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Push your creativity to the limits with your Nikon D7000! In this training video, we explore how to use the camera's advanced setting in real world situations, and see how they influence the final image.

Custom Settings: The D7000 is endlessly configurable. We demonstrate how to tailor the camera settings to specific shooting situations. In addition, we provide tips and shortcuts that will make using this camera more intuitive.

Exposure and Speedlights: This presentation explores how to get the best exposure for your images and videos, whether you are shooting in natural light or with a flash. This section includes an introduction to Commander mode for controlling wireless Speedlights.

Color Properties: You will learn to control the color properties in your images, as well as how to build unique Picture Controls. This section includes a demonstration for using color and lighting to create mood.

Preparation is Key: We lay out a method for preparing yourself and the camera for your shoot. You'll spend less time with menus, and more time recording amazing images.

This training presentation is not intended for novice photographers. It assumes you have a working knowledge of digital photography, and of the D7000's camera controls. By the time you have finished watching this presentation, you will have the knowledge that allows you to concentrate on the most important task of all: capturing the image you want, the way you see it.

Please note: To start or restart the presentation at a specific chapter point, select CHAPTERS, then press the PLAY button.


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