  • Can I get a refund?

    by Vik_yo

    Absolutely disappointed with this app. It crashes on me all the time.

  • Crash!!!!!!!

    by Ganidem

    Really the update supposedly fixed the crashes yet here we go again non stop crashes it's worse then ever I can't even actually open the app before it crashes

  • Update: Equal Crashes!

    by DJ Boogie Fats

    Someone screwed up! But they got our lil money & basically says four fingers down, middle finger up.

  • Update, well not really

    by InnaSamong

    Posted this probly 2 weeks ago: The only app that crashes on me. I wanted to like it, but even before the new update, its always been like this. I'd be lucky if it was able to save a photo but that happens rarely. Right now when I try to save a photo, it only reaches 10%, stops then always always crashes. Truly disappointing. I dont wanna think i wasted money on something like this when all other people can use and enjoy it. FIX IT PLS Right now: After the said update, no difference at all. Still crashes on 10%. Why!!! I used to really love this app but ever since you guys revamped its look, its been downhill from there. If the fact that telling you guys Im using an ipod touch 5th gen will solve the problem, Then I really hope it does! I dont want this app to gather dust.

  • Crashed

    by SwagaliciousStar

    Crashes whenever I am importing a picture Before, it used to crash every time I tried to save a picture. I couldn't even save a picture without it crashing. It only goes up to 10%, then crashes. Did I mention it crashes? Lol. Please fix it.

  • The only app....

    by InnaSamong

    That crashes on me. I wanted to like it, but even before the new update, its always been like this. I'd be lucky if it was able to save a photo but that happens rarely. Right now when I try to save a photo, it only reaches 10%, stops then always always crashes. Truly disappointing. I dont wanna think i wasted money on something like this when all other people can use and enjoy it. FIX IT PLS

  • I wanna go back to the previous version

    by Rvmimoun

    Everything looks good, it is finally adapted to the iphone 5 and more... But where is the "burnt effect" which was my favorite part of the app (with the frame of course)

  • Poorly made

    by andrelouiz

    The app crashes all the time, whenever you’re going to add a text or change the font get ready to loose your work. Don’t buy it, it’s a waste of money.

  • Great idea

    by x4xtrafun

    and I was excited to try it, but the app crashes (I have an iPhone 5s) every time I try to select a font style.

  • crashing too much

    by Joelley <3

    it keeps crashing when I'm trying to save it please fix otherwise great app

  • Crashing on my 4S

    by harryg100

    Whenever I try to confirm font or color selection app crashes. Will not let me write on photo. Also nothing lights up or otherwise confirms selections.... Loved the previous version of this app. Please fix.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Marino Paulino

    Just downloaded the app. It keeps crashing every time I choose to write something.

  • what..

    by PtvDarlafy

    cool effects but it keeps crashing on me when i try to change the font of the text. Very frustrating

  • Fix it

    by Josesito444

    The app is cool, but the font option wont work when you import the picture into facebook or your album. Fix it

  • Teacher

    by Digby1068

    I want to love this app. However, I've only been able to successfully create one picture with it. The app continues to crash on me as I finish up a picture. I've restarted the phone but it hasn't helped. Sort of a disappointment.

  • Buggy and unusable.

    by cgmpowers

    I can't get this to work, keeps crashing. Three times I tired opening, importing a photo or taking one, and it crashes. Not the way I intended to spend 99¢...

  • Not worth

    by ruby_renren


  • Can't use your own handwriting

    by markymarkanddafunkybunch

    You gotta use stock font. Lame!! You should be able to use your own handwriting. Needs more weathered styles for the photos than 4 choices. Not digging the app. The Polaroid color frames are ugly. Add more textual/aged looks. Did you guys even beta test this? This is an app for non artistic people. I was hoping for something better. Big let down. .99 down the tubes. Save your money IMO. They must have blew their load with the sound effects and print out feature.

  • Great app and needs minimal fixing!

    by marcoberj

    Great application, but would be better if the pictures would not develop automatically and would need to be shaken. Also deeper integration with the photos app would be much appreciated! Thank You!

  • Dissapointment

    by Yoyo mamamaa

    I hate how it blurs the image with any of the filters I want high resolution

  • Nice Polaroid App

    by coffeebean99

    This is one of the very few apps in the App Store that actually deserves five stars. I really like the different filters that mimic new, aged, and textured Polaroid films. And the photo filters that allow you to make your pictures look old as well as imitating labeling your pics with a marker is a nice touch as well. Definitely worth the 99 cents.

