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Want to take photos like a pro with your new Canon 6D? In this advanced guide you'll go beyond the basics and learn about customizing controls, bracketing, multiple exposures and HDR photography, movie mode features, movie shooting menus, choosing the right movie recording size, time code settings, using Canon lenses, custom settings, adding copyright Information to your images, custom functions menus, using the built-in wi-fi & GPS, connecting to a smart phone and canon 6D camera maintenance.
Take along your iPad and while you're on the plane, enjoy a Pro training session with a QuickPro Camera Guide specialist.

This tutorial provides:
- Instructional video on all aspects of the Canon 6D camera and photography.
- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching in the field.

QuickPro Camera Guides - Your Canon 6D made simple includes:
- Camera body tour
- Detailed menu for easy navigation
- Professionally produced and hosted
- Step by step instructions
- Easy to understand
- Learn at your own pace anywhere you choose

Canon 6D Beyond the Basics Subjects:
- Customizing Camera Buttons & Controls
- Customizing the Shutter Button
- Customizing the AF/On Button
- Customizing the AE-Lock Button
- Customizing the Depth of Field Preview Button
- Customizing the Lens AF Stop Button
- Customizing the Set Button
- Customizing the Main Dial
- Customizing the Quick Control Dial
- Customizing the Multi-Controller
- Customizing the Info & Rate Buttons
- Bracketing
- Bracketing: Exposure
- Bracketing: White Balance
- Multiple Exposures & HDR Photography
- Creating a Multiple Exposure
- HDR Photography
- Movie Mode Features
- Movie Shooting Menus
- Choosing the Right Movie Recording Size
- Time Code Settings
- Using Canon Lenses
- Lens Compatibility & Selection
- Lens Apertures & Focal Lengths
- Custom Settings
- Customizing Record Functions
- Adding Copyright Information to Your Images
- Custom Functions Menu 1
- Custom Functions Menu 2
- Custom Functions Menu 3
- Using the Built-In Wi-Fi & GPS
- Wi-Fi Functions
- Connecting to a Smart Phone
- Using the Built-in GPS
- Camera Maintenance

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  • Bad app

    by ShahramOnline

    Bad app do not buy this app, most all talk talk talk less active and show how to do. Also Im deaf unable understand what he say. There not provide caption close.


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