3D Photo Ring - Picture Browser to Organize, Manage, Search and Sort Photos by Color or Time (plus Album Slideshow and EXIF Metadata Inspection of Images) Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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This app is a unique photo viewer for the iPhone with color sorting and a 3D interface not seen before! It can show many more photos at a glance than the default Photos app and uses an intuitive interaction. This app provides an innovative 3D arrangement and content-based color sorting, like no other app! Now even with better visuals (e.g., reflection and anti-aliasing) and cool new features (e.g., share current view via Facebook, Twitter, or Email or open picture in external app)!

"Rarely have we seen a photo browsing app with as much visual interest as 3D Photo Ring." (The iPhone App Review)

"3D Photo Ring offers a spellbinding interface that permits you to preserve track of hundreds of photos with a swipe." (appleipadcasepro.com)

"There are plenty of apps that offer different ways of interfacing with your camera roll. This app transforms your iPad tablet into a 3D photo viewer that is very unique and stylish." (My iPad Apps)

"We want to mention a cool navigation option in full screen mode. Any time you want to change photos you can either tap a corner, or simply tilt your iDevice. How’s that for cool?" (The iPhone App Review)

Manage your photos with a spellbinding and efficient picture browser that uses a 3D interface to show many more images at a glance than the common list view! Due to the color sorting feature, which groups together visually similar images, you get your pics organized and will find desired images much faster than with the default photo browsing app as scientific user studies have shown!

Try the free version (3D Photo Ring Lite) first!
Watch Demo Video here: http://vidoTouch.com
Please note: This is the iPhone version, please use "3D Photo Ring HD" for iPad!

• Select the albums that should be managed by the browser (Camera Roll or Photo Stream as default)
• Your photos will be shown as 3D rings that can be rotated, zoomed and tapped
• Tap a photo in the ring to see it in full screen mode (you can also switch between photos in full screen mode)

• Based on the number of selected photos and the app settings, rings will be divided into several pages
• Wipe up/down to switch to previous/next ring of current page
• As a default the app is configured to show only 100 pics/page on iPhone and 200 pics/page on iPad; however, in the app settings this value can be increased up to 2000 pics/page
• The app can be configured to show one page for each selected album

• Photos in the rings of one page can be sorted by color or recording time
• The color sorting feature visually organizes all photos on a page

• Interactive 3D Slideshow with fast-forward/reverse feature
• Recording time of pic is shown in full screen mode (detailed EXIF data can also be inspected)
• Emailing or tweeting photos (in full screen mode)
• The ring can be set to automatically rotate (useful for presentations)
• Anti-Aliasing and separating gaps between pics for better visual quality
• Tilt interaction (rotate rings or switch photos in full screen mode by tilt). Can be enabled in the app settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Love This App!!!

    by Johannes "Großen Schlauch"

    I have i07 on my iPhone 5s and this app is awesome! I can easily sort, find, and view my favorite photos with ease! Great idea! Thanks to whoever made this! JV San Diego

  • Dr.

    by DJinTJ

    I love this App! Great look and feel and it allows me to find my fav pics in a second. Works well on iOS7!

  • amaZing

    by That guy tu

    This app makes browsing thru 1000's of pics easy and nice to look at. Even better if someone is watching. Works great ios 7 i5

  • App was updated and fixed. +2 stars

    by wei-pai

    Thanks dev, it still didn't work when I reinstalled it but I changed some of the settings and it finally worked. Its a good app, but it does need to improve a little.

  • Works well

    by Geo one two


  • Fantastic, super !!!!!

    by lilysdo

    Fantastic, suuuuuperr

  • The Boss

    by BiggDoggDaddy

    Smooth "UI"......defiantly worth the pocket change! Don't Be A Player Hater! Sucka!!!!

  • Good

    by Sir217

    Good app, but can be better

  • Great

    by SPENCER R.


  • 4.5 stars

    by sybillette

    Need to be able to delete. People want to edit while using this interface. Please add that feature. Thanks.

