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Seller: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Ready for iOS 7.

Audiobooks now features an updated user interface and capabilities designed to make it feel right at home on iOS 7.

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Listen to 5,533 classic audiobooks totally FREE on your iPhone or iPad. In addition to the great free content, we also include a growing collection of premium audiobooks for your enjoyment. These include professionally narrated modern best sellers and hand-selected classics edited for maximum quality.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting for your connection, cramming for that English test, or just relaxing on your sofa, Audiobooks provides your most beloved audiobooks at the touch of your finger.

Customer Reviews

  • Less time = more books

    by sheehano17

    One of the most helpful apps I have ever used, I love it. Chapters that have taken me nearly 45 minutes to read take only 15 minutes to listen to so I have time to listen to more.

  • Very convenient!

    by Gerardo101

    Listen all day at work and sometimes I'm surprised how quick time to clock out comes.

  • Around the world in eighty days

    by Barbara J Clark

    Delightful !

  • Audiobooks

    by Book gem

    Lets me read great books on a budget

  • Exquisite

    by Makb43267

    Love it

  • Audio books

    by Hunterdavistote

    This app is very helpful. I can read/ listen so much easier. I personally love to do something while I read so this is. Great way!

  • Perfect

    by Kavorka1140

    Great app. I have no complaints.

  • Boooooooo

    by Softball1019574

    I want to get the hunger games so they can read some to me and I can read some myself but come to found out they don't have the hunger games

  • Very good site...

    by Chamil4223

    I listen to adventure and mystery books. Generally good narrators. Sorry ladies, women narration just doesn't work well with stories that have virtually no female characters. Charley

  • Books on the go!

    by Pierina Sessarego

    This is a super app. Thank you!

  • The story of a soul by St. Therese of Lisieux

    by Gouffre de Padirac

    This is so well read and worthwhile. I love the concept of making incredible books such as this one available to all English speaking people in the world. It's a brilliant concept and very well executed. Thank you to the ones who thought of it and those who implemented it. The book itself is soul lifting.

  • Embrace "grown up" storytelling time!

    by debra11


  • Anne of Greengables

    by eleventhirty

    I enjoyed it with all my heart. I loved all four books. Descriptions wonderful, vocabulary mature.

  • Happy BBQ

    by H.R. Shuvenstuf

    I enjoy the English. Posit the salad lacking crouton.

  • Awesome love the app

    by Dakrunch

    Great when cooking or on the run. Ive managed to get through a lot of classics Ive wanted to read for some time.

  • Love it

    by SeaRead

    Had this for a while now. Love listening when going to sleep. No troubles.

  • Love this!

    by Mama9093

    I'm glad I found this! I like to listen when I'm too busy to sit and read.

  • Great invention gets better

    by Sillyvalley

    Best since sliced bread? Nah. That goes to iPod (app, not the gadget). But this is the best thing since iPod app on iPhone. And it gets even better now, with the suggestion to "save to library" if you are browsing titles while listening to a book. They even get "sharing" feature back! Like many other A/V apps, this one works with iPod's controls, too. I'd been using PodCast, iTunes U to access Librivox, Lit2go, and so on but using iPod app on iPhone to do this isn't easy - especially given several bugs in playlist. This app not only makes searching for titles a breeze, but the packaging (ToC, etc.) is also very practical. Two ears up! The new navigation interface in 5.0 makes it even more attractive than the previous versions. If this one doesn't get five stars, I don't know what could. One annoyance is the new sleep timer’s “custom” interface. It is too dark to be a convenience. To those who complain about narration quality: Go volunteer for Librivox to improve it! (Please visit for more information, as they pronounce:-) Now if we also have Lit2go...

  • Love

    by wowzered

    Listen to this all the time have great classic stories and such that you never got around to reading but should now. also many others I haven't heard of before that are fabulous. Love it.

  • Great App!

    by Nhabi14

    Thanks to the volunteers who read. Great app to have and tons of audiobooks to choose from.

  • Poor Quality

    by slip57

    I can't figure out why others are giving this app a good review. I previewed several books and found the quality of the reader to be horrid. Flat and boring voices, speaker poorly enunciates words, back ground noise like TV snow and squeaky furniture (not part of the story). Very amateurish. Couldn't wait to delete this train wreck!

  • Not worth it

    by 3leggedjester

    Wont open

  • Audiobooks

    by Geo1234geo

    Good app...please update with new books not just new readings of the same books. Also some functions could be improved. It will also help to be able to adjust volume within the app and include all narrators in the search by narrator tab. Newer versions could be improved.

  • Great audio book app!

    by Itsabouttimeuno

    I love this app! It has a great selection ranging from a sci-fi to mysteries to the classics. You can't go wrong with this app.

