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Languages: English

Seller: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Fix auto-advance problem. Chapters will now automatically advance. So sorry for any inconvenience this bug may have caused.

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* Now with Retina display and backgrounding for your iPhone 4. PLUS, an all new Adventure pack is available for purchase. Enjoy! *

❝AudioBookShelf deserves applause for its slick interface.❞ -

❝AudioBookShelf is perfect for that siesta or office shift.❞ -

❝AudioBookShelf is a well-put together app and the book selection is set up pretty nice and presented well.❞ - Appmodo

AudioBookShelf is a unique, fun, and extremely useful app to listen to some of history's most treasured masterpieces. It's also a Universal application, which gives you two great apps...for one low price.

Unlike other audiobook applications, AudioBookShelf has been carefully curated to include only the highest quality audiobooks. Using audiobooks from the LibriVox project, which has volunteers from around the world read their favorite books, we took the time to identify the most popular books with the best readers. We did all the work for you; your only job is to enjoy high-quality audiobooks at the touch of your finger.

Other audiobook outlets charge $9 or more for each of these types of books. AudioBookShelf currently contains thirteen classics all for one low price, which is a savings of over $100.

AudioBookShelf currently includes:

‣ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
‣ Anne of Green Gables
‣ The Art of War
‣ A Christmas Carol
‣ The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
‣ Gulliver's Travel
‣ The Invisible Man
‣ Jane Eyre
‣ Pride and Prejudice
‣ Sleepy Hollow
‣ The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
‣ Treasure Island
‣'Twas the Night Before Christmas
‣ Wuthering Heights

Want more? Consider purchasing the all new Adventure pack, which includes:

‣ Robinson Crusoe
‣ The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
‣ The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
‣ Tarzan of the Apes
‣ The Last of the Mohicans


‣ Beautifully crafted books and bookshelf. You'll wish you had this shelf of books in your home!
‣ Intuitive, landscape layout. Browse your bookshelf the way you would in real life.
‣ Listen offline. Books will be downloaded to your device, so you can listen without worrying about a network connection.
‣ Playback control. Includes play, pause, rewind, fast forward, play 2x faster, navigate to any point in chapter, chapter browser, and a sleep timer.
‣ Automatic Bookmarking. AudioBookShelf will bookmark the books you are listening to and start right where you left off last time.


‣ Network connection required to initially download books. Books will be downloaded by chapter. Once downloaded, books can be listened to without connectivity.

Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful

    by Bazooms

    This app is the best out there. The readers are amazing and really bring the books to life. I have recommend this to all of my friends. My only wish is that they would add more book updates.

  • Wish there was a portrait view

    by PlayerofFuBball

    But besides that awesome app.

  • Assume app!

    by Jessa619

    Wonderful app! I don't know why people complain; they have it listed in the description what books you get. And yes there are free apps with the same books, but I'm happy to pay for this one as I think the people they have reading them are more enjoyable to listen to. I only wish they would add some more soon like Frankenstein and Dracula. Great app, I love it! Just make sure to read the description so you know it's for you too!

  • Kinda dissapointed

    by NKeleman

    For two dollars, I'd expected more than ten or so books, and I wish I could change the accents into American ones, but I like the books they give you.

  • Great experience so far,but limited content,

    by Michaeal Jin

    I found this a great purchase so far, great design. But very limited content, I'd like to see more to be added to, such as Charles Dickens'. Hope to have choices of voices, such as American accents. Overall, price can be higher to compensate the features. A high quality being is always in want of high quality product of letters, regardless of prices.

  • Great!

    by Otaku-san

    wonderful books, nice looking and easy to use interface, clear and professional readers, I love this app I only wish there were more books. thanks so much for this.

  • Warning....

    by Cupper Tupper

    **Autumn 2010 Warning - the automatic update puts the new audio book emblems on the bookshelf with the ugly chain and pad lock until you buy them. - Kind of black mail until you do - I don't appreciate this at all. So I have down graded it from a 5 to a 1- 2 with the average being 3. Lesson: Once you buy it - don't update it! Of course unless you want to put more money into keeping what you had looking the same. I certainly won't be showing people this ap anymore when I show them the iPod Touch. *Spring 2010 When I show people my iPod Touch - this is one of the first ap's I share and just a wonderful miracle that these things are. I re-visited Jane Eyre and Guliver Travels and now Anne of GG - these are well done. And a good deal. Thank you.

  • Great

    by Safevoyage

    Great stuff! The readers are great. The app if great because it has a sleep function. It's able to go forward or backwards.

