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Seller: Craig Kerns

Fixes for 1.5 textures
Mobs added

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** Now supports new format for Minecraft 1.5 and mobs **

Create Minecraft textures with Texture Creator Pro, a professional Minecraft texture pack creation tool. The interface makes it easy to create, modify and export your texture packs for Minecraft by using premium tools.

With Texture Creator Pro for Minecraft, you get more features and tools than anything else out there like drag to draw lines, filters and an auto save to protect against device crashes!

Features Include:
- Uses our exclusive and powerful 'Creator' technology

- Drag to draw lines for easy texture creation

- Auto save feature just in case your device crashes!

- Unlimited (Works In Progress) locations

- Edit Blocks and Items with more to come

- Undo button to wipe away a mistake

- Color filters like grayscale, sepia and much more

- Create heavy or light noise

- Copy and Paste Function

- Restore from default texture

- Recently used colors are saved for easy access

- Load a texture pack from a URL to modify

- Online templates to modify for your own

- Save and import skins from your photo's library

- Email your creations to anyone!

- Universal app runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- No Ad's
- NEW mob support

New version already in development.

Attention: This version allows for upgrading old texture packs to the new 1.5 standard. All new texture packs on this version will work with the new 1.5 standard.

Download this professional quality Minecraft texture pack creator today! 

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at seejaykayapps@gmail.com. We would love to hear ideas on how to make Texture Creator Pro for Minecraft even better.

Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly.

-- Important --

This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Customer Reviews

  • Too Many Crashes

    by Cows Fly

    Great app but plz fix crash

  • Good but........

    by Viper3725

    Needs grids for mobs and some of the stuff is gray or not even there plz fix!

  • What about resource packs?

    by Jeffrey Young

    I like the app for 1.5 but with everyone converting to 1.6 and 1.7 we need it for current gaming.

  • Update!

    by Party miner 48

    In next update, please add and fix - fix crashes - add names for textures

  • 1.7.2 Please

    by Lightpower26

    I only have this app for my friend who likes 1.5 but not 1.6 or 1.7 but I would use it for my minecraft if you guys made an update to 1.7.2.

  • Curse my mom!!

    by davidscurtis

    Good app, but my mom won't let me submit it!! >:/

  • Great app

    by Cat totally rule the world

    Crashes but they have a buten that you can pres to upload what you where working on

  • Wonderful

    by FlyingSquirel

    Works perfectly for what it is designed for. One question, though. When will I be able to make a resource pack for 1.7.2?

  • How do I upload it?

    by Kingkobra55556

    I love the app but how do I upload the textures?

  • Great App☺☺

    by Kawaiicrafter

    I love making texture packs with this app, it's very simple and fun. The only problems are the frequent crashing and the fact that the mobs are a bit tricky to edit. Other than that, this is an amazing app and I am looking forward to an update.

  • Good

    by George1234566789067

    This app is ok but it needs to be updated so it can put resource packs on 1.7.2

  • Best Apps Evarrrrr!

    by Dancraftsys

    These guys at Seejaykay are making the best games out there! Keep it going!

  • Awesome but needs update

    by Akaruh808

    This is an awesome app, it doesn't crash, it isn't slow, but it needs an update to at least 1.6.4 because right now how it is you can only load it to 1.5. So if you could please update soon I would be very happy.

  • Plz fix

    by Ianzzbeast

    Good app but it keeps crashing please fix it ASAP

  • How do i get texture packs

    by Kazfire

    I want to get a texture pack from the internet : dokus rpg but i cant for some reason

  • Good

    by Teo G 2000

    It keeps crashing so fix that. For the mob editor, would it be possible to make it like your skin creator, then have it turn it into the form that it needs to be? If so I think that would be a good thing to put in. It just makes things easier

  • Awesome

    by JenZen85

    Amazing but it car he's often please fixed it or else this is a waste of my money and time. Thank you

  • The entities

    by Sisyrhxishj

    Great overall. It just needs to be able to change how things look on you (armor) and holding them (bows, swords etc.)

  • needs updated to 1.6 please

    by EpicRogueBuilder

    give it an update i dont like havin to convert the texture pack i created every time i email it to me i must do the following: 1 email 2 download 3 convert it from 1.5 to 1.6 4 drop it in the texture file! there should only be 3 steps so please update!!!!!!!

  • Very cool

    by Dusty98273

    Very cool but I can't figure out how to upload my texture pack and get it to work

  • Needs Updating.

    by Blie4

    So yeah, I can't use my texture packs with my Minecraft. The app needs to be updated to support resource packs, and when I try to texture mobs it crashes. Besides those things, it should deserve 5 stars, but not until these are fixed.

  • It needs an update

    by Crash3265

    It still doesn't support 1.7!!!!!! Don't get you can't even use it to make textures until they update it.

