SetMyCamera Pro - Tools for Professional Quality Photography with Depth of Field & Hyperfocal Calculator and remote wireless camera release for self portrait, time-lapse, HDR or photo bracketing. Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $5.99)


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SetMyCamera now has a new look! In addition to the new User Interface, there are improvements to the Field of View utility and Remote Camera Triggering. Also, selecting a camera from the list of over 1400 cameras is now even easier.

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If you are a photo enthusiast and want high quality professional photos, SetMyCamera Pro can help! SetMyCamera Pro includes tools to remotely trigger your camera, aid in composing better photographs with its Field of View (FoV) utility, and assist in camera configurations for both Depth of Field (DoF) and minimum shutter speed using your DSLR, SLR or other Camera.

Begin capturing award winning photographs with better compositions that are clear and sharp with stunning control over focus depth. SetMyCamera Pro makes it easier than ever to capture the perfect photo that will impress your friends and win you awards. As a field guide or teaching aid, SetMyCamera Pro is the one tool for better photos.

***** What others say about SetMyCamera Pro:
“SetMyCamera Pro aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld
"SetMyCamera Pro shows you the data in a way that leaves no room for confusion” – MacWorld

• Main Features of SetMyCamera Pro:
+DoF – Aperture (f/stop) settings for more advanced photographs,
+DoF – Hyperfocal information,
+FoV – Composition assistance for award winning photos,
+RCT - Remote Camera Triggering for group photos, Long Exposure, HDR or advanced compositions,
+SSR - Shutter Speed Recommendations to prevent blurred pictures,
+Distance unit conversion calculator,
+Crop Factor, Magnification and Angle of View (AoV) calculator,
+35mm Effective Lens Equivalence Calculator,
+In app assistance guide,
+Flashlight utility for supported devices,
+Supports English and Metric units,
+Social Media connectivity.

• Why SetMyCamera Pro?
SetMyCamera Pro takes the guesswork out of capturing the perfect photograph. SetMyCamera applications help you to take the best shots with less hassle and confusion using your DSLR, SLR or any camera with user configurable capabilities.

Whether you are taking pictures of friends and family, preserving the beauty of an afternoon hike or on a professional photo shoot, SetMyCamera Pro will help you capture the moment. How many awards could you win with higher quality images?

• RCT uses IR communications* to trigger a camera from up to 15 yards/meters away. SetMyCamera Pro supports instant triggering, intervalometer, time lapse images, and bracketing for High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.

• DoF includes Hyperfocal information and uses easily thumbwheel settings for fast inputs without typing. Animated graphics aid in DoF understanding.

• FoV is the perfect guide for composing award winning compositions complete with zoom, histograms and grid lines and includes pause and save features. SetMyCamera Pro also offers image stabilization, brightness adjustment and image enhancement features.

• SSR are used to eliminate motion burr photos to insure perfect sharp photos when hand holding your camera.

• DoF, SSR and FoV features are compatible with all DSLR, SLR and cameras having user adjustable settings for aperture and shutter speeds.

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*Requires IR transmitter for Remote Camera Triggering (see for details) and one of the supported cameras listed below:

Canon cameras supporting the IR protocol:
ELPH 370Z, Jr., Sport, Z3
ELAN 7/7E/7N/7NE, Elan II/IIE
Sure Shot 130u, 130u II, Z115, Z135, Z155, Z180u, Z90W
EOS Rebel XT, XTi, XSi, T1i, T2, T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, Ti
EOS 100D, 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 700D
EOS 6D, 7D, 60D, 60Da, 70D, 5D Mark I, II, III

Nikon cameras supporting the IR Protocol:
Nikon 1: J1, J2, J3, V1, V2
D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s D80, D90, D600, D610
Nikon D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100, D5200, D7000, D7100,
CoolPix A,
CoolPix P7000, P7100, 7700, 8400, 8800
Nikon F65, F55, N65, N75, Pronea S, Nuvis S,
Lite•Touch 150ED QD, 140ED QD, 130ED QD, 110s QD, 100W QD

Customer Reviews

  • Where are the F stops below 1?!

    by Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer

    There are several ultra fast lenses that have been manufactured and are in use by mirror-less camera enthusiasts and other photographers! Please go down to 0.75!

  • Best $5 I Ever Spent!

    by AdrianB76

    Awesome app!! It does exactly what is says: it calculates DoF, it gives a FoV preview (my favorite - with live histogram!), it calculates the minimum shutter speed required (using live view for calculations!), and even gives you a remote trigger mode for so many camera models (with a home made $2 adapter), among many other features! What amazed me the most though is their unbelievable customer support! I asked them (emailed) for a little fix this morning, an error message for my Nikon D600 under the remote camera trigger tab. Not only that they answered in less than 2 hrs., but they fixed the issue and uploaded the update right then. Wow!! I also asked in my email for an added feature (precise support for 85mm lens), and they already put my request on the next update list. I am VERY happy with this app and their creators, and I really think that every serious photographer should get it.


    by John Dickinson

    This app is a one stop shop. Almost every camera available is included. And guess what? If it isn't(as one of mine wasn't) email them and they will add it. 30min. after I requested my Cannon XHA1s I received an email thanking me along with a screen shot of it now in the list. How incredible is that? just spent $30 on the Artemus app. I needed a field of view monitor(which aside from several other options is INCLUDED in this app). The Artemus doesn't have half the cameras. Customer service directed me to the custom setting(I found it confusing) to add any cameras not included in the list. I wish I had been aware of this app sooner. It bears repeating Simply AWESOME!

  • A Great App!

    by KPSweetie00

    I love this app! It has turned my photos into amazing pictures now compared to the average normal photos I shot before hand. As a new photographer it helps so much with learning and getting the right settings for Aperture, Shutter Speed, Composotion, etc! This is a must have app for any photographer!

  • A better composing tool for professional photographers!

    by vkalapp

    This app is a great tool if you are a photographic enthusiast. Getting a preview of my DSLR output is very much useful when it comes to professional photography!

  • Great tool for photographers

    by JustWannaBeSeen

    Love the Field of View tab. The FoV tab has a lot of useful features such as zoom adjustment and histogram. I get a preview of what the histogram will look like in Photoshop. Also very pleased with the Depth of Field tab which graphically shows me the near-focus to far-focus range. Nice to have an idea of whether infinity will be in focus.

  • Great pictures the first time

    by WyoMountainAir

    Love the ability to get a clear picture of the background before I take a picture ( using the FoV tab). The FoV visual indication helps me quickly setup my camera. Everyone knows that can mean the difference between a good picture and a great picture. Group photos always have a fidgety person so the faster the better.

  • Shoot like a Pro!

    by Goldy Webber

    I have to say, this is the most professional camera app I have for my iPhone. It really gives me the best options to shoot the right photo. It's definitely the best one out there!

  • Good supporting app for SLR Cam

    by ReisTesh

    I use to had some pictures with blurred quality sometimes. But with setmycam the photos are really extraordinary. The shutter speed recommendations are amazing to take pictures with good quality.

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