  • Just please upgrade!!!

    by Jnigel3

    More books please! This app is so cool and would be a 5 star easy if they added more books......

  • $1.99 for 13 books is a steal!

    by The Mellowseeker

    Great quality app, I would love it if books were added so you could read along.

  • Upgrade PLEASE!!!!!

    by revkn

    I score this app a 3 because although the app is good it could be GREAT with just a few simple upgrades. I would rate it a 5 with one simple request--MORE BOOKS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand why there are no options for more books or that there is no books availabe to purchase for this app and to make it worse as I read the other comments there has been no books added for a very long time. I love the quality of the audio books and I love the concept of the books on the shelves I just don't understand with so much quality and the thought that went into this app why you are not adding more books to make a library. It would be nice. PLEASE DO SOMETHING, Confused!!!

  • More, more, more...please!

    by Loving Literature

    I love this app. I am excited to drive so I can listen to the audiobooks. I love the accents of the readers; so authentic in keeping the stories integrity. However, I so want more books. More Jane Austin...more Bronte; how about Hemingway? "Gone with the Wind", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Little "Women", "Crime and Punishment" and so many more, I'm exited to hear. Patiently waiting..........

  • Review

    by Scarletelizabeth

    Love the app, the design is fabulous!

  • audio junkie

    by Ofkorsbyjeanne

    I would give this a five star if only you would add more books, please!!!!!!!

  • Haven

    by bobanna020

    I like the idea of this, but it seems like there are so few options. I bought the app and haven't used it yet, because I've already listened to the books I'm interested in using a different application. Can you please add A Little Princess and The Secret Garden read by Karen Savage. Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island read by Karen Savage are also really good. Also, The Railway Children. I'd like to see more selection in this app and I think I would use it.

  • Good readers

    by Gigfy

    Changed to three stars since there hasn't been an update in a very long time. Also you will never see current books only ones they can get free but for the price it's not a bad app. Just downloaded this app and started listening to Pride and Prejudice - very happy with the readers voice and lively cadence. Please add more Jane Austen. Also to people asking for current books just like the books apps for reading they can only do books that are free of any licenses so you won't get them but if you love classic literature this is for you. Also Trollope,Dickens and Gaskell are good also but more Austen would be great.

  • Top Shelf

    by CovertBazinga

    This should be the format by which all other audiobook apps are run! Very well implemented and the interface is striking and easy to use. The only complaint I have, and it's minor, is that the play/pause button is a bit too small so sometimes I go back a chapter instead of pausing. Other than that...awesome! Makes other applications look very cheaply done.

  • Great in every way!

    by Javisola

    This is truly a great app, great voices and great book picks. However, I am ready for more classics! I would invest more in this app if there were more fantastic classics to choose from. Thanks!

  • Great app

    by Cillarezik

    I have only listened to one book so far but I love it I fall asleep to someone reading to me. It's great. Lol

  • So far so good

    by NDean

    While the voices are not those of the professional, they are well done. Please add more of popular 20th Century books like Muriel Spark and Truman Capote.


    by Alalu


  • Got me!!!

    by Sandoval101

    Took my money for books already available for free. Then to top it off I paid for the privilege of getting the "pay more" bubble for adventure books. This of which are also available for free. Well, you got me!

  • Disappointed!!

    by sweet&spicy romanian

    It keeps crashing! I had to redownload books 3 times! Finally got them all done & paid extra 99 cents & went back to start listening... Then, it crashed again, & now I can't even get anything to load, only get blank screen! Ugh! Help!!!!!!! You have a nice app & 99 cents is no big deal, for all the great books, but, not if one can't access them, or app keeps crashing, in middle of things! Very frustrating! Please either fix & update your app, or refund money, to all disappointed customers! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Rip off!!

    by peacehammer123

    Sold me free books you jerks!! Give me a refund. Thieves.

  • Feel ripped off.

    by Cricketbugs

    I suggest finding a different audiobook app. This app has a selection of less than 20 books, including the "adventure pack". You can find the selection of titles on any other audiobook app for free. This app pretty much is just designed to take your money and not deliver on it's description. I'm very disappointed, thanks for jacking my $1.99, would have rather bought a newspaper and coffee, if I had known sooner.

  • Auto advance working

    by SolisLacus

    I reviewed the last version and was very critical because one had to go back into the app to advance through the chapters. So it's only fair to rate this again, now that the chapter advance is working properly. This is a very nice app, especially for the price. Hopefully in the future, there will be a few more books.