  • I can't get it to work

    by Abeld99

    How do you download this texture pack onto the computer & it crashes on my ipad mini

  • Doesn't even deserve a single star!!!

    by BawbLol

    Are you serious 1.5?!?!?!?! It's 1.7.2 now!!!!


    by Johnakers

    This app is really outdated, considering that it doesn't have all of the new things added in 1.5. Not to mention that we are at 1.7 now. Please update to 1.7 or at least 1.6. Also if you can add textures for the sun, moon, and add abilities to make pixels transparent.

  • Great in 1.5... But 1.7?

    by Debshanna

    Well, it SEEMS like a great app, looks like it'd work, in 1.5. Unfortunaly I'm in 1.6 right now and were all almost in 1.7. So can you update this to 1.7 when it's out? I mean, seriously, I paid you for this app, and I want it to work.

  • TEREBLE!!!!!!!

    by @Calebbro1234567890@


  • How to upload textures

    by RX8LVR

    First, with the new update, connect your iphone (or whatever you have) to your computer. Next, make your personal texture pack into a file and place the file in the minecraft texture pack folder. Then you start up minecraft and open up the texture pack file and it will show your new texture pack.

  • Updates

    by Dungeon hunter lover

    I love your app but it doesn't catch up to Minecraft updates. Please move it to 1.6. Thank you!


    by Eva Castellano

    Love it I'm making a lot of weird ones but one flaw....could there be a search bar instead of just scrolling through all of it :/

  • Spectacular!

    by Drazcon

    The only thing I hope you fix is the constant crashing and losing of data when editing mobs, but other than that, it's the best thing I've purchased!

  • Good but crashes

    by Blockhead3020

    Crashes all the time pls fix!

  • ehhh

    by SaintCaulin

    I would give five stars but it has been a while since 1.6.2 has came out but they havent come out with an update for it so itsmpretty much useless unless u want it for 1.5

  • Love this app but there is 2 things

    by Huntergreen008

    It crashes like every second and when will you update it to 1.6???

  • Mobs are confusing

    by djcajones

    I love this app. My problem is that it's way to hard to edit characters. I can't tell which side is which. You should make editing the mobs the same way you edit skins in the skin creator. As a matter of fact you should make all the items edited the same way as skin creator. It would be way easier that way. Fix this and it's a 6 out of 5 star app.


    by J/Epic

    Make it so I can use it for 1.6 texture packs...

  • Update?

    by Joseph a banker inc

    Hey guys, it's a great app and id love to make something with it, but you gotta update it to minecraft 1.6

  • Cool but...

    by Ian John Nobel

    It's cool but it crashes please fix

  • MCPE

    by Austinthemighty

    Can you make a way for us to make a texture pack for the Minecraft pe but to put the texture in you just need to plug you device into a computer that you can access the app files from

  • Ok

    by Richard Baumann

    This app is good, but it needs to be updated to Minecraft 1.6.

  • Good but...

    by Firedagger

    It's a great app but it crashes a lot please fix that otherwise it's AWESOME

  • Amazing.

    by djnourse

    I have made several great packs with this app. But can you update to 1.6.2? And maybe also add GUI. That would be cool.


    by Mathieu the Mat

    This app needs an update for Minecraft 1.6. This is unbelievable. It's been months since 1.6. This app crashes so much I can't edit mobs. I've deleted it and it will stay that way until updated. Seekayjay apps have not responded to my emails either! Thanks you for reading.

  • Cant upload from url??

    by Nicoli da man

    It is a great app, but i have two concerns. First, i think that it would be a cool feature if you could add some way to edit your inventory and hotbar, and second, make it so every time you try to download a template, it doesn't crash. Love your apps btw!

  • ..

    by Botastiac

    Worst texture pack maker EVER

  • Please update for 1.6

    by Rylee Gecko

    The new 1.6 update came out on minecraft and texture packs are now called resource packs. Can you please update so we can make textures for 1.6? Anyways it is really cool to make texture packs with.

  • :D

    by FubbyWubby

    It's a great app for making textures, but it NEEDS TO BE UPDATED TO 1.6.2!!!!!!!! I have a server and I need to make a texture pack for it. Please update!!!!

  • Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

    by katiekat388

    Good for making a Texture Pack, I guess. But I was on it for an hour and got NOTHING done because it keeps crashing. And if you want to re-texturize your mobs, don't bother. Not only does it not zoom out, but there are no lines or graphs to tell you what parts of the mob you are looking at. I messed up all of my mobs because of this. Don't waste your time OR money with this app. It's horrible.

  • Nice, but...

    by TheDudernatorism

    I would give this five stars if it was updated to resource pack making. I think it would be very cool if you could let us record our own sounds as files, if that's even possible, and let us design our own fonts (i.e. display one of every letter and number for us to edit) Great app.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Mr.Gunther357

    Everything is awesome just that it tends to crash every now and then. Please in next update please fix the crashing. :)

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