Skins Pro Shuffle for Minecraft Utilities App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Craig Kerns

-3D Preview
-New Icon
-New Design
-Improved Performance

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Skins Pro Shuffle for Minecraft is the latest from the hit iOS series of Apps from Seejaykay. This time you get to go wild and random. You select the categories to search from then hit the 'Shuffle' button, the App does the rest. When it's done, you have a random skin often made up of a crazy combination that you can upload to your Minecraft profile.

This App requires an Internet connection.

Features Include:
- Update your skin to your Minecraft account without leaving the App
- Randomized your character from tens of thousands available skins
- Choose the categories where the random skin comes from.
- Over a billion possibilities when you hit the 'Shuffle' button
- This app has no access to your Minecraft account
- Preview your skin in beautiful 3D

Download the latest Minecraft skinning app available today in this Shuffle version!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make this Skins Pro Shuffle for Minecraft app even better.

- Important -
This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Biggybooyy

    I sit on my bed all day shuffling through skins...

  • Update

    by Kick but!!

    It is a good app but could you please make it for pe. Thank you

  • great.

    by Henry Dittrich

    a really great app, very easy and fun to use. the only reason that I'm giving it four stars is that you can't save the skins I like, only apply them. if I see a skin I like but don't want to apply at the moment, I would like to save it. other than that, awesome app that's worth the money

  • Awsome update

    by awesome,rad,cute

    Very cool

  • 50% like 50% don't

    by Epic in so many ways

    It's a great app but everytime I do it it's slow then when I exit it breaks so I had to reinstall it like 6 times then every time I try to do it it never works

  • Needs a lot of improvement

    by Reza Kermoni

    I thought that this app was going to be as good as your others, fast and glitch-free. I got the opposite. This app really needs improvement, I am thinking of asking for a refund, please fix this app

  • Not working

    by Epicfacerulesall

    For everyone who's app crashes when you hit shuffle, just delete and reload the app. It will work. Trust me

  • Dg

    by Foofie99

    Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <<

  • Problem

    by drakodoofus

    Its great, but there is 1 problem. That is that you don't have a back button. Because 1 time I liked a skin but I accidentally pressed shuffle. I couldn't get back to it. :{

  • Scratch what i said before

    by Ethan#15

    Sleejaykay makes good apps and this one works really good. I have found some really good skins!!

  • Ok

    by indiegamer500

    It looks cool but when i hit shuffle it crashes, how do i fix it. Please answer

  • Purrr-fect!

    by Michael Vox

    Why purr? Keeeee-Kat! I got an epic Nyan turtle thingy. YOU MUST BUY!!!!!

  • Wow

    by TheShelbster

    When I saw the reviews I wasn't gonna get this but then I decided to get it.this app surprised me . I really like it . GET IT

  • Finally!!!!!!

    by Just tell me how.

    Finally, BYE STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So amazing

    by ThatPieGuy

    I remember I thought I found the coolest skin ever, accidentally pressed shuffle, and the next one was even better!

  • Amazing

    by Skullcandy127

    You can upload your skin directly to minecraft. And you can even tell the app what you types of skins you want. Totally worth it

  • Amazing!!

    by pie

    Huge selection and a great app!! I use it all the time! 

  • Ita great

    by Repulsive2

    But why wont my skin appear on the home page???

  • Amazing❕

    by JJ611

    This app rocks it's selection Is huge and it's fun. I already uploaded to my minecraft account and I keep wanting to change it. MUST GET

  • Awesome

    by $nïpë$höt

    This app is so awesome there's an endless variety of different skins

  • Stupid

    by GUM199

    I can't get the skins to work on the PE edition of Minecraft. Who sells an app that won't work on the PE edition. Waste of money, waste of time, you made an 8 year old cry. Nice work.

  • ...

    by Darkpast223

    Bad app. I want a refund.

  • bad

    by Swampy22222222

    this app needs a back button because I saw 2 skins I liked but hit shuffle. 2 stars

  • ?

    by Joe 8787

    why can't you have your skin for pocket eddition?

  • Give us our money back$$$$$

    by Loser porn boy

    Like I said crap I want my money backkkkkk

  • Crashes every time I press shuffle (and yes I have Internet connection) please patch

    by Nickimonagje445


  • Broke!

    by Joeygfarr

    This app keeps going back to the iPods homepage every time I hit shuffle!

  • Waste

    by Almost famous10466

    Waste of money

  • :(

    by 2009soccer2009

    I haven't even found one good skin. And it takes a long time to bring a new skin up. Over all I want my $$ back

  • DONT BUY!!!

    by The Really Angry Bird

    This App Changed My Players Skin To NOTHING Im Warning You, This App Will Not Shuffle. Give Me My Freaking Money Back!!!!!!

  • Good

    by Ajilebanana

    Good app, lots of cool skins. Needs the name of the skin though.

  • Great :)

    by 55377

    This app is super fun and addictive!!!

  • amazing

    by Charger fan43

    great new way to make skins good job all around


    by Marc96


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