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PlayTube is a full-featured YouTube client for iPhone.

* Watch later for YouTube video.
* Comments, rate and share videos.
* Enjoy YouTube’s vast video catalog.
* Sign in to access your subscriptions, playlists, uploads and more.
* Easy search(videos, playlist, channel).
* AirPlay supported.
* Browsing videos by region.
* And more…

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall good app.


    Other than a glitch that causes all the cached videos to start at random times, I like this app. It does get old fast having to slide the bar to the beginning.

  • Awesome

    by thesleeper1

    good job

  • Please update!!!! Very aggravating

    by Lilboosiebooo

    Songs don't start from the beginning , add shuffle!! & keep song playing while searching would be cool also

  • Things to be added please!!!

    by Dmannapolitano

    1.Please put a shuffle button on cache! 2. Please make songs/videos restart after you close the app so we don't listen to a song and have to restart it manually if we didn't finish it! 3.please put how much memory will be taken up before we download or cache the video 4. Please put an option to download only audio and not video (if possible) . 5. Please make it easier to share music when its in the cache. Thank you for reading this is a great app it just needs so improvements. Buy this app!

  • Great tool

    by Teach2play

    Love this for sharing you tube videos offline with my classes. I do wish you could start videos from the beginning automatically.

  • Where's the Cache

    by Big_Will_LA

    I paid for this app for the cache feature, where is it?

  • Cache

    by CBautista24

    Where is the cache option for the videos

  • Good

    by Pepethe3rdbeast

    Good app but lags sometimes

  • Cache

    by 81358

    I just want to be able to watch videos without the video taking up my cellular data and increasing the Internet bill. PLEASE put the cache back in!

  • Request Part 2

    by Ramjet94

    There seriously need to be a feature that let's a choose the quality of the video when we aren't caching it. So that way it's not all fuzzy and the audio is crap. Also When playing cached videos Please stop whatever feature its called where it goes all the way too the top of the list. That's VERY annoying when your 3/4 down the list. And then there's the switched video thumbnails in the cache And PLEASE fix the slowdown issue when a video is downloading.

  • Great

    by Gredd9

    This app is great and simple

  • Good App.

    by Phra Thai

    Good App.*_*

  • Confuse

    by priscavolney

    I used to love this app, I reset my iPad now I can't download any video please put the cache back in, that's why I paid for the pro version

  • Why no more cached

    by Kibar22

    Wyh do y'all take away to cach videos please put it back

  • No option to download videos to cache

    by RepTaz8

    Please fix this

  • Uhm, no cache?

    by FrenchKevinC

    I paid to be able to cache more than 10 vids and on the paid version there is no cache option. I want my money back, this is the ONLY reason I upgraded.

  • Songs start in the middle... Need update

    by Jeeeet88

    Since the new update. It's been very annoying. The songs start in the middle or sometimes at the very last few seconds. There also needs to b an option of searching for other songs while the song play in background. I would give u 5 stars but it's been very annoying lately.

  • Why is their no cash on play tube when I download it.

    by Mama monster

    I am getting mad because every time I download it their is no cash on it and I can't download videos

  • Scam

    by SeanLG

    Scam scam scam please stop paying these guys you CANNOT DOWNLOAD Like the lite version

  • Lies!

    by Bmelens

    So I upgraded to pro so I could have more videos in the cache but come to find out that the pro DOESNT EVEN HAVE CACHE. I will edit this comment if I am proven wrong but I looked all over the app and couldn't find cache

  • It will not let me download videos

    by XxRonnieXBxX

    This app will not let me download videos can someone tell me why?

  • ?

    by Belgoth

    What happened to the cache


    by Love the piano!

    I paid for this app and I can't download videos!!! I've already tried getting help through "support", but it's useless!!!