  • Best photography app!

    by artxtra7


  • More uniqueness

    by Obello92

    I don't have anything negative to say about this app, I only have suggestions. Recently I purchased a real polaroid camera and this app is cool because I don't have to use my real film to take shots. I also feel like it's practice before I take pictures with my camera. If the developers of this app really listen to their audience and would like to improve.. I suggest naming the filters and adding more unique ones like the ones around the middle to end filters. See.. Naming them would come in handy right now. Well, great app! I'm having so much fun with it and I can't wait to take more shots in mine and other people's studios.

  • Crashes ever time I try to save....

    by Destiny Daniella

    I would love it, but mine crashes. It doesn't allow me to save. It stops at 10% save. Great support service. They are working on it.

  • Crashes while trying to save.

    by Jrockluver

    At first this was the perfect Polaroid app, now it crashes every time I try to save a pic it crashes at about 10%. Please fix. ☺️

  • Beautiful Update!

    by sheepahL

    Thanks devs for the beautiful update to the best Polaroid App for iOS! Looks great!!

  • Wish a new icon

    by @erihwang

    Wish a new icon, wish a new icon, wish a new icon.

  • SO COOL!

    by Draconis Magnus

    This is a fun app! Takes you back to the days of "instant" Polaroid pics. Keep up the great work. One suggestion add a date feature to the text area so we can add the date/time of the picture. Maybe even location taken from the meta data of the pic!

  • Beautiful and totally new!

    by RS DS

    Polamatic 4.0 looks and feels like a brand new app! The real Polaroid-feel of the filters and new text layering features set it apart from any other photography app. I also *love* how your pictures develops on the screen like an old Polaroid would. This app is the perfect harmony of nostalgia and something redefined and new!

  • Crashes

    by 765456789

    It crashes when i edit the opacity/text/color otherwise good.

  • Fix

    by Reb171

    I like the app but it crashes every time i try to save my polaroid.

  • Amazing

    by MNFan21

    Fantastic update. This is THE Polaroid app. Authentic frames and filters. Great app to bring back the look of the old Polaroid I started with.

  • Crashes

    by krat23

    Keeps crashing on 5s.

  • Pay to Spam

    by @jamesmagenst

    @Polaroid does #Polamatic need to include a link to your app in your tweets even AFTER you've paid .99¢ for it? #stayclassy #5stars bc its great app except for the Spam.

  • America.

    by DJ AF

    Great refresh of the app! Love the text features!

  • Nice

    by ROCZTAR

    Very nice update. Bravo

  • Five

    by GidgetteGirl

    Love this new update! Polamatic is the Best fauxlaroid/Polaroid-like app in the App Store.

  • Nice!

    by MarlonDeNon

    Yes yes YES!!! My favorite Polaroid style app of all time has upped the ante!! They have wonderful feedback support as well! Thanks for such a quality product!!

  • I love this app

    by King_Gold_Gold

    Im glad they updated it

  • Polamatic!

    by _Nya!

    This app is amazing, I absolutely love it !

  • Good

    by Kid-wzrd

    but I'm having problems again. The app keeps quitting itself and it doesn't let me see the filters.. Overall, I like the app.

  • Stick with afterlight or lo-mob

    by Bummin801

    This app is just meh

  • Buggy

    by 000cheetah

    Needs a update fast! So big filled, needs some zapping fast. I just purchased it, to be surprised with crashing on the spot, and the io6 format at times, and it's cut off so I can't press the full button just half of them. Please fix!!!

  • Polaroid App

    by Apeefresh

    This app is not good and worth buying , to many freezes and glitches .

  • Please fix screen calibration!

    by blake777778

    Love the app,it's just that on the 5 with ios7,the buttons are missed up & you can't see the editing buttons after importing.

  • Great App, When it Works

    by Geoilles

    I love this app. Simple, easy to use, nice effects. When it works, the app is great. But...today it stopped working. I haven't updated my phone or installed any new apps since the last time I used the app, which was yesterday. Never had the problem before. But now when I select "Import" and go to the Camera Roll and tap a thumbnail...nothing happens. I tried different images, different albums, with always the same result: nothing...and then the app freezes and locks the iPhone so I have to force re-boot the phone. This is a deal killer. Please fix this bug!

  • Brutal

    by Elseniorfox

    If you love polaroid, this is it

  • Simple and well done app

    by oneboywow

    I rarely write reviews but this app deserves positive feedback. It's simple to use, is fun and works great.

  • Umm

    by Shaleeeese

    I uploaded one picture and it froze. Yeah great app.

  • Bad

    by Briseyda Hutcherson

    This app is good but it doesn't let me click the buttons at the bottom fix it

  • Love it!

    by ralphiepooh

    I love the Polaroid feel it gives. Being able to choose different options of wear and test on the Polaroid is great, along with filters, and captioning with different fonts and colors. It's a fun way to upload photos to Instagram. I'd definitely buy more package enhancements, if they had anymore!

