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Seller: Belkin Interactive LLC

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Unscramble your blind dates so you know what you're getting yourself into.

This simple app allows you to select a screenshot of a scrambled image, and unscramble it. Let the machine try to do the work for you, or give a go at it yourself!

You'll be surprised at the result, hopefully for the better!

Customer Reviews

  • It actually works

    by Lyon Knight

    Unlike the other app

  • Simple and amazing

    by Tom5 Dakota

    It's kinda fun to put the scrambled images back together from crazy blind date. And I feel safer about actually going on a date with the person.

  • Wow!

    by Firetix

    Can't believe someone came out with this idea so quickly!

  • Hahaha LOVE this

    by Nick DW

    It didn't automatically unscramble my image but it was hella fun playing around with it on my own.

  • Worthless

    by theSundanceKid

    I tried using this with a scrambled photo from OK Cupid's "Crazy Blind Date" app. This app was unable to descramble the photo. Don't bother downloading.

  • Doesn't work

    by Mineddddddd

    Title says it all. I've never once gotten this app to work.

  • Broken

    by rutski

    I tried a few pictures, but it didn't even come close to unscrambling any of them.

  • Waste of time

    by Nish92130

    1. This uses credits. While the app is free, unscrambling requires credits which are not. 2. It does unscramble pictures. I ended up with lines only and couldn't even see anything. The scrambled picture at least made some sense. 3. It is a waste of AppStore space. No wonder why the AppStore contains so many apps. 50% of it is nothing but junk or repetitive fart machines.

  • Would be great if it worked and didn't ask for$

    by SkinOllie

    Doesn't work and uses credits. F U!

  • Does not work with iPad

    by JellyBeano

    Please fix this.

  • Does a poor job in unscrambling

    by pedxing7445

    Final photo is still scrambled, and I get charged credits. I'm removing this app.

  • Could be improved, especially considering how simple it is

    by DMurphy

    Doesn't work on screenshots from after you've accepted the date. Only the screen when you're still considering it.

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