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Seller: Craig Kerns

- Adds Armor section
- Bug Fixes

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Terraria is truly fantastic a game of adventure but it can be pretty complicated. It is now available on the PC, Xbox and PS3 with more systems coming soon. That’s why every Terraria adventurer needs just one guide for all platforms. That’s exactly what this app does. The Ultimate Terraria Guide has been newly updated to cover all the Terraria goodness!

From items to enemies to bosses and so much more, quickly scroll the listing to find what object you are encountering. Each item type has specific information you need to survive like damage ratings, max life and defense.

Features Include:
- Quick access to all Terraria’s objects.
- Images, descriptions and data ratings
- Mechanics, NPC’s and Environments
- Enemies, Bosses
- Hundreds of Item listings

Update coming soon!

Get the first and still the best Terraria guide on the app store today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at seejaykayapps@gmail.com. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Ultimate Terraria Guide even better.

Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly.

-- Important --
This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Re-Logic or 505 Games. All graphical assets are owned by Re-Logic.

Please support Terraria on the PC, PS3 and Xbox platforms.

Customer Reviews

  • Great but

    by Defcon100

    Needs 1.2 items!


    by Boogy man 3000000

    I love this app. You must get it before building a house because the only trouble i had was i walmost had to rebuild my whole house

  • Its really good

    by Thisisnotmyname272727

    Its a really good app. Its always nice to have it next to you when your playing the game. I just have to suggest a few things. Like, add a search bar, and make some more categories than just "Items" add "weapons" and "tools" "Brewing" Etc. Still, it tells you what you need to know.

  • Good but…

    by VMen2000

    I really hope you guys add 1.2 items and new animations (ex blade of grass changed its aperance) and also more bosses and npcs. But anyway, it's a great help for me.

  • Good app

    by johnny52438797654329870

    Great app needs update

  • Some items missing,and you should add guides to bosses like brain of Cthulhu.

    by Maxsarge

    Same for items like coin cannon and shadow beam staff

  • Needs to Update

    by Alex the Mino master

    Its nice but it needs and update to Terraria 1.2 All the stuff I need to know like how to make Terra Blade , isn't shown. If you can update this that would be great.

  • Update!

    by Rising1134

    This app is awesome but really needs an update. Please update soon so I can use this app more often


    by Theofficialcolbycheese

    It would be great if you added the IOS app options so IOS users can see what's waht. Other than that great app!

  • Update Please

    by -Tshudy14-

    You need to add the 1.2 update of terraria, then 5 stars.

  • Amazing App

    by Fudgemcclung

    This is app is totally worth the dollar, I recommend it instead of Wiki. Although, I think there is a few things missing, like hornets. But overall, it's amazing!!

  • Really

    by Coolbrob

    It's not working 4 me and me need it 4 iOS 3

  • Great but needs an update

    by Farmer McCoy

    This truly is a great, helpful app. My friend and I will use it 24/7. But I think it needs an update. For instance, it doesn't have the raincoat or the Eskimo suit. And I think for the weapons you could tell how much damage they can do. Just a suggestion. Otherwise this is a great information app for Terrraria. Good job!!!

  • Great :)

    by Gageb99

    The app is really great and helpful and I understand you just had an update but it would be awesome if you did another for the 1.2 update. Other than that everything's perfect and totally worth the money.

  • Great but...

    by smsp

    Its a great app, really worth it. The info is great in detail and great in explaining. But this needs in update in more info, it lacks some mini-bosses like plantera or the queen bee. Also, is missing the crimson biome completly. This is worth the money but still needs work. And it would be great if u could add pics. Thnx

  • Update

    by Mas king

    I love the app but it doesn't seem to have a lot of information about items or all the items in general. I would love to see a search feature.

  • Awesome app

    by Terraria!!!!!!!!!!!!is awesome

    It's a amazing app but it needs to be updated to help with the new update on the pc

  • Needs another update

    by Cdurkee

    It needs another update for the new NPCs, ores, and armors.

  • Mobile version

    by David spoofed

    What about the mobile version ?

  • Needs info on blocks!!!

    by Likemycheese

    Its a great app but needs information on blocks and resources like hell stone or iron

  • Outdated a LOT

    by Jetton2001

    I like this but it's very outdated. You didn't include a crap load of other stuff for example where is the terra blade?! It's good but it needs a VERY VERY BIG UPDATE. Good day

  • Fix

    by Caleb_kid

    No 1.2 fix that know because otherwise I wasted my money.

  • Meh

    by Me, meh self, and I

    The app will give you the basic idea of the item, NPC, environment (no pictures of environments), mechanics of the game, bosses, and armor. For items, they do not tell you how to craft them, so that was a HUGE let down for me.