  • Hardly downloads

    by Yehia,ronaldo

    This app is now going crazy. It hardly lets me download the videos and sometimes it marks them as downloaded but they are not cached so i cant see them

  • I want my money back

    by Epic adventure muffins

    I bought this app thinking a cache would be included, however I didn't get what was promised. Don't waste your time.

  • New Update --> FAIL <--

    by Skylight 321

    Now this app doesn't even download videos to watch later anymore! So basically this app is useless! Tell me with the limited viewing selection plus the fact that you now can't download videos how is this app useful? I paid for this app twice and now it does NOTHING THANKS The new update has made this app completely unusable. New update fixes bugs and minor glitches ONLY NOT REALLY ENJOY NEW/MORE BUGS AND GLITCHES.

  • Hate it

    by Saad Zahrani

    Don't pay for it can't cache any thing,,

  • Horrible

    by Lions baseball

    I bought this for two dollars to have the unlimited cache and it is not there. Do not make promises that you can not keep.

  • BIG problem

    by SilverZiriax

    Cache is completely gone from my app! Please fix

  • Poopy app

    by Spendlingdvn

    I like it but it made me write a review to use my pro version and it angered me


    by Lunas the Echidna

    I use to download a whole bunch of stuff but then my app would just crash as soon as I opened it so I deleted it. Except when I downloaded it again I couldn't download things! THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS APP!

  • Horrible

    by Dxjordan

    Horrible u can't download stuff anymore I want a refund

  • Refund

    by Lunalovegod

    Can I please get my money back

  • Waste of money

    by Xkpierce12

    I downloaded this app a few months ago it was great until the latest update they removed the ability to download videos for later viewing and the app always crashes

  • Dumb

    by Flat top Toby

    It says unlimited cache but there is not an option for cache waste of two dollars

  • I can't find the cache

    by SsAA323

    I can't find the cache...

  • No More Cache?!

    by ArtemisTheGoodGameHuntress

    I bought this for the cache, but there is none. I totally want my money back. DO NOT BUY!

  • Really

    by Bomart10

    I really like the feature where it starts my songs in the middle! I mean who likes listing to the whole song. Oh and the best part of this app is it cost money! Glad I paid for this app to listen to half if songs I like

  • Shame

    by Bghdhydbrjgfbr

    I download this pro app to be able to have more than 10 video in the cache as the app recommend me to do! .....and nothing .... You push people to buy on promise that you don't respect. It is a SHAME.

  • Not what was advertised

    by Funjunky

    I bought this app after I saw my friend using to cache. I don't see cache option anymore. I want my money back.

  • Lost the download feature

    by XboxCaptain1 gamertag

    I really liked the download feature now it's gone.

  • CACHE???

    by SexyBack$$

    Where is the most important thing the cache it used to have it now it's gone. Get cache back in new update or big refund!!

  • What a glitchy piece of crap!

    by I dvijidcjnrcj

    What a glitchy piece of crap!

  • Where is cache?

    by Deal with them

    Please add the cache back, otherwise this app is useless

  • Trash

    by Daedra r ppl 2

    I read your little statement on your website..... Legal issues blah blah blah, no cache means no reason to support your company... I've been loyal, you guys do a good job. But get another app out there with cache, before someone else beats you too it

  • Money Back

    by Fuègo

    I brought the app to cache videos now I can't do it. It told me if I upgrade I would have unlimited cache you guys lied and I want my money back smh horrible business apple should look into this

  • Where's the Cache

    by LolMaster300

    I "upgraded" to pro to have more cache videos, but when I downloaded pro there was no cache! One star until it's fixed.

  • What happened to cache?!?

    by sorry this nickname is taken.

    I had to redownload because of my iPod storage. Now it won't let me cache!!! One star until fix or I want my money back!!!!

  • Removal of Cache!?!?!

    by William Greenawalt

    I had to delete and re-download because of storage and now theirs no cache!!!!!!! Please fix!!!!!!!!

  • Do not buy

    by Tony Pleasanton

    It cannot cache! Give my money back! Cheater!

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