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***NOTE: Although this app is free, all camera specific material requires an in-app purchase.***

Blue Crane Digital's new Nikon DSLR training app is your express lane to better photography! Download the free app, then instantly preview a selection of Blue Crane Digital's purchasable training videos and inBrief™ Reference Guides. These videos and inBriefs™ provide in-depth training for the most popular Nikon DSLR cameras. Simply purchase the video or reference guide for your camera and then watch it any time, anywhere.

Each video preview offers a sample of the detailed instruction you'll receive from Blue Crane Digital training videos.

Video and inBrief™ Reference Guide topics are arranged in sections. This allows you to learn at your own pace and quickly find answers to specific questions.

Video Guide Topics include:
•Live View shooting
•Video recording basics
•Choosing a focus point
•Autofocus modes
•Shutter and Aperture-priority modes
• Understanding depth of field
•Exposure compensation
•White balance/color temperature
•Playback and image review
•Using an external flash
•Custom Settings
•Tips for improved photo composition
•Picture Controls
•...and much more!

With an Essential Training video or inBrief guide loaded on your iDevice, the answers to your DSLR questions will be right at your finger tips, whether you are at home or out on a photo shoot.

These training tools will benefit anyone who wants an introduction to their Nikon DSLR camera, and advanced techniques that can help you capture amazing photos.

Products for purchase included in this App are:

Introduction to the Nikon D800: Basic Controls
Introduction to the Nikon D800: Advanced Topics
Nikon D800 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D5200: Basic Controls
Nikon D5200 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D600: Basic Controls
Nikon D600 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D3200: Basic Controls
Nikon D3200 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D5100: Basic Controls
Nikon D5100 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D7000: Basic Controls
Introduction to the Nikon D7000: Advanced Topics

Nikon D7000 inBrief

Introduction to the Nikon D3100: Basic Controls

Nikon D90 inBrief

Understanding the Nikon SB-910 Speedlight

Understanding the Nikon SB-700 Speedlight


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