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Whether you are stuck in traffic, waiting for your connection, cramming for that English test, or just relaxing on your sofa, Traveling Classics provides your most beloved audiobooks at the touch of your finger.

This application contains a full, unabridged AUDIOBOOK of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, read by Mike Vendetti. This story was inspired by a remark of Mark Twain's to the effect that it was a pity that the best part of life came at the beginning and the worst part at the end. This story was made into a feature film in 2008, and has been nominated for 13 Academy Awards.

The Traveling Classics Reader provides:
- A crisp, sleek interface for navigating the book and controlling playback
- A delightfully clear and engaging narration of the entire book
- The full text of the novel, which scrolls in sync with the narration for easy reference
- Never loose your place; the reader will keep track of where you are in the book so can resume playback at the click of a button.

The recording used in this application is taken from the LibriVox project. This project has volunteers from around the world record their favorite classic books and then release them for the world to enjoy. This recording of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was made by Mike Vendetti.

This application contains the full book in one download so that you can listen to the book wherever you are, without the need for an internet connection. Perfect for those long plane trips or commutes on the subway. This does, however, mean that the application is larger than most. So you will have to download it over WiFi or through iTunes on your Mac or PC.

If you enjoy this book, please be sure to check out the full range of Traveling Classics books at

Customer Reviews

  • Annoying!

    by Crock of Apples

    I would incourage you to buy this but,the guy who does the talking, his voice is really screechy and it is so very annoying. Still a good book.CG

  • Reader does not pronouce complex words correctly...

    by Dakota99

    There are words that have complex pronounciation and the reader obviously doesn't bother to pronounce them correctly... Which can give the sentence a different meaning. Not acceptable for an audiobook where the listener depends on the readers ability to communicate at an expert level. Suggestion: hire professionals. Very excited about the app---ended up disappointed. Cannot trust the reader without following the story myself...which misses the whole point of an audiobook.

  • To short.

    by Socaltech

    To short. Not worth your time or money.

  • B Buttons

    by cheeksnholmes

    Nice app. Very nice. However, the voice was a horrible match for the story. More attention needs to be given to narrator selection. Never read the book, didnt see the movie. Just couldnt finish 'cause it didnt fit. It needs to grab AND hold you. Perhaps for another read. Just not this one.

  • Anemic

    by Laukolady

    A story of very little substance voiced by someone who brought nothing to the story.

  • Benjamin button will put you to sleep

    by Chicken choker

    Very boring to listen to. Story overall is okay but incredibly predictable! Don't waste your money.

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