  • Disappointed

    by Az family

    You only have access to the titles you can see listed here, and all take forever to download. Overall I have been disappointed and will be looking for a different app for my audiobook needs.

  • Don't Buy

    by gb143er

    I had downloaded the audiobook "The Summons" from the itunes store and have been looking for an app to play it on that is better than the ipod app. I purchased this app for that purpose after reading the reviews and either I misunderstood what I was reading or it is misleading. I thought I could import the audiobook I purchased but when I went into the app there is only their library of books and no kind of setup or options buton. The only books available to you are the ones they list. :( So be careful before you buy.

  • Not a top application

    by New audio listener

    I have only 14 books and the application downloaded upside down. Not a big deal but weird. Great graphics. Very user friendly environment. I wish it would offer new releases or best author books that I could purchase.

  • Horrible

    by Will delete'

    I guess I should of read the discripton before I pirchased this app. Not a lot of books available. Wow! Will be removing this one

  • Down From 5 Stars To 3 Stars To 1 Star

    by Terry's Peach

    We have been asking for more books since November 2009 and received NOTHING! Thanks for no new books, and all your generous attention (LOL)!!!

  • More please. I know you have it in you

    by Doc Dash

    2800 book from public domain but only a dozen get the presidential up grade? Why ca I get moby dick on the original audio book but get the night before Christmas for the fru fru library inter face. Work with me here people, or are you pushing me to get a kendle

  • Gay

    by onlyCommentsOnTHEbestMusic


  • Awesome!

    by Yin and Yang

    The voices sound great! For all the books you get it's a great price. Please add more Jane Austen.

  • Wonderful

    by dovewc3ster

    This a great app, should be very jealous.The developers of this app did excellant job. I personally enjoy this app before I go to bed. Thank-you. I'm looking forword you new additions

  • Well done

    by Careful

    Love it. I wish you would have followed Ann Of Green Gables with The second book. So many of the book are great but would like more to choose from.

  • add

    by CARLI3OS

    huckle berry finn tom sawyer across 5aprils to kill a mocking bird rip vanwinkle proverbs

  • Needs more classics!

    by grecord

    Please add Shakespear and Edgar Allen Poe!

  • Fahrenheit 451

    by the petite's acount

    I got this app and LOVE it!!!!!!! But could you please add Fahrenheit 451 By:Ray Bradbury

  • LibriVox Screened

    by ExieNez

    I had heard of the free LibriVox recordings and that many were poorly narrated so I never bothered to check them out, however, reading in the app description that the included recordings were screened, I downloaded. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks for the screenings...I really appreciate that. I always wanted to try one of these books but never got around to it knowing that finding a well read selection would be an arduous task. I did hear that Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse was a good one but I never checked it out for myself.

  • love it

    by bellhaus

    love it

  • Love it

    by Faze 2

    Very pleased with this app. Please add Tom Sawyer

  • Great App!

    by Viac8422

    I've bought a bunch of audiobooks for the drive to work this is really an awesome price for all the books you get!

  • Readers make all the difference!

    by Roger vs. Rafa

    Unlike other apps these readers are excellent. Please add more books!

  • Audio books

    by Alangary

    Great app looking for more books

  • Okay app

    by Tp447

    I like this app but I wish they would add the DaVinci code and some other Dan brown books.

  • Needs more books

    by D. Kennedy

    This is the best audiobook site so far. I bought it as an investment, in anticipation of more books being added and the price of the app going up. Unfortunately this has yet to happen. Listen, if you need reader's contact me. I have an English minor and am an excellent speaker. I would be happy to read these books for a fee, just tell me how to go about it. So many people want more books read by people that speak English and speak it well! You have my contact information.

  • I would give 5 stars if....

    by alexwcreamsoda

    It says on the app page on the app store that they will add more books due to feedback. Well here is my feedback. I would give fives stars if you guys would add this series: The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, or at least some of those books. Please!!!!

  • Great

    by Illusivone

    Add more books!

  • Love!

    by Bananababe12

    I love this app I truly do!!! Im surprised noone else has bought it. I've bought almost all of the audiobook apps, this ones the most visually stimulating and I love how it opens like a book with all the options inside. Also it's great that once they're downloaded you can use without wifi, so nice because I like to ulisten while driving or working! I would delete my other apps for this mainly because this is prettier... Except that it is lacking a bit. Please add some more books!! Or give us a list of options like the other audiobook apps do! Thank you!

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