  • Great

    by 10 blitz

    Best game ever

  • Too Cool

    by Debora t

    This is the best picture app I have seen yet. So much fun

  • Very nice

    by REMAZA

    The App is very well & nice. Please ensure to add selecting multiple photos, and being able to delete them or email them. Thanks

  • G8TKeeper

    by G8TKeaper

    3D Photo is fabulous! Admittedly it could use a few more 'sorts', i.e., rings, it is nonetheless a wonderful product ! ! !

  • Photo Love!!

    by OB_nurse_dena

    This was easy to install and zero learning curve. Impressive and dynamic graphics. Love it!!

  • Unique app! Runs smooth, but…

    by McSear

    Beautiful display, very good design, easy to use, plus quite reliable after 3 weeks of testing, BUT for me to use it: Needs, in order of priority -> #1 Ability to show a pleasant, full circle display when user selects a minimum of 36 images (12 photos per row of 3) #2 Support full, uncropped photo display for source folder containing just portrait orientation images #3 Ability to display just 1 or 2 photo rows as an option

  • JRW

    by JRW5788

    Fantastic app

  • Cool idea - Great browser

    by photo_int

    Interesting idea. Very handy that image EXIF data is available.

  • Great App!

    by Gizmi101

    I love this app! Now I am able to go through my gazillion photos and find what I need in an instant. I showed it to my friends and they liked it a lot too :-)

  • Won't display all photos... No way to contact Dev!

    by Josh_KY

    Page 1 displays Photos 1-176 Page 2 displays Photos 401-576 I have 800+ photos. Guess those numbers are the only ones I can see. Sad part is, I searched the App Store for "EXIF" , and saw this app that did the carousel as well as display EXIF data. Since the photo I need data on is my most recent one, it doesn't even show up in this app. Refund please!

  • What a waste.. Don't bother

    by md551

    I just downloaded this App & I just have a black screen IOS 7.. Can't find any support. Lite version worked fine, which is why I PAID for this, don't waste your time or MONEY. I should get a refund.



    This would be a great app if it worked with IOS 7. Surely you must know by now the pro version does not work on any Apple device with iOS 7, just black screen.

  • Money wasted. Crashes immediately.

    by AndAnotherNickname

    If I choose 1 album, it immediately closes. When I add the photo roll, it goes to a black screen and I have to close the app to get out of it.

  • Dnt like this app

    by !Domino0912

    Didn't really care for this app. It's not worth it to pay

  • Circle

    by Fludaa


  • Has the potential to be the best picture browser ever, except...

    by 2daz4u

    This App is currently nothing more than a novelty and I can't recommend purchasing it as a useful tool until the major flaws are worked out. Some of the problems maybe related to operating under iOS 6 but there are many other glaring and frustrating issues in addition to ones possibly related to the OS. While it's a great idea to be able to add layers of photos to each ring, to suit your preference, and have the ability to expand it to fill the screen, especially in landscape mode, the view you select does not stay locked into position. This means as soon as you select an image to view full screen and scroll forward or backward in full image mode as soon as you revert to ring mode it defaults to its original "small ring" view instead of the expanded one you selected. While in full image mode the pictures do not scroll forward and backward smoothly as we're all used to on our iDevices. Instead they jerk, stutter and snap to the next photo. This was aslo noticed on the company's Utube demo although it appears much worse on my iPhone 5. It's extremely annoying and I wouldn't use the app for this reason alone. Another major detractor is the default shape of the small icon images used to make up the rings. They're all perfect squares that truncate the iconized photos terribly. This leaves you to guess which image you actually want to select for groups of photos that look very similar. Personally I'd much rather see less layers in the rings for the sake of having actual icon images of the entire photo being represented in their original portriat and landscape views instead of useless cropped boxes. All said this app has great potential, but it's an unfinished work in progress at the moment.

  • by Friend with benefits

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