Skins Pro Girls for Minecraft Entertainment App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Craig Kerns

- New look for iOS 7!
- New icon
- Bug fixes

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Skins Pro Girls for Minecraft is all about changing your character's skin in the hit game Minecraft. This pack is full of hundreds of the best female skins around!

This App requires an Internet connection. When you open the App, it will grab skins from our server. Because of this, we can add new skins any time we want without an app update! You can even edit the skins with our #1 skins creation tool, Skins Pro Creator for Minecraft.

Features Include:
- Update your skin without leaving the App
- Hundreds of great female skins!
- Custom iPad and iPhone design to maximize each device
- Exclusive pack you can't find anywhere else
- 3D preview of the skins!!

Download the best female themed skinning app available today!

Note: This is not an editor. It is a collection of unique skins for the full pc version of Minecraft.

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make this Skins Pro Girls for Minecraft even better.

Note: If you have problems seeing the skins on the right side of the App, it is because of a weak internet connection. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

Seejaykay apps and websites are family friendly.

-- Important --
This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

Please support Mojang and Minecraft on the PC, iOS and Xbox platforms.

Customer Reviews

  • Good But Not The Best.

    by Liseeee2448

    It has GREAT skins but it crashes ALOT.

  • Be smart no pe skins

    by Selena Gomez :D

    I love these skins I get to edit them for my pc BajanGames but make more with creative clothes please no seas lame cactus weak sauce

  • REALLY?!?!

    by Hahaha so very funny

    You really expect us to buy this for $.99 and THEN BUY EVEN MORE! You guys are so crazy! And to put it simply for those of you that don't have an email I don't recommend this for you because to put a skin on a character, you need to make a new account( with your email as your username) and I don't have an email so I guess I can't change skins on my character which I was so excited for so yeah. But other than all of that really great app in general. RECOMMENDATION: update the app so you don't need a email to change skins for Minecraft and do P.E. too!

  • Cool

    by Mavmonichop

    Nice skins

  • Not for me

    by Love K9's

    I have Minecraft Pocket Edition. I wish that the next update has pocket edition skins.

  • There is NO PE skins

    by Janice Whiting

    You can't change the skin for PE it stays as a Steve but other wise it is really good

  • It's alright...

    by 638257

    It's alright except in my opinion some of the skins look poorly made and are kinda ugly, but that just me.

  • Awesome!

    by Jsgray14

    I don't know why people say this was suppose to be on PE. Like wut? If you get out from under your rock, then you'd notice that skins are only for pc and Xbox.

  • Great but.....

    by Allshadesofawesome

    The skins are great But me and my friends really would love it even more if we can use it for PE version. Please make the $2 worth it...

  • Nice

    by Kstinch

    I am a fail at hair on minecraft PC girls this helped sooo much, it's not to bad of a price ether!

  • Cool

    by 123rhi

    I really like the game but i bouth it for pe not pc:(_ nooo!!!! Please update it for pe


    by Angelgirl

    So i like this app but you really need to make it support PE. That is the only version i have and it is really annoying. All skins apps support PC but i havent found one that supports PE. Otherwise, great app.

  • Ok

    by Dogluver6000

    I WANT TO HAVE IT ON PE COMMON GUYS PE! PE! PE! PE!!!!!! I bought it for that so the fact that I paid money for something I can't use is annoying and everyone who writes a review knows so please put it on PE

  • This is great

    by Monsters rules

    It was worth getting this app for my phone cause now I don't need too make skins for pc account now.I think you should get this app so it can help you with girl skins.

  • I

    by Nerdygerdy1

    It is well worth it for all girls, they have so many awesome skins! You should really get the skin creater app though, so you can create your own skins and stuff. It's totally worth 99 cents

  • Very Good, But PE?

    by Powpow8D

    I Love All The Characters Cloths Very Stylish & Cool! :) But I Would Like It For Pocket Edition Please! :D Other Wise Worth The .99$ :)

  • Really...

    by Dancer4ever2005

    You have awesome skins but seriously you had to make it PC I payed $1.06 for this game thinking it was PE and now I have to buy minecraft for $26 on my computer!!

  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cubylover3056

    I used to have make girl skins from scratch, but now, because of this skin pack, I don't have to! It's GREAT!!!!!! Thanks to the creators!

  • Ehhhh

    by FaT_cOwZ

    It's perfect for girl ^.^ but it would be nice if you could make it for mincraft PE version too!!!!

  • Good but....

    by Annonomis person

    It has good skins and there beutiful but I bought this thinking it would apply for pocket edition so please quickly make it apply for PE, I don't have minecraft for PC but I do for Xbox and PE

  • Why not PE


    Why not pe? I bought it for pe there's nothing really to do without pe ps. GIVE A UPdATE ! For pe people ask for comments but why don't you answer them?


    by Dehydrated monkey butt

    I bought the app then it said I get very limited skins and wants u to buy 3 $2 apps for the top three options shown RIPOFF

  • Doesn't work for PE

    by annoyedinabq

    This app doesn't work for PE, making it completely worthless. If you want skins for the computer version, you don't need an iPad app. Awful.

  • Not good

    by Tribal1998

    The app orientation is choppy. Connectivity is not good. I can't use it. I would like a refund.

  • Not good

    by Tribal1998

    The app orientation is choppy. Connectivity is not good. I can't use it. I would like a refund.

  • Lame!

    by KT Cake

    Make it a PE please!!!!

  • Problems

    by purplelint

    I spent all of my sisters 99 cents to get this and when I tried to get it on my minecraft and when I tried it shut my iPad off for 13 hrs! So fix it!

  • Minecraft PE

    by Antonia minecraft maniak

    why! WHY!!!! I'm so angry !!! PLEASE suport it to PE!!! I dare YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No good skins

    by Uclaunicorn

    This app is easy to look around for skins, and to upload easily, but the skins arent that good. I wouldnt wear them. Me being a skin maker, it just annoys me that these ppl got their skins on here and when iwork really hard with mine, and everyone likes them and i buy this app and its not that great :(. But for u ppl who play pocket edition: MINECRAFT PE DOESNT SUPPORT CUSTOM SKINS!!! MOJANG HASNT ADDED THAT YET! NO APP WILL EVER DO THAT UNLESS ITS BY MOJANG, OK?!

  • PE!

    by Dnonisaum

    Please make this app support PE!

  • I thought it was for minecraft PE it's for PC they should make it for PC and PE

    by Needs PE



    by Paige2016maloneBARRY

    the skins are great but I bought it with the PE version and it says compatable with iPod etc so it had to be PE but it wasnt

  • Ok

    by Cat lover girl

    I bought this app because I wanted to change my skin on PE but when I tried it said it only supported the PC version. Could you please make it support PE. Nice skins though.

  • Youtuber Girls


    I saw Dawnables on beach theme and IHasCupquake on Celebrities. I do like them both. Nice App

  • Nice skins, but PE?

    by Terry Watts

    I bought this thinking it also supported by the pocket edition. Could you please make it support the Pocket Edition? I use it more than my account on the computer.


    by Swampy12345678910

    It's hard to fins Minecraft girl skins, because its mostly boys that play the game. This app has helped me a lot with creating and editing skins

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