  • Nice features but colors are off

    by Irma0Vep

    The features for this app are what got me to pay for it in the first place. However, I was disappointed by the color and quality of the 'Polaroids'. They are nothing like Polaroids, in fact the colors look cheap like a bad photoshop job. I would recommend another app like ShakeItPhoto if you want a more sophisticated tone and quality.

  • StarGirl13

    by ChasingStars1

    Love it!!!!!!

  • A+

    by fkh90

    I have tried all polariod apps on the store and this one is by far the best. Buy.

  • Great

    by kellypenguin

    It is a lot of fun! I enjoy this app very much and recommend it.

  • Throwback Polaroid

    by Jailbreaker 2014

    Love the app it took me back, way when The Polaroid was the #%^? If you know What I mean? Lol ! Keep up the good work guy's. love it!

  • Help

    by Javier Estien

    How can you change the color of the frame ? Like they have on display when you buy the app...

  • Update?

    by terrixoxo

    Could we have the ability to adjust the pictures once we select the frame, instead of it just in there automatically?

  • So fun

    by RobAnalytics

    That is all.

  • About Polamatic iPhone App For My Apple iPhone 5 64GB

    by @BXB_Boy

    I have Polamatic iPhone App for My Apple iPhone 5 64GB & I Love The Polamatic iPhone App & ill be using it every time I take pictures & the Last time I use a Polaroid Camera was back in the 80's Years so this Polamatic iPhone App is a Classic for The Apple iPhone 5 64GB & I'm giving it 5 Stars, I like it a lot & the Phone Service I have for My Apple iPhone 5 64GB is Verizon Wireless stay cool & have a nice day from your Fan & Costumer Byron Koukaras. :)

  • Horrible

    by Meets79

    Won't even take a picture!

  • Very nice app.

    by Johnny70100

    Easy to use. Lots of options.

  • Great app!

    by Couchwise

    Get it

  • Pls see review prior to this

    by SentiInChicago

    no text

  • Polamatic

    by MG Trader

    This app would be much more useful to me if the photo could be used uncropped, that is, not forced into a square format for every photo. It would be nice to have the option to select either the native Polamatic format (square) or the actual format of the photo (horizontal, panoramic, etc.).

  • I really want to love but not yet..

    by nickname4review

    I downloaded this for my Tumblr but I cannot login to my Tumblr account. I checked my account and password twice but still i couldn't. So I sent an email about Tumblr login issue. But no response! (Who did say they are responsive?) I bought one option (filter effect) in app purchase and now I regret it. Their additional filters are not so great and all of them are so over effected. (All the effects are too strong for me plus there is no effect control bar) If you just want to save the photos in your camera roll, it will be okay. And think twice when you purchase options they offer. They even do not show which effect you will have. They just show you 4~5 samples among 12.

  • Very classic Polaroid app!!!

    by Welovecantonese

    I'm so excited that i finally found this app!!!! Don't ask me why coz I'm super duper love Polaroid photos so it's a must have app if you are also Polaroid fans!!! I like it coz it has the authentic Polaroid classic border frames and I can add text on it!!!! so classic and I love it!!!! I can delete other replica Polaroid frames app. This is the best Polaroid app and i'm highly recommend to everyone!

  • Don't waste your time

    by Eae72

    This app dosen't work. What a shame!

  • Should rename to "Problematic"

    by halofan81

    Yet another disappointing camera app. FIRST picture/edit, and the program crashes. What a waste of time.

  • Great camera app

    by colby b

    I love the frames & filters available! A really fun app.

  • Awesome

    by thelizlightning

    It keeps getting better

  • Unique

    by spartacusjr

    Love this app

  • Awesome!

    by hello_its_jess

    I love this app.

  • Love this app

    by RamblinRose56

    Yes, it's had a few bugs, but the company is super-responsive and very good at keeping customers looped in. Looking forward to the release of 2.3, and v3.0.

  • Fun to use

    by BINKIE127

    Takes me back to when I first got my Polaroid. Only thing is you can play around with the background colors and write on it where it's legible.

  • Great App

    by NanuqAK

    I use this app to write motivational messages to myself on my home screen and lock screen. Awesome App!

  • Great app

    by Pom1965

    Great looking app. Very Stylish.

  • Amazing!

    by Billionaire Cream Ian

    If you're a fan of photography you should get this app. Polaroid instant film is so iconic, so to keep it relevant in a digital world is awesome. I can pick photos that I have edited with other apps from my camera roll and add the classic Polaroid frame then just upload it to my tumblr. Once you have the app you can buy packets for color frames and more fonts and more. One of the best photography apps IMHO.

  • Love love love it!!!!

    by junebug12506

    Definitely worth buying! So cool!

  • BUY. IT.

    by CutiePie17!

    You need this app in your life. It's so worth the money and more people need to buy this app! Great way to make your photos unique and fun.

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