  • Frustrated

    by Greg-Austin

    I just downloaded the app to my iPhone 7.0.4 and it crashed twice trying to open it. I killed the app and reopened it, and it crashed a third time. I no longer have the app, it's deleted! Waste of time. The commercials are pretty cool though.

  • Mediocre

    by Google is evil

    Save yourself some unnecessary confusion and frustration. This app is a disaster. I downloaded few audiobooks, few days later, boum, they disappeared from my library. Thought it was maybe a one time glitch. Re downloaded again the whole thing. Few days later, they disappear again. I'm not a technical guy but I'm assuming that building functionality that ensures downloaded audiobooks don't disappear shouldn't be that difficult.

  • It's really great

    by Frayed nerve

    I like it very much, use it often and have never had a problem with it. I would recommend it highly to everyone.

  • Horible

    by Won't load

    It keeps on crashing, please fix problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a wonderful app

    by ReadySetPlay

    I have listened for many hours and enjoyed every bit of these audiobooks. Some I have listened to more than once. I started with the classics that I had wanted to read and never had the time to. Now, I look forward to reading many other topics. This app is great! Enjoy! This is great!!!

  • Have enjoyed

    by AndyMcCullough27

    This app has lots of classics that I have enjoyed such as A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations. One of my sons listened to Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

  • Jb

    by 8tq7jt

    I love this app. I listen to books in the morning, in the car, at night instead of watching TV. I highly recommend this app. It's so easy to use. From someone who has been renting audio books from the library for years, this is a reader's dream. I can choose any book I want. Love it!!

  • Audiobooks

    by Psychicfly

    This is one of my favorite apps. It allows me to read my books that I have always been interested in while going to sleep.

  • Hate it!!

    by Brandipreece16

    It won't let you read the Hunger Games series or the Harry Potter series! So stupid! It doesn't have any good books on there at all!

  • Pam

    by Pamseriously

    Love it!

  • Really good app

    by Jay 4-25-10

    I am legally blind so I use this a lot really nice app I like it.

  • Immensely enjoyable!

    by kolakkudi

    Just love this app and the classics it offers. Thank you librevox.

  • A must have.

    by Dan banks

    I use it every day, a wonderful service! Thank You!

  • Favorite app

    by Scott1959aug

    This is my favorite audio book app.It works very well.

  • Yeah

    by Hartsw

    If you love old books you will love this. Would like to see more added more often.

  • Great app!

    by Maumatea

    This app is easy to use with my iPhone 4S. Lots of titles to choose from.

  • Miracles do happen!

    by Wrascallyone

    I usually have the radio on from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. I seldom ever watch the television. When life gave me some hard blows, I couldn't find a station with songs that wouldn't bring tears to my eyes. I decided to look for an audio book app because I'm too busy to sit and read without falling asleep. I happened on LibriVox audio books and gave it a try. I started with "the Secret Garden", narrated by Karen Savage. What a perfect choice for me. I had only heard of this book before and found it to be sweet and encouraging. Karen's voice was soothing and I'm sure, in the words of the young Master, "miracles do happen!" Now, on to my second book! Thank you, Karen and LibiVox

  • Helpful!

    by LisaTx61

    I'm too wiggly to read fiction, especially long works. I just listened to all of Pride and Prejudice while getting lots done. By the end of the book, I had gotten a terrible cold. Those last ten chapters or so made being laid out with a box of Kleenex not so bad. Audiobooks is my new work partner and my happy distraction when sick! I love it!

  • Best app ever!

    by Zapperbunny

    I listen to this app every night until I go to sleep, if I should wake and it quit running I turn it on again! Mark J Smith is da bomb of narrators! I am totally in love with his voice and just the way he says "domain" takes my breath away!

  • Esq.

    by MrMcMe

    This is a great app. I love it!

  • Madmomma

    by MadMomma14

    Great app. I especially enjoy this app when I am at work. It allows me to listen to some of my favorite books and authors while continuing on with my job. Keep up the good work.

  • Needs update

    by Soooooo goooood

    Love the app so much, but I have two suggestions. 1. It would be great if all the readers didn't have an accent. It makes it very hard to understand. 2. I use this app for school and if this app had a feature where you could use a dictionary, that would be awesome.

  • Love it - great books

    by Tony Ries

    Love it - great books I have enjoyed passing the time by listening to the many different stories ALR

  • Love this app

    by Jaaelyn

    There are so many books you can download to the iPad and listen to in my car. It is great!

  • The Timer is brilliant!

    by Bobbitz1944

    I love it.

  • Great app

    by Sheri Black

    Very nice and simple. Love the books. Some of the people reading them have annoying voices, but very rarely

  • Well worth it!

    by Alan Wolf Roark

    The science fiction alone makes this app well worth the price.

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