  • Update for 1.2

    by zaybxcjim

    The app is alright, it's layout leaves something to be desired, but if it's not updated for 1.2 than its useless. Also quite a few items list tables below and such making me think this app is just a straight rip of the wiki. While I'm fine with that, I'd still like it to be updated. With the recent steam sale, I can't be the only person who just bought this game. Please update, will give 4-5 stars at that time.

  • Its Ok

    by Potatohead777

    You should really make a guide for the iOS version of Terraria or is the PC and console the same as iOS other wise it's good

  • Nice

    by Morphsuit men

    Good buts needs it be updated A lot

  • iOS

    by Olsana

    Needs iOS

  • I love it

    by Kevin Ruiz

    It has helped me alot. I love this guide

  • 1.2

    by Cooldude2003915



    by Jdarcy329

    you guys should add a how-to crafting page, if you have one than either i'm not looking hard enough, or you don't have one, i've tried to find one on the App Store but no luck

  • Good

    by Poofy Carl

    It's helped me out a lot throughout the game. But it is still missing things. Also, it needs an update. Some things were changes in the last big terraria update, such as mana crystals only take 5 fallen stars instead of one, and I notices some of the recipes were a little off. Space gun doesn't use a flintlock pistol anymore. All in all its an amazing app, just needs to be updated considering it is payed. 4 stars

  • Update

    by Avox38164927

    Wonderful app, needs newest terraria version

  • Needs an update

    by Fix it please or else

    I love this app it helps me all the time but it is outdated.It now does not have what I need to figure out how to craft things.Please make an update

  • Moar

    by Moxyman

    I think it needs a search bar and maybe links in the recipe ( for worm food you needs vile powder) if you clicked vile powder it would send you to the page about vile powder. Same with bosses I would like to click on what it needs to in order to be summoned, so I can see what I need to craft the item. Instead of going back to data then taping on the item. It would be so much easer that way. Thank great app like all your apps

  • Awesome

    by Jjyfffgh

    Very helpful. It'd be nice if you updated the app to the previous terraria update though.

  • Great, but a bit outdated...

    by Andy Flores

    I have to say. I like the app. It is very goody for beginners trying to get started. I just think that the guide is a bit outdated. It is missing lots of new things from the 1.2 update, and it also doesn't have info on the stuff for the mobile version. Please update!

  • 1.2 Update?

    by Jasgkihcd

    This is a fantastic app for starters as well as veterans of Terraria. However, it needs an update to the newer version of Terraria. Please update ASAP!! :)

  • Update?

    by brutaka86

    I'm wondering if the app is ever going to be updated for terarria 1.2+

  • Cool but...

    by Worldwaro

    I think this app needs to support the iOS version of terraria as well otherwise this is worth the money.

  • Great!

    by Dangcamp

    Its a great app. Very useful. The only problem is it missing some things. Especially from the crimson biome but it is vey useful and good. Just update to put some of that stuff in and you'll get 5 stars from me.

  • Outdated

    by The minecrafter 33

    This is just awful waste of your money. It has none of the NPC's It should be no stars!!!!!

  • Update

    by Superguy12111

    The new update for Terraria came out,so why not update this as well ? It could also be organized a little better.

  • Problem?

    by T Irvin

    I have not gotten a new update for the 1.2 patch that came out adding a bunch of new stuff so i dont know if it is just me

  • Loved it

    by Techreria

    Please update to 1.2 but i love it and it helped me alot but 1.2 is here and i nee a guide...

  • Good app but...

    by Freemazz

    This application is very useful but it's in need of a update because of all the additions they made to the game besides that I find it very helpful for players.

  • Plz

    by all4ya

    Plz put on the update 2.0.3. It ads a lot of stuff I think wiki is becoming better and does not cost anything :l

  • Where is 1.2

    by Blishhep

    When is this gonna be updated with 1.2

  • HORRIBLE guide!

    by Yungssiq on fb :D

    you need to add shortcuts for ingredients and result of combination, you NEED to organize everything, for example, put picks in the pick section, axe in te axe section, ETC. there is alot pf stuff i want to suggest but i think ill just stick to some wiki off the internet. . . for now.

  • Needs update

    by aboabo797

    Search bar and the new items from 1.2 update and then I will give 5 stars

  • Add stuff from 1.2

    by Brandon mead

    It would be awesome if you could add stuff that is in the new 1.2 update that would be amazing. Otherwise it's a great app! It helped me through my early days of a terrarian and now I'm a big boy.

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