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Languages: English

Seller: Horace Ho

Fixed a M (memory) bug.

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Minimalist Calculator


- A minimal design
- Enters a full formula, e.g. (80+15%)÷6
- Easy formula editing with cursor keys ⇠ ⇢ and DEL
- Formula is in RED when it's not complete
- Shows realtime result during forumla entry
- Forumla supports copy and paste
- Two memory models: MC/MR/M+/M- and STO/RCL
- STO (store) result to one of the multiple memory slots
- RCL (recall) a value from a memory slot into formula
- Support URL scheme. To open calculator: calc://1+1
- Three keyboard layouts
- Option to use different fonts and sizes
- Option to use different colors

Click ⓘ to access the Settings

Enjoy and please feel free to email comments to me!

Customer Reviews

  • thank you for the iOS7 support

    by Hugh Ma

    will it coming iPad version ?

  • Minimalist Calculator

    by JoshWAZ!95

    This calculators appearance may be minimalist but it is from a basic calculator. This calculator is amazing. It has everything you would ever need in a intermediate calculator. It looks like a basic calculator but it has so much more such as a whole alphabet of variables parentheses and almost all the functions you would need. This hybrid calculator looks like a basic calculator but performs like a scientific. Plus you can customize it in any way you choose. So just download this app and put your other calculator in the useless apps folder because this calculator performs and it does it good. Just download this right now there's no reason not to.

  • As good as it gets

    by Fracusman

    This calculator is superior to priced calc apps not only in form but in function. There is simply no reason not to have this.

  • Gorgeous

    by thechampishere93

    Very gorgeous and beautiful app

  • Best Calculator

    by HeavyD67

    I love it! It really is the first calculator app I've been excited about for the iPhone ever. I don't need a scientific calculator on my phone. All I need is a simple calculator. This is it.

  • good

    by RocKu112

    i like it

  • Good

    by kimisawa

    Clean view, good replacement

  • Good

    by EggCakeQQ

    Very good. I like it.

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