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Languages: English

Seller: Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Ready for iOS 7.

Audiobooks now features an updated user interface and capabilities designed to make it feel right at home on iOS 7.

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Listen to 5,533 classic audiobooks totally FREE on your iPhone or iPad. In addition to the great free content, we also include a growing collection of premium audiobooks for your enjoyment. These include professionally narrated modern best sellers and hand-selected classics edited for maximum quality.

Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting for your connection, cramming for that English test, or just relaxing on your sofa, Audiobooks provides your most beloved audiobooks at the touch of your finger.

Customer Reviews

  • Enjoyable Adventures

    by MemePepep

    Fun to experience older novels with this mode. Thank you.

  • Swiss Family Robinson

    by Jsher4442

    This was a very good story,read by a very good reader. It was so nice to have One reader. My compliments to him. Thanks so much!

  • A1

    by Godier

    Great good storyline!

  • Truly a great app!

    by Whiteghost1

    A fantastic media to enjoy the works of great authors!

  • Jane Eyre

    by PatA.51

    The reader was great, and I have read the story, saw the movies of Jane Eyre, I enjoyed all of them and now this reader was fabulous. I rate this book a five star and more. Thank You

  • Very good

    by Listener113

    Very good app

  • Great app

    by Maggie62m

    I appreciate this wonderful app! The volunteers do a real service of real worth for us. I like the timer feature also, and use it frequently. thanks, thanks! WIsh you could read current books as well as classics.

  • Like it

    by LoneStarLarry

    I have really enjoyed this app, just wish they would get more plus versions of the books. I have about gone through all the good ones. L.

  • Wonderful app!

    by Voodooshop

    I have enjoyed this app for years now. Great collection of books, wonderful readers and dependable technical performance. My thanks to the developers.

  • All of Max Brands westerns

    by Dangerous Desert Dick

    Fun retro journeys into America's unique western heritage. Manly men valued horses and of course unsullied ladies. Four stars

  • Loving this app!

    by Jahra11

    I am enjoying listening to old classics and great readers as I drive, wait on my children, or get ready for bed. This app has become such a part of my life. Loving it!

  • Great app

    by BevZee

    Great app

  • My Favorite App

    by NightTimeDogWalker

    I've been using this app for over a year and believe it has improved my quality of life. Time that was previously wasted (driving, weeding my garden, doing my hair) is now interesting and fun. Thank you so much for this great app!!

  • Audiobook5.2.1

    by Lost in books

    This is a great app! You find yourself drawn to the readers who bring life to your books. Thank you

  • Super Value!

    by Geminigail

    My children listen to audiobooks at bedtime to help them settle down (ADHD) and it is just amazing how many classics they have consumed already. They love this app! They read physical books all the time too but listening to audiobooks boosts their literacy in a different way. 5 stars!

  • Pretty good

    by TittieTortoise

    Downloads quickly, never crashes... Some of the readers though are just really really horrible.

  • Audiobooks

    by N2MNTWINS

    Audiobooks is my constant companion. It is very useful!

  • Great for Relaxing

    by Jim Felix

    It's so nice to be entertained and able to relax with my eyes closed, unlike reading or watching TV. Many of the narrators are quite good. The APP works very well. The paid APP provides a great deal more books without the lengthy introduction at the beginning of each chapter. Thanks so much!!!

  • Great app

    by sablejersey

    I love this app, I listen to it all the time. I love listening to classics and exploring books I've always meant to read and new ones of which I've never heard. I swear my vocabulary has improved too :)

  • great app!

    by BestPitinTown

    This a great app, I use it everywhere, and helps during my long commute.

  • What did I purchase???

    by 44nan

    I looked up books by c s Lewis and found spirit of bondage. It was .99 but it said for 4.99 I could get all 200+ titles so I did that. To my surprise all I got was the one book of poems. What a ripe off . I'm sorry I even paid to download audible I had to give one star to post

  • App

    by Party10


  • Great job

    by Macinsa

    I really enjoy this app. I love the plus books. More plus books please.

