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Seller: Craig Kerns

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- Bug Fixes

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••• The best Minecraft players will have this app. Jacob, Chicago •••

Thirteen apps in one makes Utilities for Minecraft a must-have app for every Minecraft fan. That's what you get with the latest Minecraft related app from Seejaykay. This app supports ALL three major versions of Minecraft: PC, Pocket Edition and Xbox Live.

Apps Included:

- Crafting Guide
- Items List

- Time Calculator

- Your First Night Guide

- Farming Guide (NEW)
- Furniture Plans

- Skins 

- Epic Seeds 

- Skin Stealer/Lookup

- Servers (Survival and Creative)

- Capes (mod use)

- Minecraft News Feeds
- Achievements (NEW)

Features Include:

- 13 Apps in one

- Support for all three major Minecraft versions. PC, Pocket Edition and Xbox

- Universal app compatible for all iOS devices.

- Retina graphics for the latest generation of iPads

Download the best and ONLY all-in-one app for Minecraft today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at webmaster@seejaykay.com. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Utilities for Minecraft even better.

This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft. All graphical assets of Minecraft and its trademark are owned by Mojang AB.

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by ILuvLions

    REALLY needs to update often!!

  • Good BUT

    by steelboy17

    It needs updated for 1.6.2

  • OK

    by Gamelovr101

    It's great but, the skin look up doesn't work and there isn't a brewing thing.

  • Good but....

    by Zombie Life Rocker333

    How do I apply capes and also there is a show cape button in the main menu in PC Minecraft. If the show cape button dosen't work then does OptiFine let you have a cape?

  • How do u get skins for P.E

    by Scarmooch

    Could someone help me with that cuz idk

  • Good, but

    by Atomosie

    Good, but needs more stuff I also need doors.

  • Good err...

    by Brentster33

    The capes, servers, and seeds never update! It's always the same! Can you make them update so we don't have the same seeds all the time?

  • Review

    by Difsycfeduffug


  • Great app

    by Die zombies die162341

    But needs brewing

  • best game ever

    by joshuacrydddduduxgy

    the best game ever add brewing

  • Found something false

    by Buck1599

    Earlier today i got a skeleton to kill a creeper and it dropped music disc 11, perfectly legit. A glitch maybe?

  • Awesome app

    by Brianbob

    I love this app but you should add brewing its the only thing that I struggle with in MC lol

  • Awesome

    by Mememmememe1781

    I did't think this app would be cool because my computer broke:( but then I saw Xbox and that's what I play now so thank you o before I leave 5 star

  • Imagined better

    by Diego1687

    I imagined this being a better app. It is ok, and I guess it is worth 99¢. You should be able to apply skins and capes to your account.

  • Why the hate?

    by Phinox237

    Good app. Why is everyone complaining about PE? That's not the only version, you know!

  • Good, needs a bit more.

    by C00kieAddict

    Maybe combine the crafting and items? That would be easier, thanks. Needs more furniture and more content such as guides and cheats. Please add the voice searcher Otherwise, a great use for Minecraft! Thanks! Great Price!

  • Awsome

    by Leon6er

    Do you add new Furniture every update

  • Awesome app!!!!!!!!!

    by Calmaty

    This app helps me alot

  • Good

    by Bulldogj72

    Its an great app for recipes and other stuff, they could add some things;enchantments, mobs, etc. and also update the news. But everything else is great; server list, seeds, furniture. I believe they will update it. And to any who complain about no skins for pocket edition. They are unavailable in the current version.

  • awsome!

    by julia niall =D

    everything is awsome! thx!

  • No

    by Movielover329

    I can't even open anything!! I don't like it at all!

  • Misleading

    by Halflng

    The description says it is for all platforms, but it doesn't tell you the whole truth- not all features work on all platforms. I thought I'd be able to use skins on the PE version, but once I bought the app, I found out that wasn't true. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update?

  • Dumb app

    by Horacio

    Don't pay for it it doesn't help pe at all I'm surprised it gives a good rating


    by Leanrandy33


  • Horrible.....HORRIBLE

    by Simscity18

    This app only allows u to put skins on UR Internet account and not on ur app

  • Worst app EVER

    by Randyrocks


  • Improved

    by Pure Awe

    This could be better by adding pictures to crafting and others like the items. Overall it could be improved upon.

  • Please

    by Gmcmama

    It is ok but please make skins for pocket edition

  • It's handy, but....

    by Metalwario

    I like this app. There's some cool stuff in there, like different suggestions on furniture, an the world seeds are nice. But this app seems partially broken. For one thing, the "surviving your first night" section ALWAYS crashes. I can't read the entire thing. The furthest I've gotten is to discussion about shelter. The app also crashes for seemingly no reason. Switching apps crashes, scrolling too fast crashes, just reading text crashes. It's very unstable. The news section doesn't seem to update at all, save for twitter. Neither does the server listings. Which is really annoying (no word is mentioned of the 1.4 release tomorrow either). It would be cool if we could submit content towards the app as well, like servers, skins, even world seeds and furniture ideas. Would also be nice to have a skin editor as well, so we can make skins on the iPhone. Overall, it's not bad, but it needs bug fixes.

  • Great

    by legogold

    This is a must have app for all minecraft users worth up to $3. Only thing it needs is enchanting and brewing guide

  • Good

    by Sportlover101

    Woot! First review! Great app, though the "first night guide" crashes all my apps, and if u could make it more navigable like "explorer pro". Otherwise it's great

  • If I said it was a good app I would be lying

    by Fighting Seabee

    It's a great app!!!!! Best minecraft app out there no joke!!!!what a great price too!!!!:):)thanks for the great app please make more great apps:)

  • Extremely helpful

    by Miller =D

    I find this app to be super helpful when it comes to crafting and etc. I honestly think this is your best app SeeJayKay. Keep up the good work!

  • Great! But, needs more

    by Dr Mage

    This is a great app for all minecrafters. Totally worth $0.99!!

  • One of the best out there!

    by Hagarhouse

    Honestly, This app is wonderful! You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into this app to make it what it is! If you're looking for an app that has everything you need to know about Minecraft, this is the one! If you're new to Minecraft, go to the "Your First Night" category! It has a lot of detail that is required to know in order to survive! It has a great amount of information inside the app itself! Overall, Really good!

  • Awesome

    by Sadie'sJoy

    They should have came out with this earlier!!!

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