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Your new Nikon D7000 has many controls and settings designed to allow you to make a perfect exposure.

But remembering where they are and how the features work together can be daunting.

You may decide to carry the user manual in your bag but finding the answer to your question can be a frustrating experience. That is why Blue Crane Digital developed an abbreviated field reference guide for your digital SLR.

The inBrief reference app answers most camera operation questions quickly and easily. The information is arranged logically for ease of use.

The main menu displays a color-coded index to the rest of the panels. For instance, if you have a question about white balance, just check the index, then touch the purple button. An overview of the information for each of the panels is listed below:

Gray: Annotated line drawing, Quick Button reference
Blue: Viewfinder, Control panel,
Red: Flash information
Lime: Focus Release mode, Live View
Yellow: Exposure; Metering; Bracketing
Purple: White balance; ISO; Image size/quality, Video
Orange: Displaying images; Resetting the camera
Green: Custom Settings

Many of the panels also include a video clip from either the Basic Controls or Advanced Settings app also sold here in the App Store. All panels with applicable video will display a semi-transparent film button.
You can pinch and un-pinch the panels for easier reading.

Total running time of the video clips is about thirteen minutes.

Once you have the inBrief app, you can leave your manual at home!


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