  • Aodio books

    by FRITZEL68

    I look forward to listening to the audio books any chance I get. I only wish there were some more recent titles.

  • Fantastic

    by LMW67

    Fantastic. Love the classics available.

  • Love love love!!

    by Spreadnjoy

    I use this app all the time! The readers are wonderful, many reading with wonderful inflection. I have discovered so many wonderful titles I never would have thought to read had they not been on here!

  • Love it

    by Shayla B

    I love being able to get some "reading" done while working and driving. Thanks!

  • Been using this app for a long time

    by Baron1948

    Great app. I got it shortly after getting my iPhone 3G years ago and have enjoyed many books with it. The interface could be a bit more polished, but the content is superb.

  • A rich treasure

    by smarthink

    Thank you for the hard work of putting these wonderful tales , stories , novels and histories into the public domain - a true treasure.

  • iPhone app doesn't work

    by Dgwdlvr

    Ugh!!! Even with paid version won't open on iPhone 4. No stars.

  • Love it!

    by Jobando

    Love it!

  • Life is better with Librivox

    by Pat Loves Librivox

    While am working, I'm reading a book. When my hands are busy, I am reading a book. While I am driving, I am reading a book. I can even read a book while I'm walking on the beach. Thank you Librivox.

  • Great app one of my top picks

    by OldManGroggy

    Great deal as well

  • Great app

    by yummyjackalmeat is a fantastic project. This app is wonderfully organized and has a terrific interface. An essential app!

  • Best Audiobook App!

    by Forewarn


  • Best bargain for audible books

    by Jobriant

    Most classics

  • Great App

    by Lychee57

    This really is a great app.

  • Fabulous

    by Barbara J Clark

    Many, many hours of delightful reading. Discovered many authors I never thought I would enjoy.

  • Stinks

    by Dottoremarco

    Just bought and nothing downloads. Total crap.

  • So many books

    by Paul Stanley

    Pay for the plus. Better readers

  • Great app but one suggestion

    by Barrel Racer Breakaway Roper

    It might be a great help if the app could highlight books that I have listened to in the past. I have listened for about four years and don't always recall a title until I begin listening.

  • Pay to download free books!

    by MichaelA007

    If you like getting ripped off this is the app for you.

  • Best app ever!!!

    by Lisashere2

    This is the best app ever. I love to go to sleep listening to the books. The selection is huge! I've had this app 3 years using it every night and haven't even made a dent in the choices! I used to go sleep on the couch when my husband would snore now I just turn up the volume! :)

  • Audio Treasure

    by tbaley

    What a treasure this is. In the past I have spent a fortune on audio books to support my "habit". Now I have listened to thousands of hours during my early morning walks and driving time. Once in a while the recording quality briefly leaves something to be desired (hence four stars), but what wonderful volunteers! Highly recommended.

  • App

    by Jennydaleo

    The app is enjoyable, especially if you don't have the time to sit & read. It's nice to hear the stories in different voices to make the books much more interesting.

  • Page stuck on book listings

    by Monkey#22

    Usually I don't have any issues worth writing about, however today I find myself wanting to read along with the book and the page is stuck on the purchase list. I've rebooted, I've changed my setting, and nothing. I had just purchased a bible audiobook,so I could refer to it quickly, instead, I can't even choose sections from it because I cannot get the list of chapters to choose from. Disappointed.

  • Great

    by Meg's meg

    I love this app

  • Lost my Plus purchase

    by Mrjes

    I had audiobooks from the early days, ugly (but functional) interface and all. I figured I would help them out so I purchased the full Plus series. When they updated to the new interface a while back they lost my purchase. I've tried getting them back in settings but I no avail. I was suckered once - not again! These in-app purchases on apple iGadgets are a bogus crap shoot!

  • A great experience!

    by Escarbagnas

    I utterly enjoyed listening to Edgar Alan Poe's poem, The Raven. I liked the reader's British accent, which in this case, gives a particularly pleasant flavor to this fabulous classic.

  • Enjoy it

    by GDinTN

    I enjoy listening to the great stories

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