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Image Creator - Wallpaper Designer - Comic Maker

Wallpaper Studio for Minecraft is more advanced than any other app like it. It’s an advanced image and picture tool completely centered around our favorite game, Minecraft. Inside this app you will find tools and abilities that you only find in premiere photoshop type applications.

Create your own images, use them as your device backgrounds, email them, tweet them and Facebook them. Save the raw images to edit later. Wallpaper Studio has full layer support, copy and paste, drag, pinch and zoom layers. It’s truly amazing.

Features Include:
- Extremely powerful image designer
- Save wallpapers you are working on for later editing
- Every element you design are layers and can move
- Import photos to use in your designs
- Add text, resize and add special effects
- Add mobs & place a cartoon bubble of text over them
- Mob faces to drop in
- Scale any object by pinch and zoom
- Make a series of cartoons out of Minecraft graphics
- Items & blocks from Minecraft can be added
- Duplicate, Lock and apply special effects to anything!
- Adjust angles, shadowing, transparency of items
- Bring item from the front to the back with layer tools
- Undo mistakes with one button
- Custom filters like grayscale, gloom, vignette & more
- Beautiful app design & quality like all Seejaykay apps

No image creator or wallpaper app compares to this. It’s truly amazing.

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at seejaykayapps@gmail.com. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Wallpaper Studio for Minecraft even better.

Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly.

-- Important --
This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Please support Mojang and Minecraft on the PC, iOS and Xbox platforms.

Customer Reviews

  • LOVE!!!!!!

    by Queen Endermen

    Wallpaper is EPIC!!! I love the app I wish I could put a wallpaper I made here! One thing this needs needs is a Endermen sticker, that would be cool. 5 Stars! Peace :3

  • An Improvment

    by Laker31

    Really good ap, very useful. I have only one problem. When I try to save to photos, it says "successfully saved to photo's" but it doesn't safe to my photo's. All in all, very good ap. I love it. Continue the work on this ap, and it will be perfect.

  • Sweet yo

    by Belch¡

    It's so maple y'all

  • Rating of 5

    by JohnElite1212001

    This is a good app because you can make pictures of minecraft mobs in their habitat which is in the wild and I can't wait to show and tell my friends about this! Thx creator of this app! Minecraft-player -> JohnSkull May 18 2013

  • 2 words

    by Dissblues

    Custom skins

  • Reed plz

    by Nickname.k.b

    It's nice but it needs work like more mobs like ghast we need to be able to add r skins that we have in minecaft we need to move the mobs arms and stuff we need to make it so we can make them holding picaxe or sword or axe and all that stuff i no it seems like a lot but plz add this stuff ps i love this app

  • Good

    by Crazypuppy24

    It's really good but the mob adjustments should be a little more easier

  • Need more stuff

    by 112233 cool

    It has not a lot of stuff but it is still good

  • Needs work

    by Orion Cruz

    It's cool, but I don't like that you can't change the mob's positions.

  • Could use some work.

    by Robby Murray (Brian's student)

    I know the app is still in its early stages, but it's quite laggy and I found some issues with photo rendering. Im a big fan of Seejaykay's quality in other apps so I'm sure these are fixable glitches.

  • Bugged

    by Dracknir97

    I tried to open it and it closed immediaty

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